Stained Glass Pieces

In case you like stained glass pieces, you should check this collection. All those presented at the photos that you can witness on this site differ when it comes to their sizes, colours and other features. This makes the collection a great place to choose from, even if you are not an expert.

Marisa Anderson Interior Design Expert
Stained glass pieces 21
Emily Fost

You do not have a piano and do you love Chopin concerts and music? No loss - a dignified stained glass piece of the roundtable, has a piano keyboard pattern that wraps around the round frame. The center is made of granite. The whole has a dark gray color.

Stained glass wind chime patterns
Jessica Zernike

Window can looks very attractive thanks to this stained glass window panel. It is made of glass pieces finished in many different colors that create a very aesthetic effect. Durable frame in black color perfectly matches this stylization.

Stained glass pieces 17
Chloe Hughesful

Stained glass flower vases or candle holders might add a desirable pop of colour to an interior layout. Apparently, you can craft similar decor accessories in a budget-friendly way, by painting some ordinary clear glass jars.

Stained glass pieces
Christine Alex

The custom-made stained glass mosaic, which presents the house number. A nice solution to stand your home out from the crowd. If you place the lamp to shine on it, it will be looking decoratively and unique.

Stained glass pieces 2
Caitlin White

Such a delightful window accent! A red stained glass cardinal bird sitting on a copper wire branch graced with tiny glass leaves, painted red and green. This 8.5 inches long suncatcher is handmade to order.

Stained glass pieces 1
Mackenzie Milani

Made of stained glass elements for windows or doors is a spectacular way to truly original interior design. Beautiful elements in different colors bring out the decor and bring a cozy character. Ideal for creating interesting compositions.

Stained glass pieces

Stained glass guitar: A one-of-a-kind piece of stunning stained glass art. If I played guitar-this bad boy would be mine

Stained glass pieces 12
Alexis Milani

Glass "witch" ball - hung in an east facing window to protect the home and ward against detriment.

Stained glass pieces

Reflections - Delphi Stained Glass by Ken Shrimplin. This piece contains 102 individually cut pieces of glass thermally fused in a kiln. Shrimplin used various types and textures of dichroic glass

Stained glass pieces 20

Fireplace piece by Diana Cole

10 step beginners guide to making mosaic crafts

10 step beginner's guide to making mosaic crafts

Stained glass pieces

Old chandelier and a new tin watering can...could probably use bead necklaces or something too.

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Regain Your Bathroom Privacy & Natural Light w/This Window Treatment — DESIGNED w/ Carla Aston

Outdoor sun face wall art
Smith Diana

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this decorative panel is made of colorful glass pebbles embedded in a sturdy wood frame. It looks, especially, gorgeous in a blooming garden, with the sun beaming through.

Stained glass pieces
Baker Jacqueline

Reusing glass from a shower curtain is a good solution for the environment,but also for your interior.Colorful glass,floral ornaments can serve as a screen, or as a decoration inviting into the interior of the home.Stained glass can be also panel room divider!

Stained glass pieces 11
Crystal Thompson

Deco Delight Quilt Kit - gorgeous fabrics from the UK; pattern is a free download.... ;-D

Stained glass pieces 5
Cintia Brook

Now you can beautifully adorn your living room window by using this fancy window panel made of repurposed glassware lids and plates. Together they form a lovely mosaic of crystal pieces, beautifully spreading the sunlight across the whole room.

Stained glass pieces 10
Amanda Wal

A fantastic fruit paintings that will effectively refresh the decor of your office in a second. Painted by Dennis Wojtkiewicz, each painting pictures a very detailed image of a fruit along with its seeds and veins.

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Louise Durham sculpture. Gloucestershire Resource Centre

Stained glass pieces 14
Isabella Martinable

Pretty Neat! | Blue Heron Stained Glass | by Amber Lyn's STG -

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I believe I will take some classes on making stained glass pieces.

