Stained Glass Wall Art

Looking for ideas to decorate a blank wall? What about a stained glass wall art? It's an eye-catching option which is quite different from the most popular art canvas or photo collections. Check out the designs and decide.

Eliza Bush Interior Design Expert
Stained glass hangings

Stained glass used to create wall art? Yes, please! Look at this interesting, stimulating installation right here. Plenty of different colours and shapes will keep your brain stimulated and active, even in your garden!

Fused glass wall art for sale
Coupe Andrea

The fabulous rimming of this round mirror is actually made from old toilet paper rolls. A great example of a DIY project, easy and affordable for anyone, as it will cost you less than 10$.

Glass mosaic wall art
Karen Grif

Three long rectangles, in all colors of the world - and all made of stained glass. They resemble a bamboo tree. This is a very modern style of decorating your walls. The color of fuchsia at the bottom, green at the top.

Stained glass window hanging
Chloe Hughesful

A lovely decoration for modern rooms, that bursts with positive energy and captivating design. The whole mosaic is made of tiny shards of stained glass, forming a gorgeous mix of green, blue and black hues.

Stained glass hanging panels for windows
Alexis Hallify

Add beauty and style to your home and decor your wall with glass wall art in wooden distressed white finish. They are excellent as a gift for birthday and other special occasions.

Stained glass waves
Roberts Isabelle

I don't have an outdoor space and garden with flowers or trees, so I've got the bright floral mosaic, which looks so adorable on my wall. My guests are always delighted how beautiful this product is.

Stained glass wall art 1
Smith Sara

A wonderful addition to any larger window that lacks a proper decoration. This fantabulous window panel has a durable metal frame that holds a lovely mosaic of stained glass circles, filling your room with colorful beams of warm sunlight.

Stained glass wall decor
Amanda Price

A great mosaic inspiration for all who enjoy mosaics and sea glass. It will truly embellish any living room or corridor, adding an alluring appeal from the very first seconds in the room.

Makenier Vintage Tiffany Style Stained Art Glass Dragonfly Window Panel Wall Hanging
Weber Lily

An extraordinary solution for the usability of Tiffany-style stained glass. The same technique is being used all the time, but in this case it is a flat round panel hung on a chain, which is a decorative element after the prot, made of hand-cut stained glass.

Stained glass wall art

Stained glass wall art decorated with bird theme. Designed for mounting on any flat surface. Frame is made of metal. Sophisticated decoration for each room according to taste and need.

Outdoor sun face wall art
Smith Diana

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this decorative panel is made of colorful glass pebbles embedded in a sturdy wood frame. It looks, especially, gorgeous in a blooming garden, with the sun beaming through.

Stained glass mosaic ideas
Diaz Mary

Depicting a Madonna and Child, this stained glass quilted wall hanging constitutes a perfect wall art for one's bedroom. It enchants with its high-quality, handmade, detailed crafting.

Mosaic glass wall art
Hernandez Kelly

Beautiful beveled stained glass window. This piece has a small crack in blue border glass and has brass made of clear glass. It is decorated of little crystal. It can be used as little window in front entryway door or wall adornment.

Fused glass wall art panels
Parker Joanna

If you are looking for an original way of adding some colour to your interior then this stained glass wall art will ensure a significant boost of style for your home, since it sports various patterns and colors.

Stained glass window above door

A colorful decoration for doors or larger windows, which you can hang in a blink of an eye. The entire piece is made of stained glass that forms a spectacular effect of blooming flowers. All pieces of glass are embedded in a metal frame.

Stained glass art for sale
Emily Rivera

Are you looking for a wall art that would spruce up your ambiance? Well, we find something interesting for you! This one is a mosaic dragonfly art, which is made of stained glass with blue, green and white colorful pieces.

Stained glass wall art 3

Ahh, I love mosaics of all kinds, but colourful compositions that use stained glass are my top 3... This beauuutiful mural in Amsterdam was inspired by abstract art, and I couldn't more like the fact that the glass pieces were sticked onto wood.

Stained glass wall art 4
Wesson Jessica

This amazing wall decoration comes from a fan of various glass bottles. Collecting their different models, he turned them into art by placing them on his walls. A cool DIY idea to distinguish your interiors

Sunburst wall art 3
Cintia Brook

This stained glass wall art is an original and multi-color solution that increases the level of interior aesthetics. Glass construction of this wall art is not only attractive, but it is also resistant to wear.

