Surfboard Lamp

Here's a little something for the enthusiasts of surfing fun! In the collection below I've gathered surfboard lamps which are a great mix of functionality and sea sports-themed accessories. Check them out below and get hooked like me! Perfect to add some accent details to the beach summer house for example!

Emily Hilton Interior Design Expert
Surfboard lamp 40

Table lamp in modern style. It is mounted on triple base made of wood. Lampshade is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light. Perfect as additional source of light in any interior.

Surf lamps

Fresh design for a vibrant table lamp with a colorful surfboard on the frame to give it a beach, aquatic look. The frame of the lamp is made out of polished light wood with a traditional knit shade on top, giving it a vintage detail.

Surfboard lamp

A pretty contemporary table lamp featuring a funny colourful base in the form of 2 coco palms, a beach, sea water, a beach chair and surfboards. A stem has a white seagull finial. A conical classic lampshade is made of plain creamy fabric.

Surfboard lamp 37
Surfboard lamp 16
Surfboard Wooden 25" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Surfboard Wooden 25" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
For surfing lovers, this funny table lamp could become a favourite indoor accent. Its base is shaped as a striped surfboard standing on a disc base. The empire shade represents classic influences and sports versatile look that works everywhere.

Surfboard lamp 28
Surfboard lamp beach theme
Surfboard lamp 10
Klassic konvertible deluxe surf woody lamp
Surfboard lamp 18
Surfboard lamp 2
Surf lamp
Surfboard lamp 7
Surfboard lamp 9
Surfboard lamp 32

Classic California surf mobile, features 3 colorful surfboards on top of the car. Thanks to its detailed crafting, this lamp is absolutely unique. 13-inches long car sits on a stained and varnished wood base. The overall height of the matching shade is 21".

Surfboard lamp 2
Surfer lamp

Coastal inspirations can take many forms. As for example, this kids table lamp incorporates a cute mini surfboard to serve as the lamp's base. Blue and white stripes furtherly conflate the design with marine theme.

Surfboard lamp 1
Surfboard lamp 26
Surfboard lamp 14
Surfboard table lamp 4
Surfboard lamp 4
Malibu surf surfboard table lamp
Surfboard lamp 27
Surf board lamp
Surfboard lamp
Unique Surfboard Wooden 25" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Unique Surfboard Wooden 25" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
Elevate style in your indoor ambiance with this playful modern lamp with cozy empire shade in beige and eye-catchy base in a unique shape of a surfboard, with white flowers pattern on yellowish orange background.

Surfboard lamp 29
Surfboard wall clock 3
Surfboard lamp 31
Surfboard lamp 33
Surf beach decor surfboard lamp ocean scene 3
Surfboard Wood and Chrome 64" Floor Lamp

Surfboard Wood and Chrome 64" Floor Lamp

Surfboard lamp 34
Surf camper table lamp
Surfboard lamp with tropical lamp shade surfs up surfboard decor
Surfboard lamp 3
Surfboard lamp available in 1000 9 s of custom colors
Surfboard Shaped Wooden Table Lamp in White with an On/Off Switch
Surfboard lamp 35
Surf board wood coffee table in line with the beach
Surfboard lamp 36
Surfboard lamp 39
Surfboard lamp with burlap shade
Tropical hawaiian kids bedding 4pc boys surf twin set by
Surfboard lamp nursery lamp kids lamp surfboard by markersix 68
Surfboard floor lamp solid wood with burlap shade by markersix
Surfboard lamp 41
Surfboard lamp 42