Stylish Filing Cabinets

Looking for a stylish filing cabinet? The collection of these shown below is very rich and many people have already been inspired by all of these solutions. Now you can also choose from among many possible options of designs, sizes, colours and shapes of filing cabinets. You didn’t expect there would be so many?

Stylish filing cabinets 1

The beautiful and very stylish filing cabinet is an excellent wood finish and an impressive finish. The effective form allows you to use the whole in many ways, and after closing it can serve as a table or bench.

Stylish filing cabinets

Spice up your loft or office with stylish accents by deciding on this fine alternative to a traditional file cabinet. The unit features a pull-out inside, with open shelves and enough place to organize and hang your files. Crafted of sturdy wood in two-toned oak and espresso finish.

Cool filing cabinets

An authentic vintage file console of red-finished wood. Its top and open bottom shelf are rectangular. It has straight square corner posts, low feet, small triangular serrate corner aprons. Each of 3 drawers has a brass C-pull with a wide round base.

Modular file cabinet white 1

Modular File Cabinet White
A white, neutral piece of furniture that updates any decorative stylization. This cabinet features two spacious drawers that improve the storage capacity of the room. The whole construction is stable and durable.

Trunk file cabinet

Stylish cabinet file with antique finish. It consists of 12 capacious drawers fitted with labels for content identification. Construction is made of wood. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Vintage cole steel blueprint cabinet map

Vintage Cole Steel Blueprint Cabinet Map
This middle size file cabinet casters provides surprisingly a lot of storage for your documents and also looks so amazing in any interior design. It's gorgeous looking dark brown wooden counter provides extra space for any use.

Stylish filing cabinets

The simple and very beautifully made filing cabinet is an excellent combination of vintage styling and beautiful looks. The whole is beautifully finished, extremely functional and gives the interior a unique character.

Cute filing cabinet

Cool metal filing cabinet! I wouldn't mind having it in my office as a stylish alternative to dull contemporary office furniture. Its hammered black metal construction with Roman numbers on drawers give it industrial vibe.

Stylish filing cabinets

Smart and stylish, this filing cabinet can be a great addition to one's bedroom or home office space. Painted in vibrant red catches the attention with its peculiar golden drawer pulls.

File cabinet casters 1

As for me, the mood at the office is lighted up out of hand when juicy colors are engaged. These fun yellow and orange file cabinets are practical, of course, but they sneak a pop of color to the office area and this is totally cool.

Cute filing cabinets

The metal rolling file cabinet with three drawers. It could entirely play its role as a place for storing the documents. It looks a little bit shabby because the metal is a little bit ragged - but maybe a bit of lacquer could solve it.

Cornerstone 2-Drawer File Cabinet

Cornerstone 2-Drawer File Cabinet

Container store filing cabinet

A vintage standing file cabinet made of wood with a worn 2-tone finish. It has a rectangular light brown top with bluish edges. Fronts of a dozen or so drawers (in several tiers) also are bluish. Each drawer has a black metal shell pull.

Stylish filing cabinets 1

Vintage bench with storage

This filing cabinet can be used as a trunk, bench, coffee table and more. The traditional, classic wooden design works with any other style. Add it into the office space or living zone and enjoy the useful piece of furniture.

Stylish filing cabinets 8

Trendy filing cabinet

Capacious, sturdy, and crafted of natural wood; this file cabinet is stylish, functional, and suitable for both homes and offices. The cabinet stands flat on the ground, offering 4 file drawers - each equipped with a cutout handle.

File cabinet trunk

Stylish file cabinets

Stylish filing cabinets 12

2-Drawer 2 File Cabinet

2-Drawer 2 File Cabinet
If you are looking for a functional filing cabinet for your home or office the two draweri 2 file cabinet is the perfect piece of furniture for you. Robust design and practicality makes it perfect every day.

Stylish filing cabinets 22

Stylish file cabinet 2

Stylish filing cabinets 18

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Stylish filing cabinets 17

Stylish filing cabinets 16

Stylish filing cabinets 4

File cabinet wheels

The use of boring office cabinets, has many names. Combined with their pastel color, and the border of the white desk on wheels gives an unearthly effect. The trio drawer file cabinets together are a phenomenal connection.

Stylish filing cabinets 15

Incorporated from a library, this distressed catalogue cabinet can be a good proposition for a stylish office space. Sturdy, wooden construction, amazing with mutliple storage pigeonholes.

Stylish file cabinet

A cool stylish metal file cabinet revamped from an ordinary old one. It has a rectangular top of ... brown stained cutting board(!). Walls are painted in a light bluish tone with a pink double-rhombus design. Doors have black metal shell-handles.

Bernewelt 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

Bernewelt 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet
If you are looking for a piece of furniture which will provide you extra storage space, this file cabinet is a perfect choice. It has two big drawers and is made of durable MDF in matte, black finish.

Stylish filing cabinet

A stylish file cabinet with refreshed look and fashionable pattern - a nice idea for improving modern offices. Constructed of white-finished metal, the cabinet includes 2 file drawers with a key lock and brushed metal handles.

Stylish filing cabinets

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Jacqueline Mobile File Cabinet

Jacqueline Mobile File Cabinet

Great way to repurpose an old filing cabinet uk auctioneers

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Leslie Dame CD-456W Solid Oak Library File Media Cabinet, Walnut

It is a media cabinet that has got a library file cabinet design, walnut finish and solid oak construction. It is perfect for storing your CDs, DVDs and other. It adds style and elegance to any home.

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Stylish file cabinet i might have changed my mind to

Stylish file cabinet

Finally a stylish filing cabinet

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Library six drawer file cabinet traditional filing cabinets and carts

Stylish filing cabinet