Tall Giraffe Statue

Here's something for jungle or colonial-themed interiors. A tall giraffe statue adds some exotic decoration and spices up the interior with a vibrant pattern. Jump below to my collection of giraffe statues.

Beautiful iron 7 ft tall metal giraffe statue for home

Beautiful Iron 7 Ft Tall Metal Giraffe Statue For Home Or Garden
For anyone who got bored with standard garden statues: this metal giraffe totally breaks the mold from ubiquitous. The sculpture is all iron, the elements have been sealed for longevity. It's SEVEN FEET tall. Wow!

Giraffe large wood sculpture african art carvings 6 ft tall

Giraffe Large Wood Sculpture African Art Carvings 6 Ft Tall Statue
Walking around the house from today you can feel like in Safari, all thanks to a high companion - a wooden tall giraffe statue. Slim, with a long neck in realistic spots, it is an exotic decoration straight from Africa.

Giraffe statue tall wood hand carved out

Giraffe Statue Tall Wood Hand Carved Out
The tall wooden figure of giraffes is a fascinating and very stylish interior design element. It allows you to create a safari atmosphere in any contemporary decor and will appeal to any African fan.

Giraffe statue tall wood hand carved out 1

Giraffe Statue Tall Wood Hand Carved Out
A gorgeous decoration for indoor areas that are drowning in safari accents and exotic appearance. Designed by Zimbabwe artisans, this hand-carved giraffe statue is made of hardwood, standing proudly on a round base for stability.

Tall giraffe statue

12 Foot Tall Life Like Giraffe

Wooden giraffe statues

If your garden LACKS A GIRAFFE but you can't afford a real animal, go for a funny giraffe garden statue. Large and tall, cast out of metal, it has giraffe spots and all. Transform your backyard lawn into safari. Kind of.

Giraffe statue

A tall wooden giraffe statue that plays the role of attractive decoration. Its solid wooden construction is resistant to wear and damage. Small rectangular base provides stability and support on the best level.

Wood Giraffe Statue

Wood Giraffe Statue
Charming contemporary statue of a giraffe hand-carved of wood. It features a colourful finish with an intricate floral-geometric design. It's quite tall and sleek, has a black rectangular base and a weatherproof finish so can be used outdoor.

Giraffe pair extra large

Giraffe Pair, Extra Large

Wood giraffe statue

Unique and funky decoration for an outdoor backyard garden. This one is made to resemble a giant statue of a giraffe, with a height of one yard, and provides entertainment and a spot to gaze upon by guests.

Large giraffe pair bronze statue animal

Large Giraffe Pair - Bronze Statue Animal

Tall Giraffe Statue

Tall Giraffe Statue
Classy blending vintage and contemporary styles floor standing figurine of a giraffe. It's modelled of metal and features a beautiful colourful finish with a silvery scroll design. It's tall, has a rectangular black base and suits most interiors.

Aspire Tall Giraffe Statue

Aspire Tall Giraffe Statue
Classy contemporary statue of a giraffe hand-carved of quality wood. It features a finish inspired by a real giraffe i.e. dark brown spots against a lighter background. It's tall and sleek, has a rectangular black base and matches most interiors.

Large metal giraffe garden ornament

Anyone who loves exotic African climates will be delighted with this phenomenal giraffe figure. Beautiful workmanship, long and slim design and nice color scheme create a sensational whole that works well in any decor.

Wooden giraffe statue

OMG! I am very delighted how beautiful and comely these baby giraffe garden statues are! They look like real animals! They help to create the garden safari.

Tall giraffe statue 1

Designed of quality material and hand-crafted for maximum effect, this tall giraffe stands on long slender legs that support almost as long neck. The whole decoration is attached to the square flat base for balance.

Design toscano zari resting giraffe statue

Design Toscano Zari Resting Giraffe Statue
Tall giraffe statue for the garden, patio and others outdoor places. It is made of resin and plastic. Received many positive recommendations from clients for high quality and careful execution.

