Tassel Shade Table Lamp

Lamps are certainly one of the most important pieces of furniture. Thanks to this variety, all the interested potential customers will stand before a rare chance to choose from among an incredibly diverse compilation of table lamps with stylish shades. Many people have already bought such lamps and what about you?

Tassel shade table lamp

Antique cast metal table lamp

Antique Cast Metal Table Lamp
Glittering gold finishing of the base and a stylish, rustic lampshade, evoking associations with the tropical design. These features distinguish this unique tassel shade table lamp. Deriving from the past decades, it preserved well its original condition.

Lion double lamp with black shades tassels 24 h new

Lion Double Lamp With Black Shades Tassels 24 H New Neoclassical Dane Unlimited
A stunning double lamp having a gorgeous base in bronzes and golds: a realistic lion is sitting on an intricately carved pedestal and holding in a maw a rod with 2 ornate stems on ends with black fabric bell shades adorned with long beige tassels.

Lamp shade with tassels

Interesting, unique design for an elegant table lamp with a sophisticated appearance. The lamp is made to resemble a decorative drapery end attached to a window curtain, made in an ivory white color which gives it a vintage vibe.

Tassel shade table lamp 5

This simple table lamp is inspired of old-fashioned lamps. It has wooden kickstand covered with a lot of woolen tassels. This lamp has classic, canvas lampshade. It will be fit to vintage bedroom or office.

Bronze finish table lamps traditional set of 2 lamp shades

Bronze Finish Table Lamps Traditional Set Of 2 Lamp Shades Tassels Lighting Room
A set of 2 chic traditional vintage table lamps. A lamp has a metal base in bronzes in the form of a vase with 2 scroll handles and a round stem with a double tulip finial. A bell lampshade of creamy fabric is adorned with tassels along a top edge.

Tassel shade table lamp 19

Victorian lamp fringe beaded fringe discount glass bead fringe victorian

Tassel lamp shades 1

Tassel shade table lamp 37

Tassel shade table lamp 2

Tassel shade table lamp 38

Antique cast metal table lamp reproduction tassel shade gold 1

Lamp shades table lamp shades double scallop cream ivory shade

Tassel shade table lamp 6

Tassel shade table lamp

Tassel shade table lamp 17

Tassel shade table lamp 40

Clip on lampshade lightshade

Tassel shade table lamp 14

Fine Art Lamps 305010, Brighton Pavillion Tall 3 Way Table Lamp, 1 Light, 150 Total Watts, Bronze

Lamp shade tassels

Collectibles lamps lighting lamps electric table lamps 108

Tassel shade table lamp 9

Add a special touch to any girls room baby room

Tassel lamp 10

Original and elegant - this Tassel lamp is for sure an eye-catching accent for all kinds of interiors. Dark finishing will appeal to the refined spaces. It will enlighten the space with a romantic glow.

Tassel shade table lamp 39

Tassel lamp 6

Original chandelier as main or additional source of light. Frame is made of metal and decorated with decorative fringes. Adds freshness and modernity to each place.

Tassel shade table lamp 31

Tassel lamp 7

An over-the-top, glamorous ceiling lamp with a gorgeous, Moroccan design giving it an oriental look. The lamp is made to resemble an upside-down wedding cake with a bunch of decorations mimicking the icing.

Tassel shade table lamp 26

Tassel lamp 5

An interesting eye-catching contemporary ceiling lamp featuring a 'lampshade' having a circular metal frame adorned with lots of tassels hanging on thin decorative strings. Tassels and strings are of silk in white, beige and grey shades.

Tassel lamp 11

This lamp in modern, European variation about vintage Arabian lamps. It is made of blanched wood and has little decorative perforation's pattern. It is decorated of woolen tassels and wooden globule beads.

Tassel shade table lamp 28

Tassel lamp 15

A charming wall sconce featuring a base in the form of a large tassel carved in wood and painted in glossy pink. Hardware, composed of a round backplate and a short curved arm, is of brass. A classic conical lampshade is of plain off-white linen.

Tassel shade table lamp 36

Table lamp frosted glass shade

Table lamp mounted on pedestal base made of wood. Lampshade is covered with frosted glass. Ideal as night lamp or additional light source in any interior as needed. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

Modernist brushed chrome and frosted

Modernist Brushed Chrome And Frosted
This deco inspired touch desk lamp will make for a nice addition for when you want a vintage touch to your home setting and thanks to the streamlined look and brushed chrome finish with white frosted glass shade it proves to be an elegant option for your home.

Mid century modern danish teak white ribbed frosted glass shade

Mid Century Modern Danish Teak White Ribbed Frosted Glass Shade Table Lamp Rare
An aesthetic vintage electric table lamp featuring a stem in the form of 5 elongated curved out leaves on a round base. They're made of teak wood with a finish in warm browns. An ovalish flattened lampshade of frosted glass is vertically grooved.

Table lamp frosted glass shade 8

Beautiful lamp can make every interior more fashionable. This table lamp has kickstand make of solid sculptural brass and lampshade made of frosted glass painted of colorful flowers and grass. It has delicate light.

24" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

24" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
The decor in your room is set to get a touch of traditional appeal once you introduce this stylish table lamp to your home. The lamp has a bell shaped shade covered with dark beige fabric. It ensures a warm, inviting softness of the lighting.

Table lamp frosted glass shade 9

A minimalist traditional squabby bottle-like table lamp base manufactured of patternless clear glass. It can be painted with spray or stained paints or frosted in order to possible best fit to home decor.

LumiSource Doe Li Touch-On 19-Inch Metal Table Lamp with Frosted-Glass Shade

Very elegant modern table lamp with eye-catching, cone-shaped shade made of beautiful frosted glass. The ivory-colored shade is supported by a bent metal bar integrated with round satin brushed metal base.

Industrial task table lamp 4

Industrial Task Table Lamp
The most fashionable decorative task table lamps of recent years - and come back to us directly from the 1960s and 70s. Wonderful color palette. Industrial shapes are reinforced with an adjustable frame,which can be locked at 2 angles.Head has tension swivel.

Task table lamp 20

Table lamp fitted with swing arm. Frame is made of metal. Lampshade gives warm tone of light. Received many positive recommendations from customers for modern design and high quality.

Decor Art Tassels and Flowers 20" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Decor Art Tassels and Flowers 20" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
It is very pretty, colorful and extremely joyful light on the cabinet. Its bold colors will cheer and brighten almost any room. It is an ideal option for the youth room or on the patio. It will fit in certain bedrooms.

Task table lamp 5

Table lamp in industrial style. Frame is made of metal and fitted with swing arm. It has clip for easy mounting. Suitable as desk lamp or additional source of light in any interior as needed.

Task table lamp 19

Table lamp with a durable frame and round base that assures stability. This element of equipment features a conical metal shade. Its arm is adjustable according to different requirements of users. It is great for reading and crafting.

To pair of burgundy gold table lamp shades with tassel

Mid century task table lamp black

Mid Century Task Table Lamp Black
Black base and golden accents constitute one of the most refined, chic combinations. With its original, mid-century design and black finishing, this table lamp constitutes a wonderful proposition for a refined interior.