Striped Blankets And Throws

Striped blankets and pillows are chic accessories which introduce a lot of style to the interior. Especially if you choose elegant colours and a toned-down pattern! Browse below all the pieces I've found on the web - they come in hundreds of styles and can easily enhance the home.

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Doing crochet doesn’t have to be difficult and boring – look at this simple, yet beautiful, colourful design. Perfect for anything you might dream of, be it a scarf, a sweater, a blanket or even a cup holder!

Blue cream and yellow striped baby

Blue Cream And Yellow Striped Baby
Knitted throw blanket, ready to complete a daybed set. In addition to unique knitted form, it boasts also a nice color combination, with blue, crean (or maybe white?) and mustard yellow stripes, pretty wide.

Crochet hudson bay blanket pattern

Such a striped blanket can cover you grandma or your beloved husband when you sleep on the couch. Wonderful colors, hand-sewn in striped patterns - refers to the original time-honored Spanish and Navajo tradition.

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Decorative blanket with multi-color stripes. Its material is very durable and comfortable for any user. It is also resistant to excessive wear even in case of frequent use. Its multiple colors look great in any interior design.

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French stripe throw the idea is just to keep on

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Mixed stitch crochet blanket pattern

Pretty-looking rectangular traditional blankets and throws crocheted of soft textured yarn in creamy and brown shades with classic striped patterns lengthwise. They have to be hand washed and hang dried.

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This striped blanket will bring warmth and liveliness to the interior, enchanting with its vibrant patterning. Thick wool finishing will provide warmth and comfort for your baby.

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Patterned throw blankets 4

The strangely woven striped blanket is a captivating combination of fantastic design, beautiful colors, and functionality. The whole works beautifully together and makes the bedroom or living room cozy.

Quietly stitching cath kidston striped blanket lists stylecraft colours used

Cotton knit blanket 6

A colorfully striped blanket, which will add much warmth and liveliness to your children bedroom. Cotton knit finishing stands for quality. It has the size of 73.5 x 73.5 cm.

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Blue hotel blanket by tempyjo on ravelry she used julie

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Scrumptious scraps pattern done in pretty colors lots of different

Stitch sampler afghan in scraps like it for the artistic

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Colorful bedspread throw blanket - knitted of variously colored floss, it boosts the homey & cozy factor wherever it's spread over. Its colors inlude red, apple green, sky blue and a slight drop of navy.

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Striped blankets and throws

A hand crocheted blanket in a tasteful combination of warm, soft colors. It not only offers warmth and comfort, but it can also be a pretty decoration of your sofa or armchair, giving it a touch of coziness.

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Once upon a pink moon

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Due to popular demand ive included the pattern for the

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Opt for this amazing V-stitch throw pattern quilt that will make any interior look a lot more warm and welcoming, while you can throw it on your legs to get just a bit more coziness and enjoy those long, winter evenings.

Ravelry striped two color crocheted afghan pattern by lion brand

Esprit Spice Cotton Throw

Esprit Spice Cotton Throw
This beautifully made bedspread / throw furniture or a cozy quilt is a lovely detail that will give coziness to any place where you are. Beautiful designs of flowers and plants give it an extra charm.

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Quentin Throw Blanket

Quentin Throw Blanket
Lovely, colorful throw blanket sewn of embroidered cotton/polyester blend in assorted patterns: flowers here, birds there... A nice accessory with a dash of bohemian charm, warm in winter, yet appropriate for all-year-long use.

Millies blanket free pattern

Throw pillows and blankets

Bohemian stripe patchwork quilt concept white bedding with minimal color

Striped cotton blankets

Classic blanket for all kinds of interiors as needed. It is made of pleasant to the touch cotton and decorated with striped pattern. Handy gadget for each home.

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Ravelry meowmmy65s mixed stripey blanket

Free crochet pattern for this striped throw this would make

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A seemingly simple crochet project i havent tried to tackle