Study Bunk Bed

Do you happen to be searching for a bunk bed? Those that are depicted at these photos, fulfill all their functions well and are also quite impressive visually. You can now browse through all of them and try to find the most appealing one for you and your family.

Bunk bed with play area

This bunk bed set constitutes a great space to both work and rest. Comfortable single bed with ladder, constructed upper the studying spot, with functional L-shaped desk, all finished with a side library.

All in one loft bed with trundle

A space-saving design for small bedrooms. This bunk bed is a multi-functional construction that includes a comfortable bed in its upper area. It is equipped with a durable ladder. The lower part includes a desk with shelves for books and storage baskets.

All in one loft bed

Loft bed in modern style. It is mounted on wooden frame. It contains a lot of drawers for storing clothes and others needed items. Perfect solution for kid's room, teenager's room and more.

Loft bunk beds with desk and drawers

This well-designed loft bed with a desk below is an interesting way to develop a small space. Beautiful combination of white and wood, various shelves, drawers, and baffles will work in every child's room.

Berg furniture twin loft with central play area and desk

Berg Furniture Twin Loft With Central Play Area And Desk
A loft bed like this was my all-time dream when I was a girl... Many drawers to hide treasures, a desk to study, a concealed wardrobe for prinking, some shelves that are accessible from the bunk bed...

Bunk bed with desk underneath

Trying to find the excellent, nicely finished and high quality loft bunk bed? We suggest you to choose this one! It creates the fun sleeping space, that can be used as a cozy study or play area!

Study bunk bed 1

Bunk bed with study

Bunk bed for kid's room, teenager's room and more. Construction is made of wood. Base consists of desk and a lot of open shelves for storing books or display decorations. Classic form and contemporary design.

Bed on top desk on bottom

A magnificent-looking, impressive loft bed and study desk set. Its unusual design hides a lot of potential and functionality. All cleverly designed with stairs leading to up to upper study desk and colored in energetic, warm color, which adds liveliness.

Study bunk bed

Bunk bed with table underneath

This great set is a combination of a sleeping corner with a practical place to relax and have fun. Beautiful loft bed design with table, benches, and shelves make up a beautiful whole. The ideal solution for your child's room.

Loft beds kids 1

When you are the parent of the teenager you should know that the privacy is a very important thing for them. Building the loft bed creates two more hiding place to spend time alone or, if he/she wants, with friends -learning or listening to music.

Full study loft bed

Half loft bed

If you need more space for your children to perform they daily activities and would still like them to experience comfort while sleeping then this half loft bed is the way to go, making sure there is enough space for two, while the design works splendidly in a modern-styled home.

Bunk bed with desk under

A practical loft bed with an open shelving unit, an underbed desk and 2 drawer chests of wooden materials in light brown but blue drawers fronts. A grey side half-rail and a slanted ladder are of metal. Size-varied drawers have long metal pulls.

Study bunk bed

Study bunk bed

Double loft bed with desk

A lovely addition to a girl's room, this vanity loft bunk bed set is going to be a great panacea for nightmares, and a functional helper while doing your homework. The bed is secured with rails, and has a convenient ladder to climb on. The bottom part has a built-in desk, several drawers, open storage compartments, a 3-panel mirror, and an office chair with casters.

Z Bedroom Full Study Loft Bed with Desk and Bookshelves

Z Bedroom Full Study Loft Bed with Desk and Bookshelves
Excellent and very practical loft bed. Its set includes a desk and bookshelf. It is extremely practical and effective. Ideal for home stylized in modern. It is a very interesting idea to arrange the youth room.

Study bunk bed 1

Charleston storage loft bed with desk

If your kid's room is small, that'a perfect solution for you! It's a clever furniture unit that offers a top bed and a homework station underneath. It provides comfort and privacy without taking too much space.

Kids study bed

Kids loft beds with desk underneath stunning iron grey kids

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Study bunk bed 2

Celeste study 3ft natural high loft bunk bed

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Bunk bed bookshelf 1

Study bunk bed 1

Sleeper bunk bed is brand new for 2014 featuring a

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Study bunk bed

Loft bed with table

This sensational, multi-functional solution combines a comfortable bed on a loft, practical desk and play space. Solid wooden construction is durable, and the whole works perfectly in small interiors.

Study bunk bed

When theyre old enough more storage loft beds

Study bunk bed

Children study desk

Every little girl is bound to love a unit like this one. A white-pink bed with a desk, a couple of shelves, and a cosy tiny compartment for your daughter to play in. And the pink chair is a perfectly fitting little detail!

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Study bunk bed

Triple bed bunk beds

Cool solution for bedroom which should be also a study and fun area. For young people who need a space a triple bunk bed is great solution.
It has three great individual matterass and cabinets with a stairs to play area. All in dark brown wood.

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Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed
Functional twin bed with built-in ladder. The construction is made of wood. The upper rails ensure safety. Received a lot of positive recommendations from satisfied customers.

Study bunks

Powell kids full study loft bunk bed set

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Student loft bed with desk

A great mix of functionality and comfort, this bunk bed will give you not only a cozy place to sleep but also simplify your homework. It has a built-in desk with drawers, open shelves, a fixed ladder, and a properly secured the top bunk.

Adult loft beds an elegant and space saving bedroom solution

Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Chest End

Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Chest End
This sensationally made twin loft bed is the perfect solution for a small area. In one piece of furniture hides a practical work desk, comfortable bed and numerous shelves for trinkets. The wooden construction is durable.