Teak Home Office Furniture

Working from home? Comfortable and functional work space is a clue when furnishing the home office. Check the teak home office furniture below and plan the perfect studio. You'll appreciate the warm reddish colour of the teak wood and its durability.

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Teak desk scandinavian
Wright Stacy

Due to its unique properties, teakwood was already used in shipbuilding in antiquity. Today, it presents a unique color on a functional teak home office furniture - desk. It was also used to make longitudinal holders, at cabinets and drawers.

Office Adaptations L-Shape Computer Desk with Hutches

Office Adaptations L-Shape Computer Desk with Hutches
It is a L-shape computer desk with hutches. It is a perfect piece of furniture for office space and for kids room. It has got many spaces for storing books, CDs and more. It is a high quality and nicely finished product.

Teak home office furniture

This L-shaped desk will be a functional addition to any home office. Made from solid, teak wood, it enchants with its deep brown colour. It features practical drawers and shelves for storage.

Teak office furniture
Rachel Sanders

This modern desk is crafted of teak wood, and has a matching chair to top out the whole structure. The desk has a thick and large top resting on widely spread legs for stability and endurance. The chair is made of quality metal, and features a wooden seat, and legs with non-marring caps.

Teak home office furniture 3
Jessica Zernike

Wide desk made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. It has 4 drawers in various sizes and compartments for storing documents. Stylish addition for the living room, teenager's room and others interiors according to taste.

Teak desks

A good-looking desk with floating top, crafted of sturdy teak wood and suitable for any type of decor. It was made in 1950s, along with its 6 storage drawers, a large rectangle top, and stable legs strengthened by stretchers.

Teak home office furniture
Wesson Jessica

This Danish-style desk is a combination of solid teak construction and functionality. Extensive countertop, many drawers, comfortable chair space and a pleasant shade, will work well in your home or office.

Teak home office furniture
Stone Caroline

This interestingly designed desk is an excellent way to place your workplace or study. Robust wooden construction, comfortable seat space, numerous drawers and a large countertop will work well on a daily basis.

Teak home office furniture 3
Jenna Edward

Make sure you can always enjoy the perfect combination of comfort and focus. This office desk comes with the chic, retro design and offers plenty of drawers for your documents. It will fit any office chair and brings extra space for your computer as well.

Teak home office furniture 1
Rogers Jaclyn

If you are looking for a spacious and functional working area then this stunning office desk will prove to be just the perfect solution, since it comes with ample surface space and even more shelves and drawers to fit your documents.

Teak home office furniture 2
Dana Adam

If you are businessman, who likes elegant minimalism, this set of furniture is must-have in your office. It is composed of comfortable, movable armchair, plastic chair, table lamp and elements made of teak wood - desk, cabinet and little table.

Teak desk furniture
Weber Lily

A charming home office set, which will add a soft, feminine touch to the space. Inspired by mid-century design, it is made from bright, teak wood with blackened accents, embodying solidness, it shall serve its role for years.

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Office Adaptations Computer Desk with Hutch
Bianca Noorda

Office Adaptations Computer Desk with Hutch
Corner desk to the organization work at home or in the office. Includes drawers, cupboards, shelves for documents and keyboard tray. The construction is made of wood. The functionality and saving space.

Teak wood desk
Barnes Maria

Featuring two handy cupboards and drawers on either side - these cupboards are great for storing your computer tower and keeping it hidden. The third drawer can be a storage spot for the keyboard or your piles of notes and papers.

Danish modern office furniture

Due to its unique properties, teakwood was already used in shipbuilding in antiquity. Today, not a ship - but your vintage teak home office furniture desk has been made of it and has three drawers that resemble slanted roof tiles.

Danish modern teak desk

Young teak wood planks used to create this teak home office furniture with bookcase on the top and drawers underneath, in the mid-century style have a distinctive honey-colored color, which over time darkens, taking on a shade of brown.

Teak wood office furniture modern home office
Gina Whi
Teak home office furniture 4
Stacy Rus

Why not choose a piece that is small enough to easily fit in every nook and corner of your interior with this amazing office furniture. It comes with four drawers, one of which can easily serve as a surface top for writing.

Home home office single pedestal desk 50 series office small
Bryant Krystal
Danish office furniture
Craven Zoe

Constituting a perfect example of the vintage design, this Amy Rolled Top desk distinguishes itself with the characteristic teak finish, concealing 6 drawers and a leather embossed leather surface.

Teak computer desk
Laetitia Zernike

This is a coherent home office furniture, because as you can see an interesting shade of teak wood was combined with the design of the 60s, straight lines in the Scandinavian style and a place for a stylish gramophone. Shelves and capacious drawer.

Small teak desk
Lambert Abbey

This intricate shelving unit is a great mix o mid-century style and modern solutions. It offers many open shelves for decorations, books, and collectibles. And aside from that, it also features a convenient desk, and cabinets with glass sliding doors.

Teak home office furniture 1
Carter Karen

Tasteful desk in retro style. It is completely made of wood. Contains 3 wide drawers arranged vertically. Top has large usable surface and a lot of open shelves in various sizes. Perfect solution for organization of work at home.

Office Adaptations Corner Computer Desk with Monitor Platform
Yulia Thompson

Office Adaptations Corner Computer Desk with Monitor Platform
It is a corner computer desk with monitor platform for your office space or kids room. It has got an autumn oak laminate and nickel finished metal drawer pulls. You will be impressed how great this desk is.

Teak roll top desk
Melanie Sim
Home Office Laptop Writing Desk
Margaret Diaz

Home Office Laptop Writing Desk
This Contemporary Laptop Writing Desk is characterized by sturdy wood construction. The desk features a rectangular desk top, drop lid drawer front, stylized pewter cup pulls, and wire retaining grommet.

Retro home office furniture
Bianca Noorda

It is a piece of furniture created for use in the kitchen or dining room. It looks stylish and has got a solid frame and solid legs made of steel. Its natural finish fits perfectly to many indoor stylizations.

Danish office chair
Teak file cabinet
Cassandra Jackson

An authentic corner desk from 1950's of teak wood in browns. It rests on 1 tapered leg and on an aslant placed 3-drawer cabinet. Drawers have rectangularish pulls in a gold tone. Two size-varied quadrangular tops in 2 tiers have length-varied edges.

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Danish teak desk
Hill Karen

Carefully profiled arm chair for watching TV, reading books and more. Frame is made of teak wood. It is covered with fabric and fitted with pillow on the back for added comfort.

Teak desk chair
Heather Barn
Teak roll top desk for sale

Capacious cabinet for storing clothes and other necessities. It is completely made of teak wood. Provides saving space in all kinds of interiors. Classic form and modern design.

Teak home office furniture 4
Danielle Lee
Danish modern bookshelf

Wide bookcase made of teak wood. It consists of 2 cabinets with sliding doors and a lot of open shelves. Suitable for storing books, display decorations and more. Provides saving space in all kinds of interiors.

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