Teal Floor Lamp

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Teal floor lamp

Made from sustainable resin, this teal floor lamp with a linen shade and switch on socket uses one 150-watt bulb. It adds a traditional, charming appeal. Has the size of 16"Dia. x 65.5"T.

Teal floor lamp 10

This 3-way lamp presents itself with an unmistakable appearance. A soft lampshade made of white material adds lightness and aesthetically pleasing blue acrylic spheres add style by being the main decoration of the whole stem of standing teal floor lamp.

Teal floor lamp 1

Teal floor lamp

Aqua glass floor lamp

Adjustable height floor lamp 1

The adjustable height floor lamp personalized to your interior. Maybe the design is very simple, but this highly saturated shade of teal gives the interior some attraction. It is dedicated both to teenager's room and also home office.

Teal floor lamp 28

Teal floor lamp

Teal floor lamp 5

Teal floor lamp 29

Cozy and moody setup for an aquatic, nautical kitchen with a tall ceiling that has a map of stars decal on it. The blue set of bar furniture provides a hefty amount of storage and display and nicely fits with the marble floor.

Teal floor lamp 24

Teal floor lamps

Floor lamp in Victorian style. Base is made of metal with antique finish. Richly decorated lampshade gives warm tone of light. Adds freshness and elegance to any interior.

Teal floor lamp 2

Teal floor lamp 1

Teal floor lamp 3

Teal floor lamp 4

Floor Lamp with Reading Light

Floor Lamp with Reading Light
A 4-way switch floor lamp for two bulbs, with torch-styled top light and additional adjustable side lighting, perfect e.g. for reading. The bronze finish has been oil-rubbed. The shades are made of amber glass.

Lorretta 59" Utility Floor Lamp

Lorretta 59" Utility Floor Lamp
The design of this floor lamp really stands out: it is just perfect to complete industrial-styled decor. It is made almost entirely of metal with solid bronze finish. The height of the shade is adjustable.

Teal floor lamp 1

Nobody will pass indifferently to such a well-chosen interior. The color of the walls is accentuated by a small accent quilted chair with a beige upholstery - in a classic French style on beech legs. Together with teal yellow floor lamp complete the whole.

Teal floor lamp 6

Teal floor lamp 7

Teal floor lamp

Teal floor lamp 8

Teal floor lamp 9

Trendy floor lamps 5

This trendy set of modern floor lamps from Cattelan Italia constitutes a stylish proposition for contemporary interiors. Available in various shades finishes, from beige through silver, red and black.

Teal floor lamp 11

Teal floor lamp 12

Trendy floor lamps

This piece is a perfect example of modern style and the original looks with the base serving as one lamp while the shade on the top serves as yet another one, providing not only more light but also contemporary charm.

Art deco living room furniture 8

Trendy floor lamps 28

Phenomenal floor lamp in contemporary style. Base is made of ceramic with gloss finish. Fabric lampshade gives warm tone of light. Ideal as additional source of light in the living room, bedroom and more.

Trendy floor lamps

Three is also a divine number - identified with the greatest power - is a good omen for the trendy floor lamp, which is to illuminate our interior. This tripod lamp is based on a three-part wooden, high base. For that, a beautiful silk shade of copper color.

Teal floor lamp 13

Kate spade saturday globe floor lamp 1

Kate Spade Saturday Globe Floor Lamp
This picture shows a nice stylization of a reading corner in a bedroom or living room. It includes an original lamp and small end table with a decorative plant. The most important element of this stylization is an armchair with neutral color and soft seat cushion.

Trendy floor lamps 35

Elegant setup for a contemporary living room with a set of two sofas, with one being an l-shaped sectional. The sofas come with a gray, cotton upholstery which nicely matches the oriental, black coffee table.

Teal floor lamp 3

Trendy Floor Lamp

Trendy Floor Lamp
If you're dreaming about intriguing and trendy solutions for your living room or bedroom, check out this amazing floor lamp! It's gonna bring you a huge dose of functionality and an incredible design.

Teal floor lamp 15

Burst Out Break Floor Lamp

Burst Out Break Floor Lamp
Floor lamp featuring beautiful, elegant design and gold leaf finish, which makes it fitting majority of the interiors. It also features round shade made of hard back-belleview cork. The lamp is 61 inch high. It can accommodate one 150W bulb.

Teal floor lamp 16

On Duty Floor Lamp

On Duty Floor Lamp
Floor lamp with exquisite design and sienna gold finish, which makes it look like a trophy. It features modern shapes and shade made of acrylic. It's a great addition to any modern and elegant interior.

Teal floor lamp 17

Teal floor lamp 18

Teal floor lamp 19

Teal floor lamp 20

Teal floor lamp 21

Teal floor lamp 22

Teal floor lamp 23

Teal floor lamp

Teal floor lamp 25

Teal floor lamp