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There is no need in trying to convince anyone about the importance of lamps. Now you can discover this incredible variety of shapes, designs and other details, all of which make this compilation a perfect place to choose from. All in all, are you ready to buy something from this site?

Tassel lamp 10

Original and elegant - this Tassel lamp is for sure an eye-catching accent for all kinds of interiors. Dark finishing will appeal to the refined spaces. It will enlighten the space with a romantic glow.

Tassel lamp 6

Original chandelier as main or additional source of light. Frame is made of metal and decorated with decorative fringes. Adds freshness and modernity to each place.

Tassel lamp 7

An over-the-top, glamorous ceiling lamp with a gorgeous, Moroccan design giving it an oriental look. The lamp is made to resemble an upside-down wedding cake with a bunch of decorations mimicking the icing.

Tassel lamp 5

An interesting eye-catching contemporary ceiling lamp featuring a 'lampshade' having a circular metal frame adorned with lots of tassels hanging on thin decorative strings. Tassels and strings are of silk in white, beige and grey shades.

Tassel lamp 11

This lamp in modern, European variation about vintage Arabian lamps. It is made of blanched wood and has little decorative perforation's pattern. It is decorated of woolen tassels and wooden globule beads.

Tassel lamp

Tassel lamp shades

Diy bedroom chandelier fashionable diy chandelier with bubbles shelterness

Tassel lamp 12

Tassel lamp 14

Tassel lamp 19

Covet anteriors tassel lamp design pretty

Tassel lamp 43

Tassel lamp 18

From real genevieve

Tassel lamp 45

Tassel lamp 9

Tassel lamp 13

Tassel lamp 28

Tassel lamp 23

Tassel lamp 35

Tassel lamp 41

Tassel lamp 27

Tassel lamp 33

Tassel lamp 39

Tassel lamp 46

Tassel lamp 15

A charming wall sconce featuring a base in the form of a large tassel carved in wood and painted in glossy pink. Hardware, composed of a round backplate and a short curved arm, is of brass. A classic conical lampshade is of plain off-white linen.

Decor Art Tassels and Flowers 20" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Decor Art Tassels and Flowers 20" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
It is very pretty, colorful and extremely joyful light on the cabinet. Its bold colors will cheer and brighten almost any room. It is an ideal option for the youth room or on the patio. It will fit in certain bedrooms.

Michelle 26" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade (Set of 2)

Michelle 26" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade (Set of 2)
Chic classic 1-light lamp with an on-off switch. A rich detailed base is of golden and brown plastic. It has a round foot and a column with widenings and narrowings. A drum shade of brown floral-patterned fabric is decorated with a bow and a tassel.

Tassel lamp 37

6" Scented Tassel Ocean Breeze Olive

The basic colors of the interior of this apartment in

Rowan 32.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Rowan 32.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Tassel lamp 40

Tassel lamp 1

Antique cast metal table lamp reproduction tassel shade gold 1

This thing has everything rouching tassels and fringes

Double tassel iron lamp 91 383

Tassel lamp 22

Tassel lamp 42

A french chinoiserie tapestry panel depicting gathering pineapples from a

Glenshire II 30" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Glenshire II 30" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Christmas lights looking lovely home lights led

Precious Butterfly Table Lamp - Fantastic Hand Painted Details

Tassel lamp 44

The tassel adds a lovely detail to an already beautiful

Lamp love habitually chic r marvelous marquis faubourg saint honore

Beautiful swags of fabric tassels hanging lamps love

Tassel lamp 1

Beaded fringe custom lamp shade call lamp shade pro 704