Stained Glass Window Panels For Sale

You have to admit that many of these solutions are artistic. There are many types of these, many colours, sizes and designs so why not see them all? It shouldn’t be surprising that they are quite popular, especially after seeing each of the photos. You don’t have to rush with the final decision.

Art glass panels for sale

A beautiful embellishment of any refined space in your home. This modern stained glass panel can be used to distinguish your kitchen, dining or living space. It depicts a sunflower's top, enlivening the whole room.

Gorgeous in clears 3 stained glass

Gorgeous In Clears 3 Stained Glass
A highly-decorative addition for indoors and outdoors. This gorgeous window panel has a powder-coated metal frame embellished with small stained glass panels that create a truly captivating look. The whole piece hangs on two strong chains.

Stained glass pictures for sale

The vibrant stain glass panel placed in the front door. The abstract geometric pattern will be decorating not only the door but also the hall's floor when the light will catch the proper angle of incidence.

Stain glass for sale

Combining burgundy red and gold, this beautiful stained glass panel is designed to embellish even the most refined interiors. This custom-made masterpiece works out well in dining and living rooms.

Stained glass art for sale

Stimulating stained glass window panel that will effortlessly enhance the atmosphere in your house. Who needs ordinary windows when you can have such a stylish decoration instead? The interesting pattern will keep your brain occupied and always motivated.

Stained glass for sale

Beautiful stained glass window panel - looks the more amazing when the light shines through, so be sure to place it in a sunny room! A composition of multicolor glass pieces depicts a bunch of purple bluebells.

Small stained glass windows for sale

Stained glass panel window for sale; rectangular window panel with beveled diamonds detailing. Small window suncatcher. Diffuses the sunlight beautifully for a colorful rainbow effect. Decorative window panel

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Sale stained glass panel ribbons

Sale Stained Glass Panel Ribbons
Stained glass window panel in simple, but attractive colors. Black metal frame of this construction is durable and also looks nice in many different stylizations. Simple geometric shapes are also very stylish.

Large stained glass window panels

Decorative approach to an ornamental window arch made out of stained glass with a variety of vibrant colors. The window arch presents lush greenery and nature and is a great decoration to a dining room window.

Stained glass window panel

Stained glass decorated with bird theme. Frame is made of metal and mounted on the chain. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Stylish accent for each room.

20 x 34 large stained glass window panel deer water

20" X 34" Large Stained Glass Window Panel Deer /water /tree For Sale

Stained glass windows for sale 1

Original and decorative glass window panels combined with entrance doors. Their rich colors perfectly match white frames of doors and surrounding windows. These panels are also very durable and resistant to ageing.

Cheap stained glass windows

Stained Glass Hanging Panels & Window Hangings for Sale in Cape Cod | Semple Glass Studio

Stained glass panels for sale

Stained glass consisting of multicolor squares. It is made of metal and glass. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

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***For sale is a beautiful contemporary stained glass window panel that features a stunning array of fantastic colors. I have included a stunning

Stained glass panels for sale 5

Gorgeous set of stained glass, hanging panels with a stunning, butterfly and dragonfly elements on it. The vibrant, colorful design of this one makes it the perfect addition to a vintage, old-fashioned kitchen or dining room.

Stained glass panels for sale 7

A beautiful, stained glass window panel that consists of 21 different colors and four jewels. It not only features the beautiful assortment of colors, it also offers the stunning beveled border and was constructed using the Tiffany foil method.

Stain glass window panels

The Glass Angel | For Sale

Stained glass panels for sale 21

Dreamy stained glass art: a poppy field. Rich red poppies soak in verdant greenery. This fine glass panel was handmade using the copper foil technique and an impressive number of 135 seperate and unique glass pieces.

Stained glass window panels

stained glass window panels

Enlarge photo 58

enlarge photo

Stained glass panels for sale 3

This original stained glass panel can be used as a windshielf or independent unique wall decoration. It is composed of glass' pieces in a different size (squares and rectangles) and structure. They are transparent and bicolor (green and white).

Glass panels for sale

An eye-catching rectangular contemporary glass art handmade of stained glass tiles in prevalent green and reddish tones with bluish, orange and creamy accents. It's showing beautiful daffodil flowers.

Gorgeous in clears 2 extra large stained

Gorgeous In Clears 2 Extra Large Stained
The beautiful composition of patterns and details in this stained-glass panel makes the interior a whole new dimension. Contemporary styling delights and perfectly emphasizes the elegant design of the decor.

