Stainless Steel Folding Tables

Perfect for the business! Stainless steel folding tables are easy to use, very hygienic and their simple design makes them quite universal. Check out the products below to find the best one for your needs. Here's what I've found.

Vanessa Weber Interior Design Expert
Steel folding table

Made from stainless steel, this simplistic, yet very solid table can be a good proposition for your outdoor as well as indoor decor. Metal construction, properly conserved, can serve its role for many years.

Stainless steel folding tables 1

Designed to withstand enormous pressures and the hardest work conditions, this heavy gauge stainless steel table is foldable and looks pretty handsome to boot. Its legs feature locking dimples for safety.

Stainless steel folding tables

This simple folding table is perfect for many occasions. Simple stainless steel construction is lightweight and very handy. The whole is easy to use and store, will check out during camping, picnics and other occasions.

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Folding metal tables

Wall mounted, this side folding veterinary exam table is a solid construction, made from stainless steel. It measures 20 by 35 inches. Its foldable construction allows to save space.

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In professional industrial kitchens, commercial areas where a lot of things are done at once - such a mull, made of stainless steel folding table resistant to all factors, will be an ideal solution. The rectangular top joins with folding legs.

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Stainless steel small table

A great solution for outdoor picnics, this foldable table has stainless steel legs and it can be prepared for transport or storage in a couple of seconds. The top is as durable as the frame, made of 1 mm-thick sheets of stainless steel.

VOMO Portable Foldaway Picnic Table Red

A cleverly designed foldaway picnic table. FInished in stylish red, with chrome framing, it gets a cool, retro appeal. The whole construction is lightweight, yet quite solid, thanks to various cantilevers.

Metal folding table

A simple contemporary folding table made of stainless steel. It has a tubular base consisting of 2 upturned U-shaped elements under straight top supports with attached foldable hinged arms and a rectangular top.

Stainless Steel Work Table

Stainless Steel Work Table
With this uber sturdy table every task may be done without obstacles thanks to congenial working environment this piece provides. It is constructed from laser-etched stainless steel block, literally unbreakable and distinctive for its ultra sleek surface.

Folding Worktable, 18 GA Stainless Steel, 24'' x 48", ARC TS-2448-18FD

Extremely sturdy and durable folding worktable, crafted of 18 gauge stainless steel top and legs. It has perfect proportions and versatile profile that makes it perfect for many dofferent spaces and purposes.

Steel folding table

Modernize your dinette with rectangular, simple table with stainless steel finish. It fits perfectly to six plates and six chairs. Your family will be impressed how nicely finished and high quality this table is.

Small stainless steel table

Look at this ergonomic, beautiful folding table. Especially the owners of smaller apartments know how important it is to keep the only practical furniture. This one here, made of stainless steel, is ergonomic and easy to store.

Small metal folding table

The simple folding side table constructed on stainless steel base with teak tree. Even if it looks very stylish, I don't think that it is very comfortable. For me comfort is the most important thing for me.

Elkay WT24X108-BGX Stainless Steel Standard Deluxe Work Table with Galvanized Legs and Crossbracing, 108" Length x 24" Width x 40" Height

This piece of furniture is a work table made of stainless steel. It has got a standard size and solid galvanized legs. This kind of construction is able to resist very hard conditions. It is resistant to wear and damage.

EcoStorage Stainless Steel Top Workbench

EcoStorage Stainless Steel Top Workbench
Workbench with stainless steel top and removable bottom shelf. The steel is certified for food, high quality and non-magnetic. The edges are rounded for safety. Adjustable height. Elegant enough and well made to be used in your kitchen.

Heavy duty stainless steel folding table
Elkay WT24X30-STSX Stainless Steel Standard Flat Top Deluxe Work Table with Legs and Crossbracing, 30" Length x 24" Width x 36" Height

It is a high quality piece of furnitre that can serve as a work table. It is made of stainless steel and it features a flat top. The maximum capacity of this table is 539 lbs, so it is able to hold very heavy objects.

Stainless steel folding tables 3

An amazing set of two stainless steel folding tables that will invite some more, much needed convenience for your interior and will allow you to actually benefit from the extra surface space whenever you need it.

Stainless steel folding tables 1

Large & wide working table crafted out of heavy duty stainless steel, made to last for years. The table folds, so when no longer on duty, it stores away easily. For work and recreation, whenever a spacious surface is needed.

Stainless steel tables available with or without a stainless steel
Folding stainless steel table
Gloster kore stainless steel 23x 31in folding table without parasol
Stainless steel folding tables

Wall-mounted, this folding table will add a cool, practical, contemporary accent. Equipped with its large screws, visible for the user, it will be a really solid and stable construction.

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Metal folding tables
Folding stainless steel table
Rectangular Folding Work Table

Rectangular Folding Work Table
Rectangular folding work table that will suit all your needs. Constructed from sturdy polypropylene resin and supported by rugged steel legs it is very stable, solid and highly durable. Can hold up to 700 lbs of material, tools and accessories.

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Blue Sky Furniture Bar Height Event Table 32" #590449

This foldable bar height table features a tubular powder coated metal frame and a blow molded plastic top. The table also includes crisscrossed legs with two stretchers and non-marring caps, and offers resistance to chip, crack and fade.

Turbo Air-Green World TSW-3048SS 30" x 48" Stainless Steel Top Work Table w/Stainless Steel Legs & Undershelf
Folding table metal

Kitchen island made of high quality stainless steel and fitted with anti slip pads. Includes open shelf for storing needed items. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Folding steel table
Dining table folding stainless steel insulation
Stainless steel picnic table
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Sanfrid sjunne table ikea 209 00 length 59 width 29
VOMO Portable Foldaway Picnic Table Creamy White
Stainless steel table folding legs
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Folding table 1800x700mm stainless steel
Commercial restaurant equipment and supply store
Stainless steel tables stainless steel folding table 1200 mm
Extendable Work Table

Extendable Work Table
It is an amazing extendable work table that is perfect for your home. It has got a solid construction, great finish and this is exactly what you looking for. You will be impressed how great this product is.

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Folding work tables adjustable height
The motion collection by anne boenisch consists of a folding
Lifetime 8' Seminar Table - White Granite - 5 pack