Storage Pantry Cabinets

Storage cabinets are not only functional but also nice looking. Have a closer look at the designs, sizes and shapes that are presented on this site. Check all the options that are available, before making the final choice. Many customers have already decided on buying such furniture and what about you?

Vanessa Weber Interior Design Expert
Storage pantry cabinets
Carmen Milani

This lovely pantry constitutes a good proposition for small apartments or houses. It exemplifies the idea of well-used space. Having 12 various drawers or shelves, it offers a considerable storage space.

Build a pantry closet
Erika Moo

Well, this is what I call a well-organized pantry. Could you imagine how capacious this white storage setting is? Not only the storage cabinet set is practical: this storage unit is also pretty decorative.

Storage pantry cabinets
Craven Rachel

Big white built-in kitchen pantry that allows to hide all the kitchenware and seasonings away from prying eyes (not to mention that the kitchen looks far more neatly with such a storage cabinets set!).

How to build a kitchen pantry cabinet

drawers in a deep cabinet or pantry (like I had installed in Hoboken)

Diy kitchen pantry cabinet plans

Seems that all jars with spices may be organized neatly without occupying much space in a pantry, all thanks to this unique sliding rack in white, efficiently providing storage maximization even in narrow rooms.

Pulls for drawers 2
Bush Eliza

This storage pantry cabinet constitutes a pretty useful, well organized piece of kitchen furniture. It allows to turn an unused space into a convenient storage for one's supplies.

Storage pantry cabinets

Custom Kitchen cabinets/pantry cabinet

Diy pantry cabinet
Sarah Bro

Built-In Pantry Cabinet with large deep pull-out drawers. Link has a bunch of good kitchen pantry ideas.

Building a pantry cabinet
Wilson Gabrielle

An aesthetic rustic style kitchen cabinet of wooden materials in white. It has a crown top and full protruding toe-kicks. It's equipped with 5 white shelves and 2 paned doors with simple horizontal inlays and ornate vertical metal bar handles.

Armoire pantry
Krystle Mit

Instant DIY Pantry Cabinet. An easy kitchen storage solution.

How to build a pantry closet
Adriana Andersson

doors beside built-in, fridge side cabinet, fridge in corner, white kitchen cabinets, wood floor

Making a pantry cabinet

"Pull-out pantry: The tall cabinets, on either side of the refrigerator, hold canned goods, baking supplies and snacks." from Taste of Home magazine

Slim kitchen cabinet

Smart storage ideas never go out of fashion. Check out this great pantry cabinet – all the unused space gone, replaced by an ergonomic, nice cabinet. The white colour fits all designs. It's a great way to gain some free space.

Storage pantry cabinets
Cintia Brook

Tall cabinet for space organization in the kitchen. Construction is made of wood. Includes a lot of shelves in various sizes for storing food, spices and others needed stuff.

Diy kitchen pantry cabinet
Tara Zucker

A great idea for hiding away the cleaning products yet having them in a handy position!

How to build a kitchen pantry closet
Williams Tiffany

tap into wall studs for more space in a small kitchen

How to build kitchen pantry cabinet
Yulia Thompson

A stunning pantry cabinet that will help you fit all of your canned food neatly and keep your home clean and away from the unnecessary clutter. It sports extra storage room on the double doors as well.

How to make a pantry cabinet

Kitchen Organization - Pull Out Shelves in Pantry. I so need this. DIY really practical information.

Clive bar cabinet
Nicole All

A practical solution to equip your kitchen with a functional compartment for storing bottles of liqour. The 2-door cabinet hides 1 drawer for storing bar utensils, and 1 large drawer with partings to prevent the bottles from tipping.

Old pantry cabinet

I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets tired of unstacking all my pans to get to the 9x13s. Love this!

Armoire pantry cabinet
Caitlin Nel

5 Smart & Inexpensive Ways to Store More in Your Pantry — Organizing Tips from The Kitchn | The Kitchn

Building a kitchen pantry
Renee Pri

No pantry space? Turn an old tv armoire into a pantry cupboard. Awesome!

How to build a pantry cabinet
Valerie Bar

Creative solution for perfect organization of food supplies. This kind of rack provides space for cans with food products. It allows for storing many racks in a small space, so this solution is very practical.

Building a pantry closet

Functional cabinet for the kitchen, dining room and more. Construction is made of wood. Includes 3 wide drawers arranged vertically and a lot of shelves for storing food and others needed items.

Looking at that one those vertical shelves are actually rotating
Murphy Kimberly

Looking at that one, those vertical shelves are actually rotating full ...

Free standing broom closet
Alicia Dav

A kitchen design that includes functional wooden cabinets with a solid and functional kitchen island in yellow color. This decor also includes a backles home bar stool in a neutral black color that looks very nice among yellow elements.