Custom stained glass windows etched glass and art glass panels

Custom stained glass windows, etched glass and art glass panels

Stained glass panel fleur de lis in

Stained Glass Panel Fleur De Lis In
Give your home the pretty look of French design with this stained glass panel. It features the orange and green finish with Fleur de Lis motif. Everyone will tell you how beautiful it looks in your home.

Stained glass sale

Early 1900's stained glass panel that containes exquisite jewels that are no longer manufactured. It has a slight point in the top. It measures 24" across by 19.5 high at the sides, and a height of 20.5 in the middle. For sale $750

Stained glass handmade window panel

Stained Glass Handmade Window Panel
The stunning composition of colors and geometric patterns in this phenomenal stained-glass window panel makes the interior unique. Beautiful combination of intense red and black with translucent enchanting.

Stained glass pieces for sale

The Met Store - Frank Lloyd Wright: Saguaro Glass Panel. is this one a little bigger, or is the frame just bigger? again, could be mounted and reframed with a mat 14.75x12

Stained glass window panels

Welcome to the Wonderland. For all lovers of Alice and Cheshire Cat this stained glass window is designed with a scene from Wonderland. Many colors and textures were used to achieve this effect. One can wipe out one of the windows with stained glass like this.

Stained glass for sale

Depicting variously coloured birds, this beautiful stain glass window will be a nice way to accentuate a given space in your house. It could be the front windows, from the street side, helping you distinguish your house from the neighbourhood.

Stained glass for sale 9

Stained glass with Christmas tree theme. Frame is made of metal and covered with colorful glass. Stylish decoration for living room, dining room, kitchen and others interiors according to taste.

Wildlife glass by theo dapore title stained glass 1 window

Wildlife Glass by Theo. Dapore Title: Stained Glass 1 Window Panel ...

Stained glass for sale 1

African wildlife inspired pattern - lion sisters... The pictured stained glass pattern is intended for use with copper foil technique and is recommended to be printed in a larger (not smaller!) scale.

River Of Goods Birds On A Wire Stained Glass Window Panel

River Of Goods Birds On A Wire Stained Glass Window Panel
Beautiful stained glass panel featuring gorgeous avian inspired motif depicting various birds sporting vividly colored feathers while sitting on a bar. This decorative item comes with iron chain to enable easier set-up.

Stained glass hanging panels

... PRICE~ Victorian Tiffany Style Stained Glass & Cabochons Window Panel

Stained glass for sale 1

Designed to embellish even the most sophisticated decors, this gorgeous stained glass window will illuminate the room with a beautiful palette of tones. A great example of the American Art Nouveau.

Stained glass for sale

If you like stained glass art, this beautiful mermaid shall definitely appeal to you. Crafted by Mandie Manzano, it represents the finest art, therefore truly embellishing one's living or dining room decor.

Stain glass windows for sale

Green Geometric Stained Glass Panel

Stained glass for sale 1

A gigantic stained glass flower will enliven and warm up any space, providing a refined antique appeal. It will also illuminate the room with a unique greeny glow.

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The GRAND DADDY of all sacred geometry is the Flower of Life featuring 90 petals. There are other versions called the Seed of Life with 42 petals and the Fruit of Life with 24 petals. I offer the panels for sale as well as a lesson plan/kit to make the d

Stained glass for sale 8

Made from beautiful purple stained glass, this construction constitutes a masterpiece among the terrariums. Its octagon construction features natural glass and plants inside.

Glass windows for sale

Antique Stained Glass Windows & Doors for Sale in Pennsylvania | Oley Valley Architectural Antiques Ltd.

Tomkinson stained glass ltd specialise in antique stained glass

Tomkinson Stained Glass Ltd specialise in antique stained glass ...

Stained glass for sale 5

Attractive stained glass in round color for windows and other decorative applications. Its multi-color pattern with a white bird theme perfectly matches sacral applications. This round element is durable and resistant to damage.

Stained glass window panels cheap

Tiffany Stained Glass Door & Window Panels For Sale | All Things ...

Stained glass for sale 1

If you want a burst of color and charm for your interior then this stained glass window with the floral theme will make for the best option, allowing you to get that boost of elegance that your household needs.

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processing for stained glass panel for china church window

Stained glass for sale 7

A gorgeous stained glass pattern made to resemble three black iris flowers with a yellow, non-transparent frame. This one is bound to bring a fresh, vibrant vibe to any dark and gloomy interior.