Swing Arm Drafting Lamp

Lamps are very important, that’s sure. Thanks to this collection you can browse through virtually all the available shapes, sizes and colours of swing arm drafting lamps. They are all charming in their own particular way so feel free to pick the one you find most interesting. Or do you need more time?

Swing arm drafting lamp 17

Swing arm drafting lamp, essential in a workshop, where you need your light to be directed precisely to your work. This high quality industrial style lamp can be affixed to a desk. It's finished all medium brown.

Vintage 1960s luxo industrial task light

Vintage 1960s Luxo Industrial Task Light
This swing arm drafting lamp represents the greatest features of the vintage design. Deriving from the 1960s, it will fit into vintage or industrial surroundings, enhancing every workshop or home office.

Mid century modern luxo union made adjustable swing arm drafting

Mid Century Modern Luxo Union Made Adjustable Swing Arm Drafting Clamp Task Lamp
A vintage lamp that is your must-have if you work at a drafting desk. It will guarantee you proper light thanks to a swing arm which you can adjust the way you like it. A special holder will let you easily mount it to the table.

Industrial mid century swing arm light

Industrial Mid Century Swing Arm Light
Desk lamp with swing arm. Base is made of metal. Perfect solution for work organization at home. Traditional form and functional design.

Drafting table light

Draftsman desk lamp

This swing arm drafting lamp makes a perfect addition to all workshops. It has 45" reach spring balanced arm with spring covers. Independent rocker switches enable you to operate the lights independently or together.

Swing arm drafting lamp 20

Vintage modern swing arm drafting lamp

Vintage Modern Swing Arm Drafting Lamp
Swing arm lamp intended to attached, for example - to drafting table. It is made of metal and covered of blue enameled paint. It has very light, scattered bright. It is destined for artists or architects.

There is a really nice halogen lamp on blick art

Swing arm drafting lamp 24

Swing arm drafting lamp 23

Swing arm drafting lamp 15

Vintage drafting lamp

Swing arm drafting lamp 1

Swing arm drafting lamp 4

Drafting table lamps

Lamp d clamp for swing arm drafting lamps

Luxo drafting lamp

Drafting lights

Swing arm drafting design office studio clamp table desk lamp

Vintage drafting lamp 1

Drafting lamps

Swing arm drafting lamp 8

Swing arm drafting lamp 11

Swing arm drafting lamp 10

Swing arm drafting lamp 5

3 Pack LAMP SWING ARM WHITE 100WATT Drafting, Engineering, Art (General Catalog)

Vintage 1970s modern task light swing arm drafting by drowsyswords

Alvin Home Indoor Office Art Craft Draft White Swing-Arm Combination Lamp with CFL Bulb

Swing arm drafting lamp 16

Drafting light

This swing arm drafting lamp will be a dream come true for everyone, who simply needs the perfect amount of angle of light in their home for various projects. It offers a two-way mounting clamp for tables up to 1-1/2'' thick.

Swing arm drafting lamp 14

Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Swing Arm Wall Lamp
This swing wall lamp is a super practical and very tasteful detail that odmeni your whole interior. It has a curiously made lampshade and a stylish handle curiously fixed to the wall. Add coziness to any interior.

Swing arm drafting lamp 13

Swing arm drafting lamp 12

Vintage luxo lamp

Mid century swing arm drafting lamp with base sunny yellow

Mid Century Swing Arm Drafting Lamp With Base Sunny Yellow
Mid century wwing arm drafting lamp with round base in sunny yellow color. It's very useful in student's or youngster's room, ideal for reading books nighttime. I wonder if you could hang it on the wall...

Swing arm drafting lamp 19

Swing arm combination lamp in black

Swing arm drafting lamp 26

Desk lamp 11

Vintage lamp swing arm lamp drafting table light archetectural light

Drafting lamp clamp

MODO TL-06 Full Size Silver Color Office Desk Lamp Polished Aluminum Lights

Satco 57/058 Swing Arm Drafting Lamp with 13-watt GU24 2700K Mini Spiral, Steel/Black

Drafting lamps

Bowery Collection Bright 3 Watt LED Adjustable Desk Lamp

Alvin FD206ST Architect Desk Lamp , Satin Steel Finish

Alvin fourpiece drafting set with drafting stool white top white

Swing arm drafting lamp 7