Floating Pool Lletters & Lights Decorations for Party

Are you a lucky owner of a swimming-pool? Ever organized a poolside party? Here's an idea for you. Fill the pool with styrofoam floats and impress the guests. The colourful floats come in every style and shape under the sun so finding one that matches the party theme is not a challenge. See the collection of styrofoam pool floats below.

Floating paper lanterns 10 pack

Floating Paper Lanterns 10 Pack
The Styrofoam pool floats with paper lanterns is a great way to create a beautiful pool in the garden. The whole thing makes a fantastic evening and night. The suppressed light in a spherical form delights.

Floating pool lanterns

Enchant your swimming pool with those floating lanterns, accentuating the whole surface with truly magical accents. Each lantern has a paper ball shade attached to the round styrofoam base that effectively secures the whole against sinking.

Styrofoam pool floats 1

Surprise your birthday girl / boy with this creative and beautiful "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" sign, made of lightwieght styrofoam. It floats, so you can easily place it in your swimming pool for maximum effect.

Floating pool decorations

Turn your intimate evening gatherings by the pool into a truly magical experience, with those lovely square lanterns. They are made of light weight styrofoam that allows them to float on the water surface.

Styrofoam pool floats 2

Cool ingenious large stylised letters 'Happy 21st birthday' made of white styrofoam. They're very lightweight so can perfectly float on water. They're can be adorned e.g. with flowers. They're excellent as a birthday surprise!

Floating pool candles

OK, this has absolutely no practical functions, but doesn't it look adorable. Styrofoam balls float in pool water, and they're highly decorative thanks to colorful (here: fuchsia pink) carnations sticked into them.

Floating lanterns for pool

Ideal for your pool to create a magical atmosphere around. Made from styrofoam, these floating flowers are actually water lanterns, adding your poolside a unique, glowing experience.

How to make floating pool candles

Personalize your event with script names and words from Styroscript. You decide what is to be written, creating a whole new way to express your message. The letters here have 10 inches.

Floating candles for pool

The lovely combination of flowers and decoration for the pool makes the water in the garden look phenomenal. The whole is kept in subtle styling and styled on water lilies. The styrofoam base keeps the decoration on the water.

Candles floating in pool

An inimitable way to create a magical ambiance around your pool. These large styrofoam letters with lights will beautifully illuminate your exteriors. Custom-made, constitute a great way to express whatever you want.

Floating pool letter

Diy pool float

This attractive decoration is suitable for weddings. It includes water floating decor based on styrofoam flowers in white and red colors. This decorations are resistant to water and other negative outdoor conditions.

Floating pool decorations for party

If you are looking for a romantic idea how to decorate your swimming pool this is something that you would love. Fragile light of candles attached to the flower pool float would look even more charming during the night.

Pool decorations for wedding

Pool candles

Bring some magical accents into your swimming pool, by deciding on this set of 4 fantastic pool floats. Each of those is made of lightweight styrofoam that allows the whole thing to float on the water surface.

Styrofoam pool

Various ways of keeping your beverages cool during a scorching day... I especially like the ice fountain, haha. Some mini styrofoam pool floats can serve pretty well as mobile drink coolers. As long as they don't sink, haha.

Pool floating candles

Pool lanterns

Transform your garden pool into a fairlytale setting with styrofoam floats carrying translucent glass baubles with tealight candles inside. A bevy of such decorations makes the area look exceptionally beautiful for special occasions, such as wedding.

Floating flowers for pool

Organizing a wedding? Don't forget to make the best of decoration opportunities: a pool can't be left unornamented. Styrofoam pool floats are always a good choice, as they can be graced with candles, lanterns and flowers, like the one pictured.

How to make floating pool decorations

Large swimming pool floating letters - initials or monogram - made of light styrofoam and lighted with LED lights or ordinary candles. Recommended for outdoor wedding receptions, garden parties & the like.

Swimming pool wedding decoration ideas

This white pretty looking styrofoam pool float is an excellent example how to spice up your home swimming pool with something that would attract attention. It looks even more interesting when it is illuminated during the night.

Pool flowers

If you are the lucky one who is getting married in a villa with a pool, instead of traditional decorations, use its water area and decorate it with floating styrofoam pool floats with white flowers and green leaves tied together.

Styrofoam floats

your swimming pool on the backyard and there is a gourmet party. Maybe your wedding? A pool can be a decoration if you put floating, colorful flowers into it. The right material will not let them sink.

How to float candles in pool

Always be sure that you are ready for that pool party with this amazing, waterproof wellness floating cushion. It will allow you to both sunbathe and to make perfect use of your pool at the same time.

How to make floating flowers for pool

One of the most romantic lights spreading in our senses - it's the light of candles styrofoam pool floats. For the ceremony at dusk, instead of placing it on the stole, you can put the heater in a glass and rest on a pink stand.

I think all you would need for these is a

Flowers accompany our life in the most important ceremonies, such as a wedding. Instead of just putting them on the table, you can create delicate balls from their small flowers, styrofoam pool floats, floating on the surface of the pool.

Wedding pool decorations

Floating flowers for swimming pool

Floating flowers for pool wedding

Flowers in pool

Unsinkable pool floats at brookstone buy now

Swimming pool decorations for weddings

Floating candles swimming pool

Ultimate Floating Pool Lounger

Ultimate Floating Pool Lounger
A floating pool lounger. Made of vinyl and covered in strong nylon material, finished in blue and dark blue. Durable and comfortable, with arm rests and head rests, includes a drink holder in one of the arm rests.

Aqua Cloud Floating Mattress

Kool Pool Mat

Kool Pool Mat
It is a Kool Pool Mat that is perfect for your swimming pool and other outdoor area. You will be impressed how solid, comfortable and high quality this product is. You need to have it.

Details about new folding baja chair foam swimming pool float

Pizza Slice Pool Float

Pizza Slice Pool Float

Wedding pool decoration ideas

Details about pool noodles swimming float aid woggle wacky water

Diy floating pool lanterns

A cool tennis table made of recycled styrofoam from an old jacuzzi cover! It is waterproof and very lightweight so perfectly floats on water. It has white painted lines and is equipped with a nylon net.

Ultra sunsation luxe pool float

King kai pool float logo red this one of a

Garden outdoor living pools spas pool fun floats rafts 7

Designer Floating Pool Mat

Designer Floating Pool Mat

Floating candles pool

The couples monogram is made of styrofoam and covered it

Foam floats

Ultra Lazy Bar™ Pool Float

Ultra Lazy Bar™ Pool Float

Blue Island Water Hammock Pool Float

Blue Island Water Hammock Pool Float
Are you dreaming of an amazing rest and relaxation in your swimming pool? Then, don't hesitate, check out this extraordinary pool float and enjoy the summertime in the most stylish and functional way!