Silver giraffe statue

tall giraffe statue car sales lot offered for free

105 giant leather giraffe sculpture

105: Giant Leather Giraffe Sculpture

A tall giraffe

The silver giraffe statue is part of our range of animal and bird sculptures, perfect for bringing nature's charm to your home. If you like the look of this metal giraffe ornament, you might also want to take a look at these other items, similar in style

IMAX 83011-3 Banji Wood Carved Giraffe, Set of 3

Large metal giraffe statue 47

Large Metal Giraffe Statue 47"

Giraffe garden statue

Gigi the Garden Giraffe Statue If I have an awesome garden it will definitely have animal statues!

Ceramic Giraffe Decor Figurine

Ceramic Giraffe Decor Figurine

Giraffe ornaments wooden

You should see this Tall Giraffe Statue in Dark Brown on Daily Sales!

Tall giraffe statue 4

Tall Giraffe Statue

Wooden giraffe sculptures

Ten Tall Statues - Dallas Zoo 67.5 foot bronze giraffe is the 4th tallest statue in the US

Attractive Wood Giraffe Statue

Attractive Wood Giraffe Statue
Wonderful blending styles statue of 2 funny height-varied giraffes on a triangular base. It's hand-carved of quality wood and features a vivid colourful finish with an intricate undefined design. It's quite tall and sleek, matching most interiors.

Tall statues

Large Giraffe African Wild Life Design. Solid statue. Bottom has felt to protect surfaces. 15 1/2" tall, 5" wide. Good condition. No damage. She's charming and a sure eye catcher ! Thank you for looking. Hope you enjoy this item offered by Land of OZ Trea

Buy cyan design tall giraffe sculpture in hand applied multicolor

Buy Cyan Design Tall Giraffe Sculpture in Hand Applied Multicolor on ...

Giraffe statues

Does not it look alive? But she eats less, so is better that the real one. A long wooden giraffe will decorate your garden. Many will think it is true. Tall giraffe statue is all made of wood, has 150 cm and is very durable.

Large giraffe statue

A gorgeous decoration for indoors, that will transform your home into African Safari. The statue is shaped like a giraffe, crafted with attention to details and hand-painted, standing on a round sturdy base for balance. Measurements: 12 1/4'' tall.

Giraffe 134


Design Toscano Design Toscano Zari the Resting Giraffe Statue

Giraffe statue med 49 tall the millionaires daughter

Giraffe Statue – med – 49″ tall | The Millionaire's Daughter

Decorative giraffe statues

Ceramic giraffe Statue/Figurine 11" tall Beautiful!!!!!

Aspire tall giraffe statue 7

Aspire Tall Giraffe Statue
Are you looking for a product that will spruce up your ambiance? We have got something what you need. The giraffe statue has the tall high, slim shape and the African style.

Giraffe figurines large

Hand Carved Wood Giraffe Animal Statue Collector Art Figurine 9" Tall

Pair of tall vintage brass giraffe sculptures

Pair of Tall Vintage Brass Giraffe Sculptures

Giraffe figurine 1

Giraffe Figurine

Polystone Giraffe Showpiece Figurine

Polystone Giraffe Showpiece Figurine

Collectable giraffes

Collectable Giraffes

Statues b satwa natural hand carved wooden tall giraffe statue

... Statues › B Satwa › Natural Hand Carved Wooden Tall Giraffe Statue

Large giraffe pair bronze sculptures

Large Giraffe Pair Bronze Sculptures

Bella large scale vintage italian ceramic seated giraffe sculpture

... Bella - Large Scale Vintage Italian Ceramic seated Giraffe Sculpture

Realistic giraffe standing ornament large giraffe statue figurine

... Realistic Giraffe Standing Ornament Large Giraffe Statue Figurine

21 tall giraffe statue

A small giraffe statue made of durable materials. Its round pedestal base finished in black color perfectly matches other colors and patterns of this unique statue. It is able to decorate different indoors.

Pair of tall vintage brass giraffe sculptures 1

Pair of Tall Vintage Brass Giraffe Sculptures

Giraffe sculpture photo sculptures

Giraffe Sculpture Photo Sculptures

Aspire tall giraffe statue 1

Aspire Tall Giraffe Statue
Looking for modern yet natural decoration? Check out this tall giraffe statue. A perfect addition to any eclectic living room. Just place one of these in the corner and there you’ve got it, a part of Africa in your very own house.