Steel Umbrella Stand

Puddles of water in the hallway are such a mess (and hazard) that you should definitely think of some sort of a holder for dripping umbrellas. Why not handle the soggy problem with an incredibly stylish and eye-catching fix? A steel umbrella stand, such as these awesome designs below, can be both a gorgeous and functional addition to your foyer.

Steel umbrella stand

No fanciness here: this umbrella stand is tall, square, having no ornaments and it's built out of heavy duty stainless steel. This design merges durability with contemporary style falling slightly on the minimalistic side.

Steel umbrella stand 4

Modern stand for umbrellas. This element of design is made of steel in black or white finish. These stands provide practical space for storing and holding many umbrellas. Their constructions are resistant to wear.

Steel umbrella stand 1

Metal umbrella stands

Designed with the perforated sides to dry your umbrellas faster and fitting large pieces as well as the smaller ones this umbrella holder is a must-have for the elegant office or home, ensuring utmost convenience.

Umbrella stand metal

Metal umbrella base

Contemporary umbrella stand

The place for one special umbrella - but you can be sure that it will never fall. Commercial very strong steel was used to construct this square base commercial umbrella stand. Functional two-piece stem, increases practicality. Whole in black.

Steel umbrella stand

Steel umbrella stand

Steel umbrella stand 18

Steel umbrella stand 5

Spun coat stand in painted steel features umbrella stand composed

Steel umbrella stand 27

Steel umbrella stand 13

Commercial umbrella stands

A simple sturdy modern freestanding umbrella holder crafted of rust-proof brushed stainless steel. It has a tall cuboidal square section body and can accommodate up to 10 umbrellas. It's intended for commercial use.

Steel umbrella stand

Steel umbrella stand 23

Steel umbrella stand 31

Steel umbrella stand 26

Stainless steel umbrella holder

An interesting eye-catching modern umbrella stand manufactured of stainless steel. It features a cylindrical openwork body in the shape of a numeral '3' with a spiral design. It has a round flat foot finished in black.

Art deco umbrella stand

Art Deco Umbrella Stand
Original umbrella stand in the Art Deco style. It is made of high quality steel with chrome finish. Great addition for each place as needed. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Metal umbrella holder

Steel umbrella stand 3

Evander Concrete & Steel Umbrella Base

Evander Concrete & Steel Umbrella Base
Classy fashionable freestanding umbrella base made of concrete and black-coated steel. It's heavy, durable, weatherproof and stable. It has a round base and a neck with a tightening knob. It fits 1.88-inch poles.

Phat Tommy Free Standing Steel Umbrella Stand

Phat Tommy Free Standing Steel Umbrella Stand
Aesthetic contemporary umbrella stand crafted of weatherproof bronze-finished steel. It can be filled with concrete to increase stability. It has a round base, a neck with a tightening knob and accommodates up to 1.75-inch poles.

Black metal coat rack hat with umbrella stand

Black Metal Coat Rack Hat With Umbrella Stand
A perfect organization and attractive interior decoration - this kind of product is a coat rack that is made of solid materials and looks stylish thanks to its decorative details. It is 71.5 inches high x 20.5 inches long x 20.75 inches wide.

Alba chrome five knob standalone coat tree rack and umbrella

Alba Chrome Five Knob Standalone Coat Tree Rack And Umbrella Stand
This kind of product is a coat rack that allows for a convenient storage of clothes. It features a steel construction and an additional stand for umbrellas. This rack is 15 inches wide x 15 inches deep x 70.8 inches high.

Steel umbrella stand 20

A practical contemporary base for garden umbrellas. It's made of black coated steel. It has a flat square foot and a cylindrical neck with 2 adjusting screws with black knobs. It's quite heavy and very stable.

Steel umbrella stand 21

Steel umbrella stand 22

Umbrella stand wall mounted stainless steel nr 100760

Steel umbrella stand 9

Steel umbrella stand 24

Steel umbrella stand 28

Umbrella stand 12

Steel umbrella stand 29

Umbrella stand umbrella stands indoor umbrella holder cane stand

Umbrella stands indoor umbrella holder cane stand stainless steel 1

Blomus 68547 Menoto Umbrella Stand

Stainless steel umbrella stand with circle cut out accents

I umbrella stand by di classe from japan trend shop

Alba large umbrella stand 25 4 x 6 1 x

Steel umbrella stand 30

Ombo umbrella stand from com p ar designed by alberto

Steel coat and umbrella stand

Free Standing Round Umbrella Base

Free Standing Round Umbrella Base

Steel umbrella stand 3

Stainless steel 3

Cortesi Home CH-CR420720 Lava Coat Rack with Marble Base, Chrome/Light Cherry

Steel umbrella stand 32