Storage Cabinets With Baskets

Any extra storage space is a great thing in the house. Especially in the kitchen where cabinets, cupboards and drawers are needed to keep lots of kitchen stuff. Check out the storage cabinets with baskets below. Aren't they a great option for storing fruit or vegetables? You can put the cutlery there, too. Browse my collection below.

Storage cabinets with baskets

If you need to redo your kitchen cabinets then these slide-out storage baskets will be the way to go. They are ideal for storing vegetables that you don't need to keep refrigerated like onions or potatoes.

Storage cabinets with baskets 2

Tv armoire with drawers

Handy solution for a kitchen pantry storage, made out of spacious cabinet with four sliding wicker baskets placed in the compartments underneath, and two solid oak drawers with herb racks mounted on the doors.

Storage cabinets with baskets

Storage cabinets with baskets 6

Storage cabinets with baskets

Small cabinets with drawers 1

When there is no shelf - you can do it by your own in easy way - with storage cabinets and baskets. White baskets mounted under the kitchen top - play the role of drawers, and gray simply open boxes - are your cabinets under the sink. Cheap and simply.

Cabinet with doors and drawers

Neutral cabinet with compartment for washing machine and 2 laundry baskets. Construction is made of wood. Simple form and functional design for each home.

Under the counter baskets in the island

Wicker kitchen cupboard cabinet storage baskets these baskets

Wow do i love these whisperwood cottage the talent scouting

Cabinets with baskets

Wicker storage cabinets with baskets

Now you can decorate your storage cabinets with baskets easily to achieve a more refined and vintage look in your kitchen. This design sports all you would need to make your house look and feel like home.

Storage cabinets with baskets 2

Storage cabinets with baskets 4

Cabinet with baskets

Loundry room cabinets - with slightly smaller baskets this can double as a bench. Put coat hanger hooks on the wall above and I'll have a perfect coat and shoe area on the back porch! Cool idea for small loundries.

Cabinet baskets

Storage cabinets with baskets 1

Storage cabinets with baskets 3

Small space organizing tips straight from our familys rv

Storage cabinets with baskets 1

Linen bedroom furniture 8

A well-organized linen closet. It's a simple, wooden structure in a warm shade and a classy design. The bottom part includes three small drawers for minor pieces. The upper part is a big wardrobe with shelves filled with useful storage baskets.

EasyLife Versatile 4 Rattan Basket Drawer Storage Cabinet

Blaclava 1 Drawer Storage Cabinet

Blaclava 1 Drawer Storage Cabinet
This French style storage cabinet with straightforward linear design and wicker elements. The top and base materials are made out of a sturdy pine wood constructed frame. This cabinet features pull out drawer with additional writing surface.

Dog bed designer

Baskets on top of kitchen cabinets

Storage cabinets with baskets

The basket sliding storage. Not always the drawers are the most comfortable way of storage. For example the baskets with the picked fruits during the harvest could be put there for easier transport to the wholesaler's.

Laundry basket storage cabinet

Storage Cabinet

Storage Cabinet
This is a very interesting cabinet. It is made of wood. It has a white color. It consists of various cabinets and shelves. In addition, it has a variety of drawer. It is perfect for the bedroom, hallway or office.

Rustic wine cabinets

You don't have to be a sommelier to love wine, do you? The older, the better... so you have to have some space to store this phenomenal drink. This antique wooden wine box will definitely fulfil your requirements.

Accent storage bench

An aesthetic contemporary hall bench with open cubbies underneath. It has a long rectangular cushioned seat and a recessed toe-kick. A seat cushion and matching pillows are covered in brownish fabric with white geometric patterns.

Cupboard baskets

A functional cabinet with plastic, storage baskets, which make the unit a perfect option for a laundry room or corner. You can segregate the linen in the baskets plus there is an open shelf for a washing powder or other chemicals.

Farmhouse decor website baskets for bathroom storage

Linen drawers

A clever cabinet that every housewife dreams of. It looks a little bit like a fridge with shelves inside the door. The bottom cabinet features a removable hamper. It'a a great idea as it tends to look unattractive, but here it's hidden.

Badger Basket Company Three Drawer Hamper/Storage Unit in Cherry

Storage cabinets with baskets 8

Kitchen Storage Cabinet

Kitchen Storage Cabinet
Rustic storage cabinet with tall silhouette and capacious shelved space inside; dedicated for kitchen to accommodate pots, spices, glasses and other necessities. It has nice, hand-painted white finish.

Seville Classics She05122 11-1/2-Inch by 17-1/2-Inch by 18-1/2-Inch Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

This durable steel wire kitchen cabinet is ideal for placing all your kitchenware and appliances. The piece comes in a satin bronze epoxy finish, and the top shelf and baskets are adjustable vertically. It includes sliding baskets that are durable and strong.

Storage cabinets with baskets 9

Storage cabinets with baskets 2

Spectrum Grid Over the Cabinet Door Tall Styling Center, Satin Nickel

Minimize the jumbled sheets and migrating towel issues with these

Use undershelves to take advantage of vertical space top 58

Bathroom free standing shelves

Check out that big basket of hydrangeas inspiration cupboard

Storage cabinets with baskets 11

Drawer white wood storage cabinet with maize baskets

Floor stand for tv

Mesh Storage basket selection 12 x 7.75 x 5.8in

2 Door Storage Cabinet

2 Door Storage Cabinet
This accent cabinet was design in a contemporary style as a practical storage space. Its sturdy construction is made of solid hardwood and has a black or white finish. It features a double glazed doors.