Steel Candle Holders

While stainless steel decor does have a bit of a bad reputation for looking cold or making impression of uncomfortable, carefully chosen steel accessories can have a tremendous role in creating a romantic ambiance in both classical and contemporary interiors. Both designer and vintage steel candle holders now have positive connotations of elegance and style.

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Steel candle holders 1

The metal construction of these stands around the world makes the whole look exceptionally beautiful. Robust base with attractive decoration will perfectly suit every decor, and wrought iron material is sturdy and durable.

Steel candle holder

Made from stainless steel, this designer tree is actually one of the most original candle holders. A proposition designed for those, who want to add some eclectism to their interiors.

Steel candle holders

Are you looking for the high quality and beautiful candle holders? We've got exactly what you need. This candle holder has got the flat spiral finish and a steel construction.

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Being a great example of wall art, this steel candle holder will bring in a bit of the antique charm and warmth to your space. The item measures 4" high by 12" wide by 3" deep.

Steel candle holders

A vintage look of this candle holder is achieved thanks to durable iron construction, with lovely scrollwork and wall-mounting fastenings. It can be a nice way to put some romantic ambiance into your vintage interior.

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A hand-forged candle holder, with a beautifully curved base, made of steel scrolls tied with a matching knot. Designed for indoors, it can easily enhance interiors with its vintage charm and spiral silhouette.

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Candlestick or steel candle holder as a work of modern art - he could stand in the Modern Art Gallery in every state. Has a bent steel drip tray forged, on which traditional high candles are attached on two sides.

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This valentine candle holder enchants with its ornate silhouette, hand forged by a blacksmith. Wrought iron enables to create the most intricate forms, at the same time providing long-lasting solidness.

Blacksmith candle holder

Coiled like a snake in grass, the base of this candle holder stands flat, made of powder-coated steel. The holder itself is designed of distressed-looking copper, beautifully contrasting with the black design.

Steel candle holders

If you love candles, but classic candle holder doesn't fit to your minimalistic interior, you should buy this modern candle holder. It is very simple and have circle base. It is made of classic, polished metal.

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These amazing candle holders with the charming celtic knots on their theme are just the most fitting option for your interior and will make for the perfect choice for when you need to add some charm and visible elegance to your home.

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Dragon sculpture + small candle holder, for fans of fantasy and the like. Hand forged of metal, with matte finish; beautiful design of the sculpture, with big dragon's wings, full of movement and grace.

Steel candle holders

Being a stylish combination of contemporary, designer form with classic, proven materials, this set of candle holders delights with glamorous, golden finish. Gold lacquer conceals handcrafted, stainless steel constructions.

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Enchanting with its simple, minimalistic design, this steel candle holder will be a perfect accent in any contemporary decor. Smooth, curved silhouette and solid finishing stand behind the awesomeness of this construction.

Blacksmith candle holders

Transform your decor with this rustic candle holder that will quickly bring romantic ambiance into your home. It's hand made of durable metal with an anchor design, holding candles on two round metal plates.

Candelabra candle holder

Bring in a bit of the spooky, rustic climate into your interiors with this candelabra. A charming homemade item, using wood, encompassing stone or rock base. This item features space for 5 candles.

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Romantically distressed and antiquated, covered with rust, these candle holders, mimicking flower stems, nail the essence of romantic style. Their steel construction makes them far from being fragile.

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You can turn your home into a terrifying, ancient tomb, with this awesome wall sconce shaped like a human skull. Hand-crafted of durable steel, this gothic skull will be haunting your guests, while sparkling with its freightening presence.

Iron Candelabra Candle Holder

Iron Candelabra Candle Holder
It is an iron candelabra candle holder that has got a pyramid layout and holds five pillar candles. It is very stylish and if you want to have an elegant home you need to have it. You will be impressed how beautiful this candelabra is.

Wrought iron wall candle holders

The slim wrought iron construction and impressive dough details create a unique candlestick that captivates. The steel constellation makes the whole stable, and the motif of the balance adds all the uniqueness.

Stainless steel candle holder

Wow! So sophisticated medieval wall candle holder with the Gothic design and dragon decorative theme. It is made of authentic cast iron. It features two pillar candles and distinctive look.

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Steel candle holder for vintage style inspired homes. Looks pretty old, though it's frankly speaking a budget-friendly contemporary product. The candelabra holds up to five candles. Pewter finish furtherly highlights the vintage bent.

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Rustic idea how to invite the forest home, with a warm bonfire light. In this case, it is a thin cut section of the tree, with visible sips - it forms the basis for two, delicate high steel candles, with copper holders on the bottom and white tops.

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Urban industrial iron and galvanized steel
Hand forged candle holders

I totally love these ultra-stylish candle holders - their industrial style makes them look like stage prop from a steampunk tale. Triangle steel bases in oxidized gray support delicate porcelain sockets with vintage Edison bulbs.

Large candle wall sconces

This majestic candle holder is consisted of 9 pillars crafted from robust metal and covered with a dark bronze finish. The holder accommodates pillar or sphere candles, and should be mounted on a wall.

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Stainless steel candle holders

Stylish candle holder made of steel. Designed for indoor use. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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Custom made iron works
Steel candle holders 2

Set of 3 candle holders in industrial style. It is completely made of steel. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Simple form and modern design.

Hand forged calla lily candle stand by pa blacksmith by
Forged candle holder

A pretty though simple contemporary holder for 7 width-varied pillar candles. It's crafted of black-finished stainless steel. It's composed of a round bowl with raised edges and 7 thin height-varied pointy pins to spear candles.

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3 Piece Candle Holder Set

3 Piece Candle Holder Set
A candle holder set with place for three candles, made from solid wood to make sure it is really long-lasting and durable, while the weathered stone finish and curved silhouette offer an elegant and classy compliment to the decor.

Arden candleholders set of 3 mirror finished stainless steel designed
Metal candle holders
Shabby chic candle holders

When the electric lights go out, it's time for those bulky candlesticks to create a truly romantic atmosphere. Beautifully crafted from wood, each of this magnificent pieces is able to transform every room into a romantic haven.

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Candlelight dances on the textured contours of rustic brass oval
Artist blacksmith forged candle holder
Prism Stainless Steel Candle Holder

Prism Stainless Steel Candle Holder

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