Table Top Torches

The elements presented on this site might not be crucial but they can still play an important role if you want to create a nice atmosphere. Check all the possibilities, shapes, sizes, designs and colours – in order to choose the perfect one for yourself. In case you need more time, see all the photos.

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Table tiki torches

Evening at the beach, wedding party over the ocean - will beutify and illuminate these polynesian tabletop tiki troches. They are made of bamboo, trimmed and decorated with natural shells and raffia bow. Their wicks light up easily and last long.

Tiki tabletop torch

Decorative torch for table top placement. It features a terra cotta pot and river pebbles. The whole construction creates a cheap and pretty table torch that provides small amount of light and decorates outdoor dining areas.

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A wonderful table top torch which is a real piece of art. It's made of top quality ceramics that was skilfully hand painted in beautiful blue patterns. The top of the piece features a wick which will look amazing when lighted.

Table top torches 15

Outdoor table centerpiece. Metal stand for glass torches. Wrought iron holder in black holds four glass torches. Due to light weight, the piece happens to be fully movable, luckily. It's well-balanced as well, won't wobble.

TIKI 1112101 Small Latte Ceramic Tabletop Torch

I am not a fan of table top torches, because I think that open fire could be dangerous in small spaces. This one was handmade of glazed ceramic. If you decide on tiki style, choose this one, but remember to be careful while using.

Table torches
Table top torches 10

Table top torch made of high quality ceramic and finished with sophisticated pattern. Designed for outdoor use. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Stylish accent for the garden, patio and more.

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Top torches

A great addition to your garden or patio – a jungle themed tiki torch made from bamboo with a wooden stand. Very rustic design, perfect to light up your backyard or use during themed parties!

Small glass top tables

Very attractive outdoor torch that includes a fire pit surrounded by glass. It features a durable base and its fire pit area is covered with stones for natural looking appearance. This torch perfectly decorates outdoors.

Maui Grande Tabletop

Maui Grande Tabletop
Cool modern table lantern of metal with a weatherproof distressed brown coating. It's semi-oval and has a pointy top with a bell-like lid. An everlasting fiberglass wick burns in snow or rain. It uses 32 ounces of fuel in about 24 hours.

Starlite Garden and Patio Round Large Table Top Torch
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Tabletop torches
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San Nicola Triple LED Candle Lantern

San Nicola Triple LED Candle Lantern
It is a very interesting and extremely resourceful lantern. In its interior are three places on the LED lights. These places are stylized to the candles, so the whole lantern looks like it was designed for candles instead of light bulbs. At the same time cleaner and last longer stand.

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Lahaina Firepot Torch

Lahaina Firepot Torch

Round large table top torch
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A target _blank strong diy concrete fire bowl from bold
Tiki statues table top torches
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Table top tiki torch small
Smart Garden Apollo Ceramic Fire Pot
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Hand painted ceramic table top torch 2
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Hammered Oil Lamp, Copper

Hammered Oil Lamp, Copper

The burner table top torch lighter
La candela sunflower table top torch
Sydney Firepot Torch

Sydney Firepot Torch
Beautiful firepot torch with orb design and intriguingly textured, hammered stainless steel finish that enhances its looks with harmonious and modern touch. Thanks to fiberglass puff, the flame never burns away!

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