Stainless Steel Door Stop

Check these door stops made of stainless steel and see if you can find anything for yourself. They come in different designs, shapes and sizes so even those who are very demanding, shouldn’t have a problem with find the right one for themselves. And which one would you decide on?

Alyssa Cole Interior Design Expert
INOX DSIX07-32 Wall Mount Door Stop, Bright Chrome

This type of product is a high quality piece of equipment designed for wall protection. It is a door stop made of stainless steel with a very durable rubber tip. This functional element is a combination of a simplicity and elegance.

Stainless steel door stop 2
Jenna Daviesful
INOX DSIX02-32 Floor Mount Door Stop, Bright Chrome

Doorstop featuring sleek, modern design and construction made of stainless steel as well as durable rubber. The doorstop is perfect for residential and commercial use, as the construction is very durable.

INOX DSIX05-32 Floor Mount or Wall Mount Door Stop, Bright Chrome

This kind of product is a door stop that protects walls and furniture from doors. It is an element that can be mounted on the wall or floor. Its durable rubber tip is solid and resistant do damage caused by impact.

Magnetic Door Stop & Holder for Home or Office in Brushed Steel- Keeps Door Open Even with a Door Closer
Carmen Milani

Elegant magnetic door stop / door holder, crafted from high quality metal with brushed steel finish. Thanks to versatile design, it seems appropriate for both home area and professional applications, such as in office.

KES® HDS201-2-P2 Solid Stainless Steel Floor Door Stopper Stops Screw Mount 2 Pcs Pack, Brushed

This element is a door stopper that features a durable stainless steel construction. It has got a special protection, so doors will not become damaged. This door stopper has got openings for mounting screws. It is designed to use on the floor.

Blomus Stainless-Steel Door Stop

This type of door stop is a small, but high quality product that assures protection of walls and different pieces of furniture. The product is made of stainless steel. It works very well even with heavy industrial doors.

Duo Door Stopper by Nova Hardware
Lily Cravenable

A simple, but solid and useful construction in the house. This door stop is a product designed for use on wall or floor. It is made of stainless steel and it has got a rubber protection that will not damage doors.

blomus 65354 Wall Mounted Door Stop, Large
Mackenzie Milani

The modern form of this stylish door stop is a way to create a spectacular and very functional interior. Contemporary styling and stainless steel construction with rubber tip create a very strong design element.

Type 316 stainless steel door stop kit
Courtney Lop
KES HDS200-2 Solid Steel Magnetic Doorstop/Door with Catch Conceal Screw Mount, Brushed Stainless Steel
Julie King

It is a door stop that plays a functional role in any house. This product is damage resistant thanks to its 304 premium grade stainless steel construction. It has also got a chromium/nickel layer that protects from rust and corrosion.

Stainless Steel Baseboard Stop
Brooks Sara

Stainless Steel Baseboard Stop
This kind of door stop is a product created for use on walls. It protects walls and doors from damage, so it has got a functional character. This stylish, contemporary product has got the size of 1.5" H x 1" W x 1.5" D.

Stainless steel door stopper
Angle Simple R401 Stainless Steel Floor Mount Door Stop, Brushed Steel
Jacqueline Gri

The simple and very functional design of this door stop is a perfect solution for any interior. Robust stainless steel base with rubber protection prevents the doors against the wall when opening.

Blomus Entra Door Stop 65353, Size: 0.98" H x 0.98" W x 1.5" D
Alyssa Wilsonify

It is a wall mounted door stop that is perfect to protect your walls. It has got a small size and high quality. If you looking for a perfect door stop, you need to choose this one. You need to have it.

INOX DSIX14-32 Wall Mount Door Stop, Bright Chrome
Joanna Bennett

This type of product is a high quality door stop created for use on a wall. It protects the wall from damage caused by opened doors. It has got a durable rubber tip, so it also protects doors from damage.

Beslagsboden Door Stop Finish: Polished Stainless Steel
Courtney Mur

High-quality door stop crafted from sturdy stainless steel for long-lasting durability. Measures 75 mm and is very effective in preventing damage to your doors and walls. Its universal design looks good everywhere.

