Tall Lava Lamp

A lava lamp is a hypnotizing piece of decoration. Turn it on and you can spend long time watching the colourful bubbles move slowly up and down. Check out my collection and find your favourite.

Emily Hilton Interior Design Expert
Tall lava lamp
Catherine Bry

This large floor lamp is a combination of unique style and unusual light effects. The whole is a real treat for lovers of modern design. Exciting colors of lava lamps bring in an incredible atmosphere.

Tall lava lamp 3

Giant lava lamp mounted on metal base and fitted with glass lampshade. Modern design for any interior according to taste and need.

Exotic lava lamps

This type of floor lamp is dedicated for everyone who loves modern, minimalistic style and sci-fi fans. It is six feet tall and it is filled of green plasma. This lamp has metal frame and shape of cylinder.

Tall lava lamp 1
Jasmine Lee

This fantastic and extremely elegant floor lamp is a combination of functionality and amazing illumination. The moving light looks exceptionally beautiful thanks to the colors it introduces exotic atmosphere to the decor.

Giant lava lamp tower for sale
Thomson Marisa

Tall lava lamp for all kinds of interiors as needed. Base is made of metal. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Stylish accent to the living room, teenager's room, and more.

Large lava lamp
Laetitia Zernike

A shiny embellishment for contemporary and modern decor, this lava lamp is going to make your whole room glow with vivid colors. It has a chrome, round base, and a chrome tip that beautifully contrast with the glowing gel.

3 foot lava lamp

Decorative lava lamp with a durable and supportive drum-shaped base. The main area of this lamp provides yellow light and looks very original in any type of decor. This lamp illuminates indoors and improves their aesthetics.

Lava lamp sale
Yulia Thompson

Fancy and elegant design for a tall torchiere floor lamp with a built-in motion lava lamp inside of the aluminum frame with a black coat of paint. The lamp is fitted with a simple metal lampshade facing upwards.

Giant lava lamps
Bush Eliza

Entirely handmade from quality glass and steel, this lava lamp is going to enhance your game room in no time. The lamp is 23'' tall and 4'' in diameter, filled with distilled water and yellow glowing gel.

Giant lava lamp
Krystle Reed

Tall handmade lava lamp made of glass for cylindrical shade and steel for silver base. It's sent empty with needed chemicals that must be added to a distilled water to produce the awesome blue lava effect.

Huge lava lamp

A great decoration for game rooms, bachelor pads, and teenagers' rooms, this 2 1/2 foot tall lava lamp beautifully glows in red, blue and yellow. The whole rests on a quality material base with a widened bottom for good stability.

Big lava lamp
Abigail Wrightful

A cool modern electric-powered table lamp for teenagers. It has an hourglass-like base and a top of durable black plastic. Its cone-like lampshade is of quality glass filled with distilled water and red and orange glowing gel.

Floor lava lamp
Bell Allison

Tall lava lamp for living room, bedroom, teenager's room and others interiors according to taste. It is mounted on plastic frame. Classic form and modern design.

Lava lamps for sale
Brittany Joh

A proper decoration for game rooms, bachelor pads, and teenager's rooms. With this giant lava lamp you are getting a quality decoration that glows with different colors, while standing firmly on a round base.

Tall lava lamp tower
Yulia Thompson

To diversify, let's arrange - boring lessons at school - you can turn old fluorescent lamps into these colorful standing tall lava bubble tubes on a black base. Colorful bubbles light up the path to learn. In this case, they have a pink color.

Unique lava lamps

Tall lava lamp finished with Star Wars theme. Lampshade is covered with glass and gives warm tone of light. Perfect as additional source of light for each place. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Lava lamp big
Melissa Wat

Tall lava lamp mounted on metal base with chrome finish. It is covered with clear glass and finished with pastel colors. It provides pleasant atmosphere for all kinds of interiors.

Tall lava lamp
Krystle Reed

tall lava lamp

Life size lava lamps
Valerie Bail

This electro-plasma lava lamp is a fun alternative light source. It will set an eclectic mood in any room. Perfect for teen rooms, offices, game rooms or even living rooms, which are brightened by the whimsical effect.

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Tall lava lamp uk
Esther Jackson

Floor lava lamp for all kinds of interiors according to taste. It is mounted on plastic base and covered with clear glass. Received a lot of very good recommendations from customers for modern design and high quality.

The worlds largest lava lamp its 3m tall and has
Esther Bryant

The world's largest lava lamp! It's 3m tall and has a diameter of 1m. Located in Dubai UAE and built by Planet Lighting in Bellingen

Floor lava lamps
Jessica Pere

An impressive tall modern floor lava lamp. A base of chromed metal is built of a flat round foot and a cylindrical stem. A tall clear glass lampshade has a chromed finial and is filled with clear liquid containing moving bubbles of thick pink oil.

