Stone Wall Clocks

Do you think that one of these stone wall clocks would be a good thing do have? Even if this is the first time that you see such a wide range of such solutions, we encourage you to take all the time that you want, so as to choose something that you really like.

Julia Lambert Interior Design Expert
European Minimalist 3d Digital Quartz and Wooden Art Decorative Muted Fashional Creative Wall Clock in Living Room
Roberts Isabelle

Designer in its appeal, this stone wall clock constitutes a good example of the contemporary design. Its interesting form derives from the juxtaposition of oversized Arabic numerals with small clock-face.

Stone wall clocks 3
Laetitia Zernike

Stone Look Kitchen Wall Clocks

Stone wall clocks 2
Jenna Edw

White marble plate shapes a clean, organic face to this contemporary clock, minimally detailed with bold, black hands of the clock and without numbers. Marble, clock movement and metal. Requires one AA battery.

Stone clock
Jacqueline Edwards

Cool enchanted forest themed pendulum clock. Truly fairy tale - ish. Witch cottage sits atop a bed of sand mounted on twigs and roots. Abounding with details, marvellous with its careful make. I'm left speechless!

Stone wall clocks 4
Karen Gonz

Stone Look Kitchen Wall Clocks

Stone wall clocks
Stacy Williams

This lovely light blue wall clock constitutes a beautiful seashell glass mosaic. It features a high-quality quartz mechanism, launched by one AA battery. It has 11 1/2" in diameter.

Stone wall clocks 3

DIY rustic clock -- Curated by: OK Estates | 7 - 1960 Springfield rd Kelowna bc v1y 5v7 | 250-868-8108

Sale outdoor quality realistic textured stone effect wall clock
Monica Edwa

SALE! OUTDOOR Quality Realistic Textured Stone-Effect Wall CLOCK

Stone wall clocks 2
Hilton Emily

Stone Wall Clock | Kirkland's

Gears of Time 14" Wide Battery Powered Wall Clock

This is a very interesting compositionally wall clock that runs on batteries. Clock ideally suited to a modern, industrial interior, where elements such as cogs or gears are the decorative elements. These wheels, as decoration are also used in this clock.

Clocks view all clocks view all smith taylor clocks clocks
Evans Liliana

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Stone clocks 5

Stone Clocks

Stone wall clock
Katie Thom

Corrugated iron over fireplace, I want! But not that ugly stone wall. Love rusty metal

Outdoor Wall Clock in Slate Mosaic

Sporting the slate mosaic finish on the frame, this outdoor wall clock will easily resist the weather, since it comes with a strong, sturdy structure, while still giving the best to your decor with the beautiful design.

Stone wall clocks 6
Alicia Campbell

celebrity_art_deco_modern_gold_stone_wall_clocks ...

Crystal Allies Specimens: Natural Amethyst Quartz Crystal Cluster from Uruguay w/ Natural Edges (3lb to 4lbs)

Amethyst is a precious stone, one of the most beautiful varieties of Quartz. It is called "stone of harmony and relaxation". But this is a amethyst stone wall clock! Streight from Uruguay - natural element for your interior.

Stone wall clocks 10
Laetitia Anderson

Stunning Sea Pottery Driftwood Clock - available to purchase here

Stone wall clocks 7
Barnes Stacy

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Moorish 22" Wide Battery Powered Wall Clock
Martinez Marisa

It is a very decorative wall clock, which is decorated with the openwork pattern. It is perfect for an elegant, luxurious living room. Particularly suitable for rooms that are both modern and classic.

Bear Clock Stone Effect Quartz

With the charming bear theme and the gold frame around the clock this piece is the one to go, when you're in need of some style and elegance. It will allow you to tell the time easily, while never giving up the class of the interior.

North west indian stone wall clocks
Amber Butler

North West Indian Stone Wall Clocks

Flower Rosette 22" Wide Battery Powered Wall Clock
Meghan Perr

It is a wall clock, which combines the features of decoration and practical equipment. However, with a predominance of the decoration. Its background is a beautiful floral rosette. The clock has a brown color. It runs on batteries. Perfect for decorative, rich interior.

Sofia 12" Wall Clock

Sofia 12" Wall Clock
This Antique 12-Inch Wall Clock in Bronze Finish is characterized by durable and functional construction. The clock includes a round face, Arabic numerals, accurate quartz movement and second hand. Requires 1 AA battery.

