Style Bergere Chair

Excellent design is timeless and universal. Much as the bergeres were originally designed for palaces, they remain as a la mode as they were in the times of Louis XV. With their stately frames and elegant upholstery, they fit into the most contemporary designs, both as accent chair and in groupings. A French style bergere chair is an investment in style and sophistication.

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Style bergere chair

Everyone will find something interesting in this unique collection of classy, bergere armchairs. They come in different shapes and colors, but they all feature comfortable upholstering and elegant appearance.

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If you're looking for lavish style and extreme comfort, then this style club chair is just perfect for you, especially with its antiqued look that combines well with the modern visual appeal it offers thanks to its renovated design.

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Style bergere chair 2

This stylish bergere chair, along with the ottoman constitute a great example of traditional style and elegance. Combination of off-white cushions with solid wooden frames embodies warmth and coziness with prestige at the same.

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Amelie Rose bergere arm chair. Moccha colored, made from delicate plush, complemented with light, wooden legs. Amazingly comfortable, fit open spaces, living rooms and hall ways. Great idea as your hostel hall way deco!

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Tasteful arm chair upholstered with nice touch fabric and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Frame is made of wood. Great for watching TV or reading books.

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This French-styled armchair offers a very unique and attractive stylization in the house. Its wooden legs and arms feature small, but attractive carved decorations. Soft seat cushion, durable backrest and padded arms are elements that guarantee additional comfort.

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Louis XV Bergere Arm Chair

Louis XV Bergere Arm Chair
Royal armchair with hand-made upholstery. Sophisticated design with carefully made carvings. It offers a large surface area for the seat. A stylish addition to the living room and more.

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Pair of french painted louis xv style bergere chairs
One of a kind vintage louis xv french style bergere
Bergere chair slipcover

This classical ottoman will provide you full relax after long day. With big, soft pillow will be great as a footrest as well as the chair, where you can sit with comfort. Classical beige color, fits most decors.

Modern bergere

A stunning arrangement of a living room. The centre features a beautiful tufted coffee table in a light green color. It's surrounded by two bergere chairs and two traditional armchairs in beige tones. The room looks warm and cozy.

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Shabby cottage chic white and pink aage rose chenille vintage chair. Check its beautiful finish that looks like from a fairytale. Mix of patterns and styles makes it look even more special! Perfect for girl's room.

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You can get the impression that this chair was taken from the royal palace. Rich, golden finish - for this top quality fabric, in turquoise shade. Style bergere chair is authentic example of 1815s period. Presents rococco elements and all French inspirations.

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A wonderful set of a bergere chair and ottoman. It features grand, leather upholstery in a unique shade of mild coffee. The structure of the set is made of distressed wood in a beautiful, ivory color. An extremely cosy and elegant set.

Style bergere chair

A pair of chairs inspired by French style from 1950's. Each chair of this kind includes a frame with decorative bow, arrow and floral crest. Its arms, back and seat are perfectly shaped to provide outstanding comfort.

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This eclectic set represents a mixture of neobaroque and art-deco influences. Its bold elegance and style will please the most sophisticated tastes. All made from high-quality materials, which will prove their sustainability.

Style bergere chair 8

A chic antique armchair having a brown wooden frame featuring gently curved lines with subtle grooving and floral carvings. A unified shell is upholstered in fabric with colourful flowery patterns inside and a white dotted against blue one outside.

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Tasteful arm chair mounted on wooden base with gold finish. Seat and back is covered with soft fabric and decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Lavelle Bergere Chair and Ottoman

Lavelle Bergere Chair and Ottoman
Ornamental French design served as a bold inspiration for this wide chair's style. Coming with ottoman, it boasts elaborate carvings on its frame. Striped upholstery in purple and brown hues is not less stylish.

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Cardiff tufted armchair
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