Glass artwork for walls
Amanda Mart

A delightful proposition for all fans of fused glass and metal wall art. Designed by Kim Merriman, this stained glass wall art constitutes a perfect way to embellish one's refined living or dining room.

Dragonfly stained glass wall art
Jacqueline Mitchell

Dragonfly Stained Glass Wall Art

Stained glass window hangings
Bennett Melanie

Attractive window paintings based on stained glass. This wall art is based on a rectangular frame in neutral white color. Glass painting includes attractive red flowers with black elements. These colors decorate many stylizations in aesthetic way.

Wall art glass panels

3D wall art composed of variedly colored stained glass. Its design is very unique indeed: resembling abstract art, it in fact depicts something reminiscent of a sunset in the woods, with big leaves on the first plane.

Coloured glass panels for walls
Alexis Hallify

Italy famous for its beautiful stained glass windows - for example in the cathedral of Siena. Tifanny was also famous for them - and today it can be famous for this self-made, water-inspired blue stained glass window made of various materials, not just glass.

Stained glass wall art
Roberts Isabelle

The gorgeous wall art made of stained glass is an exciting way to make the original decor. Stylish floral motifs and subtle color accents enchant you. The steel frame makes the unit durable and beautifully presented.

Stained glass wall art 2

A fantastic idea for pampering your naked walls with this lovely set of wall art. Emanating with country flair and vintage craftsmanship, the decorations are made of stained glass embedded in a white-finished wood frame.

Glass and metal wall art

Large All Beveled Stained Glass Window

Glass lace heart stained glass suncatcher by hollyannkelly 75 00
Liliana Gadjus

Glass Lace Heart Stained Glass Suncatcher by hollyannkelly, $75.00

Glass wall art panels

The gorgeous stained glass wall arts is an exciting way to create a phenomenal interior design. Beautiful themes, great colors, and revelations of the connection make the walls take on a unique character.

Fused glass panels wall art
Alyssa Wilsonify

Hiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum by Tadao Ando

Coloured glass wall
Evans Liliana

Love it! Notice the subtle use of the silver ball chain to create definition and texture. Fantastic!

Maybe do a myskit resist tree and then go in
Esther Jackson

maybe do a myskit resist tree and then go in with black, could also do stained glass...

Winter torn is very clean while keeping a huge amount
Bush Eliza

"Winter Torn" is very clean while keeping a huge amount of detail.

Set Of 2 Stained Glass Butterfly Decor Wall Art

Set Of 2 Stained Glass Butterfly Decor Wall Art

Decorative glass wall art
Sarah Ashleyist

WOW - Amazing stained glass artist - I am so inspired looking at these!

Stained glass mermaids
Peyton Donaldson

Are you a fan of stylish Tiffany window panels? We've got something special for you. this window panel is made of colorful stained glass, and it measures 11 by 14 inches.

Stained glass window hangings home
Patterson Gracie

stained glass - would look really pretty in a bathroom, over a garden tub - on an east facing wall! Morning sun shining through!

Stained glass wall hangings
Angela Young

Cool stained glass designs

MOSAIC KOI TILES outdoor glass wall art set by ParadiseMosaics

Glass art wall panels
Krystal Ross

Nautilus House, Mexico City. Architect: Arquitectura Organica The project goal: to make it feel like a symbiotic dweller of a huge fossil maternal cloister. COOL!

Stained glass hanging art

Prickly Pear Cactus in Stained Glass Yard Art by PlateFlowersPlus, $105.00

Stained glass and copper outdoor wall art

Stained glass and copper outdoor wall art

Flower wall art decor
Cintia Kowalski

Mosaic Wall Art Handmade Ceramic Tile "Humming Birds and Flowers"

Hand crafted mosaic stained glass wall decor by spoiled rockin
Marissa Hugh

Hand Crafted Mosaic Stained Glass Wall Decor by Spoiled Rockin

Hanging glass what are wafers hang your glass mynewsletterbuilder
Zernike Laetitia

HANGING GLASS What are wafers? :: Hang Your Glass | MyNewsletterBuilder

Sea glass window project by mona now i know what

Sea Glass Window Project By Mona...Now I know what to do with all of my collection of glass!

Stained glass garden art stake teal blue purple rose yard

Stained glass garden art stake teal blue purple rose yard decoration

Crafts quilting patterns
Wright Stacy

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Stained glass wall

Diminuendo, by Dawn Mendelson

Custom made mosaic stained glass wall decor 1
Meghan Robi

Custom Made Mosaic Stained Glass Wall Decor