Stakmore Folding Chairs

Whenever there's a need for space-saving solutions, a set of folding chairs turns out to be an unquestionable good idea. Stakmore folding chairs that you'll find in the selection below are sure to serve the purpose. Functionality and comfort guaranteed!

Rachel Craven Interior Design Expert
Side Chair (Set of 2) Finish: Cherry

This piece of furniture is a high quality side chair that features a traditional stylization and a decorative back panel. It is equipped with a steel folding mechanism and it has got a soft, padded seat.


Attractive styling and stylish details of the finish of these folding chairs create a unique whole. Practical furniture made of solid wood and leather upholstery seats fascinate. They are perfect for dining room or living room.

Stakmore folding chairs
Katie Sand

Pay homage to classic design through a practical accent: a Stakmore folding chair that's indispensable in home decors where vintage theme is meant to keep going. Wooden frame is matched traditionally with black PU.

Stakmore folding chairs 2
Natasha Jam

A stylish chair that is also going to work very well as an extra seat. Includes a wooden frame with stretchers, a wicker back, and a retro off-white seat. The frame can be easily folded down for transport or storage.

4 vintage stakmore folding chairs

This beautiful set of vintage chairs is the perfect solution for any living room or kitchen. Beautifully decorated backrests with plant motifs, solid woodwork design, and comfortable seats guarantee the pleasure of use.

Antique folding card table value
Stephanie Wil

This set of folding chairs constitutes a good proposition for all, who enjoy the characteristic mid-century style. Stakmore folding chairs by Kinzco combine solid, teak wood framing and cool and clean design.

Stakmore folding chairs 7

Although contemporary in their finish, they conceal a cool mid-century vibe inside. These folding chairs from teak wood constitute a fabulous vintage proposition for one's living room or outdoor decor.

Stakmore folding chairs vintage
Isabella Martinable

This beautiful set of folded furniture is a great combination of antique styling and functionality. The chairs are sturdy and easy to store, and the sturdy wooden construction ensures their durability and ease of use.

Simple Mission Folding Chair in Warm Oak Finish - Set of 2
Baker Rebecca

This set of 2 folding chairs in a warm oak finish features a solid wood frame that holds an upholstered seat and steel folding mechanism. Checks perfectly with contemporary decor, and also works as an extra seat.

Mid century folding table
Erin Edwards

Simple patterns sometimes make the most impression on us. Here is a folding chair, very functional - known brand Stakmore. A beech tree of beech, polished finish, and subtle chair lines. The color of the wood evokes a bit of mid-century style.

Stakmore folding chairs 12
Campbell Vanessa

This stunning set of two folding chairs will make for just the perfect addition to your kids' play corner. They are durable and can be easily stacked away when you don't use them, making for a nice space-saver.

Wood card table and chairs set
Stephanie Rod

This set of Stakmore folding chairs enchants with its bright finish and openwork backrest constructions. Bright wood corresponds well to the dark cushioning. Originating from the 1940's, the chairs will be a cool, vintage accent in any decor.

Stakmore folding chairs 3
Krystal Smi

There are more than two hundred species of oak in the world - and here in the form of a dining set presents one of them with a warm color. Stakmore folding chairs have carved leaves in the backrests, and offer comfortable blue seats made of artificial leather.

Stackmore chairs
Anderson Marisa

Coming from around 1950's, this set of vintage green and blonde Stakmore folding chairs will add some cool retro vibe to both one's indoor and outdoor decor. A great proposition for all mid-century style lovers.

Stakmore folding chairs 6
Adriana Andersson

The style of the American fifties, sixties and seventies of the 20th century known from the silver screen mixes in retro interiors also thanks to such simple stakmore folding wooden chairs with a brown specific tapestry, in a little mustard shade.

Stakmore folding chairs 4
Sarah Lew

This set of four folding chairs constitutes a stylish proposition for traditional or classic dining rooms. Made from solid wooden bars, the will withstand the test of time, serving several generations.

Vintage stakmore chairs
Abbey Kowalski

The classic folding chair with the comfortable seat covered with the delicate cream material. On the backrest you can see the harp symbol, what cause that it looks great also in the jazz club or a bar.

Fancy folding chairs

Why not choose a piece that both looks classy and elegant and will allow you to keep using the floor space to the maximum? This chair offers the folding structure and comes with the black seat and wicker back.

Folding wood card table and chairs set
Alexis Milani

Vintage collection of mid-century style modern chairs, set of 4. Retro chairs for sale - the design includes cane backs, characteristic for modern styling from the 50s. Wooden frames complete the looks.

Stakmore chair 973v traditional comfort folding chair
Emily Broo
Stakmore wood folding chairs

This set of Stakmore folding chairs constitutes a great proposition for all fans of this type of design. They enchant with the combination of vivid, wooden frames and black seats. All supported by metal rods.

Stakmore folding table and chairs
Stacey Ram

Having a traditional Stakmore design, this wooden folding chair adds a warm, classic appeal to the space. This dark stained wooden construction features a traditional slat backrest.

Vintage card table and chairs
Queen Anne Side Chair (Set of 2)
Carmen Milani

Queen Anne Side Chair (Set of 2)
This stylish Set of 2 Side Chairs in White & Cherry Finish is characterized by a sturdy wood frame, and comfy seats upholstered in polyester/polyester blend. Each chair provides 225 lbs of weight capacity and can be cleaned with a dry cloth

Mid century vintage stakmore wooden folding chairs 1
Elizabeth Coupe
Stakmore folding table 1
Dana Long

Characterized by mid-century modernism, those elegant dining chairs ooze of antique charm and timeless elegance. The frame is made of plywood, with natural cane backs and green vinyl seats. Chairs are stackable for easy storage.

Stakmore folding chairs 8
Miller Amanda
Mid century stakmore folding chair four 4 by midcenturyfla 65
Stakmore folding chairs 1

A cool vintage set intended for 4 card players. A folding table has a brown wooden frame, sleek legs, a square top covered with framed black vinyl. Folding chairs have brown wooden frames, rattan halfbacks, squarish seats covered in black vinyl.

Stakmore folding chairs mid century by thevintagejunktion 159 99
Jenna Daviesful
2 vintage stakmore all wood folding chairs with padded seats
Michelle Ward
Retro folding chairs
Evans Liliana
Beautiful mid century stackmore folding chairs with original finish and
Peyton Donaldson
Stakmore chair 970v
Mid century folding chair
Allison Davi

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these two beautiful chairs boast of clean lines and a distinctive finish. Their frames are lightweight and foldable, making the chairs portable, easy to store and to move.

Side Chair (Set of 2)
Sarah Ashleyist

Side Chair (Set of 2)
This set includes two side chairs with steel folding mechanism, cherry wood finish, traditional design and rose seat upholstery color. They are perfect for your dining room area. You need to have this set.

Stakmore chairs
Roberts Veronica
Vintage mid century modern stakmore fancy french cane folding chairs
Stakmore chair
Kimberly Powe
Mission Folding Chair - Set of 2 (Oak) (35.5"H x 16.5"W x 19.25"D)
Cassandra Riv

If you need classic folding chairs, without decorations, you have to choose this 2-piece set. These chairs are finished in the oak and have the black padded seats. They will be an extra seating for parties.

Stakmore 4 folding card table and chairs
Folding Chair - Set of 2 (Fruitwood) (See Text)

It is a set that includes two folding chairs with warm fruitwood finish. They fit to classic and traditional dining room and kitchen. They add comfort and style to any home. You need to have this set.

Stakmore wood folding chairs at discounted prices
Thompson Alyssa
1940s hollywood regency stakmore folding chairs price reduced 2
Smith Sara
Mid century vintage stakmore wooden folding chairs
Kelly Shannon
Set of 6 stakmore folding lyre chairs free shipping
Walker Laura
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Stakmore folding chairs retro upholstered back 357v
Wesson Jessica
Music back folding chair
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