Storage pantry cabinets 3
Jillian Ross

Repurposed Armoire For Scrapbooking Storage - 22 Clever And Inspirational DIY Ideas. Now this is a craft closet I would love to have some day!

Built in kitchen pantry cabinet
Rachel Massonable

Keep track of what spices you have and what you need. FREE Spice Inventory Printable via Clean Mama

Storage pantry cabinets 1
Alexandra Ben

Cherry Red Bi Fold Pantry Door Cabinet With Pull Out Organizer Storage ...

How to build pantry

Medium sized wooden pantry cabinet with black iron fitting. Seems very appropriate for rustic settings. Two drawers efficiently store spices and kitchen tools, while the cabinets offer lots of space to store anything else.

Homeplus Storage Cabinet Dakota Oak

Tall and elegant, this Basic Storage Cabinet in Dakota Oak Finish offers 4 adjustable shelves that provide enough space for storage. The cabinet is equipped in framed panel doors and enclosed back panel with a convenient cord access.

Pulls for drawers 1
Laetitia Anderson

Do you need more storage spaces in the kitchen? These drawers are spacious enough for kitchen accessories. They have got the brass pulls and white color, which fits to the clean look in any kitchen.

Samuel Pottery Pantry Cabinet

Samuel Pottery Pantry Cabinet
It is a pottery pantry cabinet that has got a candleberry green finish with premium grade eastern white pine. If you looking for stylish cabinet, you need to choose this one. It is a very good choice.

3 Door Cabinet
Leah Grif

3 Door Cabinet
Cool contemporary unit suitable for most interiors. Its tall wide frame is crafted of wooden materials with a warm brown finish. Each of 3 roomy cabinets has a hinged door with a showy C-shaped nickel-plated handle.

Storage armoire furniture

bookshelf plus home depot shutters = linen closet, pantry, craft organizer. For all those practical things you need to store that arent aesthetic.

Fridge in pantry
Robinson Layla

A fantastic wooden pantry, which looks like an armoire built in a wall. It offers a lot of storage space with open shelves and three drawers that feature old-fashioned labels. A nice and unusual accent of the cabinet is a wine rack at the top.

Ameriwood Stacked Versatile Kitchen Storage Cabinet with 4 Doors, 36-Inch, White Stipple

This kitchen storage cabinet sports four doors that hide the spacious structure and make for a truly sublime option for when you just need that extra boost of practical use for your kitchen and pantry.

Next chairs 3

:O this is awesome. Not sure why there is a random chair and nightstand next to the fridge though lol

Pantry cabinet white
Alexis Hallify

Beautiful whitewashed kitchen storage pantry cabinet that attract attention and which you can not pass by. In this case, they add a classic look to the kitchen thanks to the transparent glass panels of the large cupboards.

VHZ Storage 56" Kitchen Pantry
Wesson Jessica

VHZ Storage 56" Kitchen Pantry
This handy kitchen pantry cabinet is a great way to store all the necessary products that can easily and nicely kept in the kitchen or pantry. Practical wheels make the whole mobile computing.

Another pinner said i love the cereal ones my moms

another pinner said: "I love the cereal ones! My Mom's house has these, and it makes it so much easier to get to everything with deep shelves."

Storage pantry cabinets 2

good idea if you have the room (basement? garage? large utility room or pantry?)...unclog the kitchen cabinets!

Pantry organizers revashelf 51 swing out wood pantry cabinet organizer
Patterson Valerie

... pantry organizers revashelf 51 swing out wood pantry cabinet organizer

Pantry storage by amy just pleased as punch will be
Cintia Brook

... pantry storage by Amy@ Just Pleased as Punch will be awesome idea

Wood pantry cabinet
Peyton Donaldson

A pretty tall traditional pantry unit of wooden materials finished in browns. It has a crown top, a bit recessed door panels and toe-kicks. It's equipped with 4 double-door cabinets with shelves and sliding drawers. C-like handles are of dark metal.

Pantry cabinet 2
Yulia Thompson

Pantry Cabinet 2

Storage pantry cabinets 1
Yulia Thompson

DIY cubby area "floating" shelves

These are the best examples of kitchen s featuring pantry
Jamie Pric

These are the best examples of kitchen s featuring pantry (s) in the cabinet (s). They're SO well done! | Design -er: Venegas and Company

Narrow cabinet 1
Jenna Edward

The beautifully designed narrow pantry cabinet is a great combination of classic style and functionality. Functional shelves will provide a variety of spices and other products needed in the kitchen without taking up space.

Base swing out pantry cabinet organizer kitchen storage for sale
Caitlin Woo

Base Swing-out Pantry Cabinet Organizer Kitchen Storage For Sale