Stone wall clocks 13
Kathleen Ram

I NEED this living room!! Replace the clock with a TV

Thomas kent 12 arabic stone wall clock
Holly Perez

Thomas Kent 12" Arabic Stone Wall Clock

Blue stone round wall clock rocks minerals chrysocolla clocks
Olivia Smithist

Blue Stone Round Wall Clock #rocks #minerals #chrysocolla #clocks

Stone wall clocks 5
Julie Cook

Tan/Brown/Stone Wall Clock

Fleur de Lis 27" Wide Round Wall Clock
Lauren Martinezify

This is a very elegant and extremely decorative clock in a classic style. The numbers posted on the disc were recorded in the Roman system, which is an additional decoration. Clock ideally suited to classic, antique interior.

Wall Clock
Russell Amanda

Wall Clock
It is an amazing wall clock that has got a black finish and white numerals. It is an fantastic decoration and addition to your living room, bedroom, kitchen and other.

New Orleans French Quarter 22" Wide Square Wall Clock
Craven Zoe

It is a very elegant watch that is perfectly suited to the luxury, exclusive interior. The watch is very decorative and has a unique character. The numbers are written in the Roman system, which further enhances its elegance and aesthetics.

Sunny Safari Wall Clock
Julia Lambertify

Sunny Safari Wall Clock
Charming clock on the wall in the shape of a monkey. It is made of recycled MDF. Battery powered. Positive accent for a child's room, and more.

Dublin Tower 26" Wide Round Wall Clock
Adriana Andersson

Round wall clock with intricate Celtic motif. Mono-colored, with eye-catchy pattern, it is a decorative piece that can't me easily missed. Hands are tapered and colored black; they point to Roman numerals.

Celtic Knot 14" Wide Battery Powered Round Wall Clock
Natasha Williams

Unique wall clock with relief-like 3D dial with Arabic numerals and Celtic knot pattern in taupe, with sand accents. Truly outstanding, it enhances an indoor area with a historic vibe inspired by ancient Celtic culture.

Celtic Knot 14" Wide Battery Powered Square Wall Clock

If you are keen on the culture of ancient Celts, druidism and mighty Gaelic warriors, you should definitely take a closer look at this awesome square wall clock. Its outstanding design is clearly inspired with sundials.

Gears of Time 22" Wide Roman Numerals Wall Clock
Julie Cook

This industrial wall clock has got Roman numerals and solid construction. It is a fantastic addition for contemporary style and decor. You will be impressed how great this clock is.

Classic Colorado 16" Wall Clock
Abbey Kowalski

Classic Colorado 16" Wall Clock
Wall clock with antique finish. It contains Arabic numeral and quartz mechanism. Shield is made of wood. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Sophisticated accent for all kinds of interior.

Stone look kitchen wall clocks 5
Meghan Bell

Stone Look Kitchen Wall Clocks

Stone wall clocks 1
Bianca Weberable

A stunning fireplace which is made of stones in different, earthy shades. It features a kind of a bottom shelf with a granite top and a mantel where you can display matching candle holders or other decorations.

Black coloured art n art peacock wall clock with stone
Jillian Mill

... & Black Coloured Art N Art Peacock Wall Clock With Stone & Glass

Celtic Knot 21" Wide Battery Powered Round Wall Clock
Erika Young

Sundial-inspired square wall clock with Celtic knot motif in its centre, Arabic numerals and bold black hands. Its face features eye-drawing texture and warm sand beige color that looks almost like ancient stone.

Colorful stone wall clock 2
Amanda Price

Colorful stone wall clock

Green jasper stone look wall clock
Stone Caroline

Green Jasper Stone Look Wall Clock

Authentic handcrafted Italian 16 x 10 Inches Table Clock 3 Pc Set With Candle Holder Free Ship. LS1320-ITE
Alicia Dav

Sporting the authentic Italian design, this table clock comes with the candle holder and offers the charming and stylish look to your household, allowing you to provide the upgraded look and add the elegant touch to the decor.

Gothic 22" Wide Battery Powered Wall Clock
Alyssa Wilsonify

It is a wall clock that has got a gothic design, round shape and distressed antique finish. Everyone will be impressed how beautiful this product is. You need to have it.

Green stone wall clock dot and bo

Green stone wall clock // Dot and Bo

Iron ore stone rock wall clocks
Zernike Laetitia

Iron Ore Stone Rock Wall Clocks

Cherry wall clocks 7

In minimalistic interiors each detail must be carefully chosen - a time teller is no exception! Lately I've stumbled upon this monochrome beauty - no numbers, no frame, just a woodgrain round face and white hands.

Oak wood brown stone wall clocks 2
Sara Haye

Oak Wood Brown Stone Wall Clocks

Product design marble white stone wall clock by norm architects
Hughes Dana

Product Design // Marble white stone wall clock, by Norm Architects | Menu

Green stone wall clock debbie carlos
Ashley Coop

Green Stone Wall Clock | Debbie Carlos