Stone Garden Benches

Stone garden benches are a timeless choice for homeyards. Sturdy, durable and resistant to … more or less everything! If you are looking for a change from the standard and overused wooden benches, you are in the right place. Check out this list of classy stone benches, and you will never want any other garden furniture.

Alice Hilton Interior Design Expert
Stone garden benches 1
Jessica Zernike

Backless garden bench with stone seat and supports. Rectangular and cubic shapes are very simple and finished in gray color, so this bench looks attractive among many elements of garden design. It provides comfortable and supportive sitting space.

Stone garden benches

A stone bench like this can create a magical, romantic corner in any garden, ideal for long conversations or intimate moments. Gracefully adorned, with wolfhounds depicted in its legs, it will enchant everyone sitting there.

Stone garden benches
Cooper Courtney

A cool sturdy urban bench and a pot in one of light grey stone slabs. It has a long rectangular frame, a recessed base, raised edges. It's filled with soil and growing grass. Squarish and rectangularish seats are incorporated in an irregular way.

Stone garden bench 3
Robinson Layla
Stone garden benches 8
Swan Stone Garden Bench
Zernike Laetitia

Swan Stone Garden Bench
Awaken your senses with this stone garden featuring sophisticated sturdy, acanthus-bedecked scroll feet, shell pediment top, paired arched winged swans and the graceful scroll work on the backrest. It looks like it came right from a fairytale.

Stone garden benches 3
Weber Lily
Stone garden benches 10
Krystal Bak
Stone garden benches 4
Stone Garden Bench

Stone Garden Bench
Awaken your senses with this stone garden bench featuring sophisticated canthus design and a weather-resistant, faux French limestone finish. It is made of reinforced fiberglass resin to provide long-lasting durability.

Stone garden benches 1
Jenna Edw
Stone garden benches 4
Kimberly You
Stone garden benches 9
Wilson Jaclyn
Faux stone garden bench
Stone garden benches
Margaret Diaz

Garden bench made of durable stone. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Perfect as additional seating for the garden, patio, porch and more.

Stone garden benches 2
Stone garden benches 5
Yulia Thompson
Stone garden benches 3
Elizabeth Wal
Stone garden benches 11
Stone garden benches 1
Stone garden benches 5
Cintia Brook
Stone garden benches 6
Isabella Martinable
Stone garden benches 12
Campbell Christine
Listo Premium Horizon Fiber Clay Flat Bowl, 15-Inch, Black Stone

It is a very elegant and interesting-looking decorative bowl. It was made of clay. However, it resembles a dark stone. Styled on the old one. Perfect fortraditional interior. It will fit also in a modern one.

Deco 79 Metal Stool, 19 by 14-Inch, Copper

If you're a fan of stylish and intriguing solutions, this amazing and unique metal stool is gonna perfectly match your needs. Check it out now and enjoy an extraordinary functionality and design in your house!

Deco 79 Set of 3 Metal Candle Holders
Aloma Garcia

It is a set that includes three metal candle holders. They have got a silver textured finish and they are made of iron. This set is very beautiful and perfect for your home.

Deco 79 Poly-Stone Bull Dog, 10 by 11-Inch
Stacey Pere
Deco 79 Metal Candle Holder, 11 by 7 by 4-Inch, Black, Set of 3
Elizabeth Mar

This is a simple, small, decorative element. It is a candle holder made of metal with a textured bronze finish. The set includes three holders that measure 11", 7" and 4". They have got inset tops and flat bases.

Deco 79 Metal Candle Holder, 11 by 7 by 4-Inch, Stainless Steel, Set of 3
Jenna Delicata

Make your room look warm with the simple addition of this amazing set of three candle holders in the silver, glossy finish that will accentuate both a traditional and a contemporary decor style, sporting a modern reflections theme.

Deco 79 Poly-Stone Bicycler, 14 by 11-Inch
Abbey Kowalski

A decorative, new traditional style bicycler figure with a bronze look (made from polystone, metal, plastic and with distressed bronze paint finish). Exhibited on rectangular, black base. A great gift for cycling lovers.

Vintage Inspire Accent Stool Finish: Copper
Brittany Joh

A decorative and functional stool that is made of metal with a copper finish. Its pedestal base is very solid and it assures stability. Its flat top is perfect for flowers, decorations and other items.