Modern lava lamp
Maria Fost

At the time of the tall lava lamp, there were also copies in the form of brushed trinkets. The fiber optic lamp has sections of the metal bar splatter with optical fiber in different shades, which intensifies the effect of hundreds of thin fibers.

Awesome lava lamps

Deciding on retro style, you need to keep moderation in the accumulation of accessories - in the case of this tall lamp lava from the crazy 60s - they didn't want to keep moderation. The huge size and red liquid in the center brighten the streets of the city.

Glitter lava lamp funky astro relaxation wax liquid lamp peaceful
Laetitia Zernike


Large lava lamps
Colleen Thompson

Vintage Lava Lamp Black Lamp Base w Blue Liquid White Lava 16 1 2 inches Tall | Can't Resist Vintage

Giant lava lamps for sale
Lindsey Grif

not good betta tank, but pretty

4 foot lava lamp
Wesson Jessica

An attractive addition for game rooms and bachelor pads, this 27'' lava lamp is going to bring to your home classic retro accents. It has a clear glass vessel filled with oil, water and glowing gel, which sits tightly in a silver-finished metal frame.

Big lava lamps

With this giant lava lamp, you will have no trouble with boosting lighting effects in your bachelor pad or game room. The lamp includes a quality metal stand that holds a wine bottle filled with oil, water, and glowing gel for maximum effect.

Colormax Lava Rainbow 14.5" Table Lamp
Anna Flo

Colormax Lava Rainbow 14.5" Table Lamp
Multicolored lava table lamp on cone base, with decorative glass shade. It is perfect not only to decorate a room but also to enjoy some time of dreamy relax while observing the slowly floating wax bubbles inside the shade.

Crazy lava lamp
Peyton Donaldson

Red Lava Lamp. A perfect #vday gift for your teenage son or daughter.

Lava lamp for sale
Sarah Lew

Who doesn't love lava lamps? This one here is colourful and simple, to make sure it adds a modern or even a futuristic vibe to your interior, without being too obtrusive. A perfect solution for kid's room as well!

Lava lamp ebay
Cintia Brook

vintage+lava+lamps | Vintage Tall Blue "Lava Motion Lamp" Gold Metal Lighted Base 17"H ...

Limited edition octopus led floor lamps from luminexence
Dana Dia

Limited Edition Octopus LED floor lamps from LumineXence

Lava lamp floor lamp
Lindsey All

Blauw met groene lava lamp , ik vind la lampen in het elgemeen heel erg mooi .

Large lava lamps for sale
Washington Lisa

Vintage Mid-Century Modern Danish Tall Volcanic Fat Lava Drip Glaze Table Lamp

Tall lava lamps
Laura Perr

Jellyfish tank! How COOL!

Electric Novelties: Plasma Nebula Ball
Rodriguez Jamie

Electric Novelties: Plasma Nebula Ball

Aquarium Lava 14.5" H Table Lamp
Kelly Fost

Aquarium Lava 14.5" H Table Lamp
It is an aquarium lava table lamp that is perfect for kids room, family room and living room area. It is adorable and everyone will be impressed how amazing and funny this lamp is.

Lava floor lamp
Tara Zucker

Transform your teenager's room or game room into a fountain of glowing colors, thanks to this eye-catching lava lamp. Designed of a tall clear glass bottle, the lamp is filled with oil, water and glowing gel to ensure a spectacular effect at night.

Beautiful tall blue bullet retro big glitter silver lava lamp
Lindsay Roberts

Beautiful Tall Blue Bullet Retro Big Glitter Silver Lava Lamp Color Change Pink | eBay

Tall boy lava lamp electric bule 1

Tall Boy Lava Lamp Electric Bule

Vintage lava lamp for sale
Dana Harr

I'll need to start a board for Hanna's room - I can't forget to get this for her for Christmas. Lava 14.5" Ice Lamp.Opens in a new window

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55 tall red lava blue liquid tower light lamp

55" Tall Red Lava Blue Liquid Tower Light Lamp

Vintage 12 75 tall starlite base aqua blue lava by
Powell Leah

Vintage 12.75 Tall Starlite Base Aqua /Blue LAVA by VintageABCs, $68.00

Biggest lava lamp you can buy
Veronica Butler

Original 2000?-vintage "Lava~GLITTER LAMP"! ~WORKS! ~(13" Tall)!

Large floor lava lamp

* lava bottles using tall, clear bottle, water, baby oil, food coloring and Alka-Seltzer

Lava lite 5225 16 3 inch silver base lava lamp
Lauren Martinezify

Lava Lite 5225 16.3-Inch Silver Base Lava Lamp Yellow/Purple: