Stairway Pet Gate

On this site you will have a great chance to discover a lot of pet gates. If you think that such elements would be useful for you, take the time you need to browse through the sizes, shapes and designs presented below. Now the main question is which offer is most appealing for you?

Stairway pet gate 2

The practical and very functional stairway pet gate is a perfect combination. Solid wood construction is fastened to the wall and easy to assemble. Excellent finishing details ensure safety and comfort of use.

Stairway pet gate

Designed for indoor use, this functional pet gate will keep your critter in limited area, while decorating your home with its eye-catching cut-out design. The frame is made of natural wood and hanged on a pair of metal hinges, holding a matching metal lock.

Stairway pet gate 11

Diy cat gate

Even your kid or a little animal starts to move through your home on its own, the staircase becomes one of the most dangerous places. This white wooden gate prevent you kid from falling down and also look really stylishly.

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Stairway pet gate 2

Stairway pet gate 1

Suitable for indoor use, this lovely pet gate will be effectively keeping your critter away from certain rooms in your home. It's made of sturdy wood in a distressed dark cherry finish, topped with a stylish arch, and reinforced with powder-coated metal hardware, and a square panel with fine metalwork.

Ideabooks 46

Make your child a safe space at home with this wonderful gate. It retractable so you pull it when it's needed. It's build in so it's more stable than the mounted ones. You can also used while having pets.

Plexiglass baby gate

This DIY kids/pets gate are a fully hand-made, cheap project, genuine in its simplicity. If you don't have spindles to rest it between, you could always tie a ribbon around the PVC and then attach it to the nearest surface of the given space.

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Stairway pet gate 35

Stairway pet gate 5

Ah our pets, they are buried near us when we cook in the kitchen. Therefore, it is worth to mount, stairway pet gate - made of the same wood in white as cabinets in the kitchen. It consists of two panels - which separate the kitchen from the living room.

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Stairway pet gate 32

Stairway pet gate 17

Stairway pet gate 22

Wooden swing stairway safety gate 39 95

Pet fence gate free standing adjustable dog gate

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Stairway pet gate 19

Bindaboo easy close pet security gate white

Stairway pet gate 1

Diy dog gate

Do-it-yourself pet gate. Made of iron, finished with black colored layer. Perfect as stairway pet gate or a small gate in any kind of interior. Locked with tiny handy lock. Fits indoor and outdoor spaces.

Stairway pet gate

Stairway pet gate 14

Stairway pet gate 4

An ingenious practical and elegant pet gate converted from ... a black-finished meshy metal fireplace screen. It's constructed of 4 hinged panels featuring arched top edges and showy scrollwork inside.

Stairway pet gate 28

Stairway pet gate 10

If there is a baby or a pet in your house and you want to keep them safe, you should get this protective, stairway gate. It looks like a barn gate and it has a great, rustic design. It offers safety and a decoration.

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Stairway pet gate

Stairway pet gate for outdoors 27 5 42 5 optional

Clear choice stairway gate

Stairway pet gate 3

That is a truly original idea for pet lovers. White stairs are divided into two separate parts with one of them destinied for cats or dogs. It even features a functional railing. The staircase is pure, glossy white color.

Safety 1st perfect fit gate security gate stairway hallway baby

Carlson design studio metal walkthru gate with pet door

Stairway pet gate 9

This concept is for all, who want to know what their babies/pets do, without creating unattractive gates. This lovely, little, dutch doors will enable you to have everything under control, at the same time enhancing your house with their charming beauty.

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Stairway pet gate 12

Kidco designer angle mount safeway hardware mount gate is a

Maxi Pet Gate with Pet Door

Maxi Pet Gate with Pet Door
This is a very ingenious and very practical solution that allows you to secure the house according to the needs and expectations. This is the gate that protects against large pets, but also has a door through which small can pass.

Baby gate for interior stairs alternating twists and nodes wrought

VersaGate Custom Safety Pet Gate

VersaGate Custom Safety Pet Gate

North States Supergate Classic Plastic Gate Mounts 5 Different Ways

Kidkusion Kid Safe Banister Guard

Dreambaby Metropolitan Security Gate - Charcoal Metal/ Cherry Color Wood

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