Deco 79 Wooden Giraffe, 40-Inch
Melissa Jone

Standing 40-inch tall, this beautiful giraffe is hand-crafted from MDF alibizia wood, and rests on a well-balanced, square base. Gorgeously sculpted and hand-painted, the giraffe also features dark natural markings. Easy to clean.

Deco 79 Bulldog Statue
Mackenzie Milani

This adorable bulldog will guard your ambiance loyally! Lovable bulldog statue is a nice idea for a gift. The statue features lifelike design and solid colour textured finish in bronze. It is made of resin.

Deco 79 Metal Candle Holder, 11 by 8-Inch, Dotted Steel, Set of 2
Deco 79 Metal Fireplace Screen 48 by 32-Inch
Tiffany Jame

Modern but traditional style 3-panel folding fireplace screen made of textured iron. It is decorated with colourful both a scrollwork peacock and peacock feathers on a greyish mesh front. A screen has flat both a top and a base.

Deco 79 Wood Metal Magazine Holder, 15 by 13-Inch

It is a very elegant and extremely practical organizer newspaper. It is made of wood.It has special compartments that allow you to segregate the press. Perfect for waiting outside the office or bookcase.

Deco 79 Aluminum Chess Pieces, 4 by 9-Inch, Set of 3

A touch of class and style in the house. These elements are chess pieces that can be used during a game. What is more, these elements look very attractive, so they have got a high decorative value. Each element of this type has got a silver color with a polished finish.

Deco 79 Metal Candle Holder, 11 by 7 by 4-Inch, Engraved Steel, Set of 3
Roberts Isabelle

Practical, stylish and beautiful – this Set of 3Metal Candle Holders in Engraved Steel includes a sturdy iron construction in gorgeous silver finish. Suitable for inside and outside, this set is able to brighten and warm up quality evenings with your friends.

Deco 79 Wood Burlap Suitcase, 17 by 15-Inch, Set of 2
Stone Caroline

A set of two stylish suitcases, wrapped in burlap and completed with brown faux leather trims, showcases an appealing modern-traditional style. I use these ones to store things and I think that they enhance my bedroom decor.

Deco 79 Poly-Stone Peacock, 11 by 14-Inch

This beautiful stone peacock will easily let you get the extra charm in your interior by elevating the decor and adding a little color, since the piece is just vibrant and full of life, all the while the structure is strong and durable.

Deco 79 Poly-Stone Hands, 5 by 10-Inch
Parker Natasha
Deco 79 Poly-Stone Male Golfer, 16 by 7-Inch
Mitchell Allison

Golf, anyone? This realistic figurine on an oval base comprises a nice gift for anyone who is keen on this sport - it will perfectly reflect his or her interests. Is is made of poly-stone in bronze finish.

Deco 79 Metal Burlap Stool, 18 by 14-Inch
Ashley Pete

If you're looking for an original piece of furniture, this metal burlap stool is a perfect choice. Base is stylized to a red burlap in distressed finish. Round seat cushion is covered with natural linen.

Gifts & Decor Garden Decoration Turtle Cast Iron Key Hider Stone

The best method to avoid losing your keys is to find a 'home' for them! This well-crafted decorative turtle will guard your keys flawlessly. The top (carapace) slides to reveal the content. Crafted of cast iron.

Deco 79 69734 Polystone Decorative Butterfly Statue, 9 by 12-Inch, Assorted, Pack of 3

A pack of three decorative butterflies on rocks for you or your child. They come with different inspirational sayings and will add a touch of warmth and fun to any room you decide to put them in or outdoors.

Safavieh Castle Gardens Collection Lattice Petal Ceramic Garden Stool, Light Blue
Allison Moo
Step2 Outdoor Storage Bench
Robinson Layla

Outdoor bench with storage compartment hidden inside. The piece sports attractive look with contoured top, staves design and sides that resemble a brick wall. Durable resin construction is resistant to weather elements.

Home garden furniture garden benches 1
Stein World 80967 One Accent Stool with Brown Brushed Spotted Patterned Fabric and Nail head Detailing, 23.75 by 15 by 21.5-Inch

Grace your home with true elegance of this refined accent stool that features brown brushed spotted patter fabric seat with nailhead detailing and beautiful hand painted carved legs. It can be used as extra seating, foot rest or even as a table.

Kenroy Home Waterdrop Natural Slate Tabletop Fountain
Hilton Emily

A fountain for your patio or interiors? Try this one - its pumps have a control to the amount of delivered water, so you can adjust it to your needs. It has that natural feel which comes with a rustic style. You will love it - without a doubt.