Stainless steel door stops
Karen Gonz
Stainless steel door stop
Lily Cravenable
Stainless Steel Floor Stop
Adriana Andersson

Stainless Steel Floor Stop
A very small, simple, but very useful element in the house. This is a door stop created for use on the floor. It is made of stainless steel, so it is resistant to impact damage. It has also got a special protection for doors.

FPL Door Locks H2017 Magnetic Door Stop - Holder for Home or Office in Antique Brass- Keeps Door Open Even with a Door Closer
Jessica Zernike

A very simple, but functional product that serves as a door stop. This magnetic holder is made of metal, so it looks very nice in contemporary indoors. It protects walls from damage caused by opened doors.

Omnia stainless steel door stop style 7610
Bianca Noorda
Stainless steel door stop
Stainless Steel Floor Stop
Bianca Noorda

Stainless Steel Floor Stop
Modern floor stop crafted of stainless steel that is nearly impossible to be damaged, broken or scratched. It is suitable even for very heavy doors, including metal ones. Contemporary design matches most modern decors.

Stainless steel door stop 1
Karen Gray
Stainless Steel Baseboard Stop

Stainless Steel Baseboard Stop
This durable and functional Baseboard Stop is characterized by brushed stainless steel construction. The baseboard stop includes a protective cap, and can be easily and quickly mounted, serving you well for many years.

Stainless steel door stop 4
Griffin Natasha
Generic Stainless Steel Magnetic Home Office Door Stop Stopper Holder Catch GH-MX318
Lindsay Williams

This type of door stopper is a product that holds door open and prevents door from slamming shut. It is made of solid metal and works on the basis of strong magnetic action. It is resistant to damage and wear.

KES HDS300-5 Heavy Duty Magnetic Doorstop/Door with Catch Conceal Screw Mount, Antique Bronze
Lindsay Gre

A high quality element that has got a functional character. It is a door stoop made of metal that is ready for heavy-duty service. Its antique finish increases the level of interior aesthetics. This door stop can be installed on the floor or wall.

Super Doorstop Rubber Wedge, 2-pack
Aloma Garcia

It is a simple, but attractive and functional piece of equipment. This doorstop has got a solid steel construction and its stopping surface is made of rubber that will not damage the doors. This kind of product is 5" long x 2" wide x 1.4" high.

Steel door stop
Jenna Gon
Stainless steel door holder
Silver Tone 70mm Long Stainless Steel Floor Mounted Door Stop Stopper Bumper
Weber Lily

70 mm long doorstop made of stainless steel, making it long-lasting construction. Additionally, it's wall mounted and features rubber stopper. The item also features silver finish, which easily matches variety of interiors.

Linnea hardware 1 3 4 inch diameter floor mounted door
Butler Mary
Angle Simple R309 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Magnetic Door Stop / Holder for Home or Office, Brushed Steel

This piece of equipment is a door stop that is made of heavy duty materials. It is ideal for home and commercial applications. The product is made of stainless steel. The product is ideal for floor and wall mounting.

Magnetic Door Stop
Tiffany Wood

A very simple, but functional magnetic door stop. It protects walls and other items from impact damage caused by door opening. It has got very solid construction so it will play its protective role for a long time.

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Omnia 7001 stainless steel door stop 1 1 4 34
Peyton Donaldson
3 PCS Portable Stainless Steel Door Stopper Door Security Device, Silver
Zernike Laetitia

A functional piece of stainless steel in a silver finish, this door stop will easily keep your door in place. It has a leg with a black rubber cap to be able to firmly stick to a floor, without damaging it in the process.

Blomus Door Stop
Nicole Bryant

A small, simple, functional element that also plays a decorative role. It is a door stop made of durable brushed stainless steel covered with material that is resistant to damage caused by doors. This type of product protects walls and furniture.

Patented stainless steel towel hook no more towels on the
Richardson Holly
Stainless steel door stops
Craven Zoe
Stainless steel door stops 725
Lauren Martinezify
75mm stainless steel cylinder door stop stopper buffer wall mounted
Commercial fittings miles nelson stainless steel door stop 400
Door stop stainless steel
Krystal Murp
Rubber door stop
Dominique Hug
Bc403 dolphin stainless steel coat hook door stop
Stainless steel modern floor mount door stop ahi sig726
Lily Cravenable
Stainless steel door stop catch 2 5 1