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Kathleen Ram

If you use glass beads like river rocks in different colors and hot glue gun them to a saved piece of thick glass you could achieve a similar affect

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Krystle Brya

The lovely combination of beautiful stained glass and wood design makes the garden decor a unique style. The whole is stylishly made, it is gaining in color and attractive design. Ideal for any backyard.

Stained glass pieces 8
Stacy Tay

Mesmerising stained glass seahorse. If you love nautical themes and would like to enhance your interior with a bit of modern, extravagant art, then this seahorse will be perfect. The blue colour is cheerful and lively.

Stained glass pieces 30
Julie Cooper

This beautiful mosaic features a large, red and rust colored polished agate slice in the upper right corner. Thus the piece is named Agate

Stained glass pieces 19
April Henderson

Armin Blasbichler, front door. Each piece of glass is a different swatch of color that has a hand written label underneath.

Glass on fence correct link this time joy overstreet color
Jessica Zernike

Glass on fence - correct link this time Joy Overstreet, color consultant, paint consultant, interior designer, Vancouver WA, Portland OR, feng shui

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Hanging decoration in the form of stained glass. It is mounted on metal frame and covered with colorful glass. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Tasteful accent for each place according to taste.

Stained glass window quilt pattern
Angela Bak

If you want to create a unique space divider, this stained glass composition for interior door shall play this role perfectly. It depicts a rose, rustling as the wind blows.

Stained glass pieces 23
Kelly Will

Scrap and broken glass repurposed ... incredible stained glass art. #alisonsstainedglass #glassart

Stained glass pieces 15
Rachel Massonable

These Christmas stained glass windows are so much fun to make during those cold and dark fall and winter nights. This art piece has over 40 pieces of

Stained glass pieces 3
Butler Crystal

If you are a fan of glass decorations, you have to chose these. They are a colorful funky feathers, made with stained glass pieces. They add beauty and style into any exterior and interior.

Something unusual tumbleweed stained glass in a great place to
Jaclyn Woo

... something unusual, Tumbleweed Stained Glass in a great place to start

Birds On A Wire Stained Glass Window Panel

Birds On A Wire Stained Glass Window Panel
Beautiful stained glass panel featuring gorgeous avian inspired motif depicting various birds sporting vividly colored feathers while sitting on a bar. This decorative item comes with iron chain to enable easier set-up.

Ginkgo Stained Glass Window
Olivia Smithist

Ginkgo Stained Glass Window
It is a very beautiful and extremely decorative stained glass. Very impressive and extremely beautifully presented. It is very decorative element. Stained glass is in the form of the window. Shining light through it very interesting highlights images of stained glass.

Stained glass pieces 26
Carmen Milani

Peacock Design Glass Painting

Stained glass pieces 3

new stained glass piece , originally uploaded by handmadejoot .

Kathy thaden home beautiful example would look great with a
Jenna Delicata

Kathy Thaden - Home (beautiful example --- would look great with a light behind it!)

Autumn stained glass patterns

A handmade decoration made by using Tiffany copper foil method, really knows how to make a difference in your home decor. It has 6 sparkling clear bevels, 4 small squares of textured deep blue glass, along with clear textures and a black metal frame.

Tiffany Featuring Birds Cage Window Panel
Liliana Gadjus

Tiffany Featuring Birds Cage Window Panel
A beautiful window panel representing colourful birds in a cage. It is made from tiffany-styled copper foiled glass and metal, this piece is sturdy and durable. It is also made from 139 glass pieces and eight cabochons.

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Broken China Jewelry Light Blue Transferware Necklace $38.95 @Robinsnestcreation1 on Etsy

Lamps eyesforglasss blog 1
Krystle Perry

LAMPS | Eyesforglass's Blog

Blog post that takes you through my watercolor technique landscape
Elizabeth Coupe

Blog post that takes you through my watercolor technique landscape lesson. A great lesson for beginning artists that builds confidence.

6" X 8" Variety Stained Glass Pack

6" X 8" Variety Stained Glass Pack

Three art students transformed this electrical tower in hattingen germany
Patricia Brya

Three art students transformed this electrical tower in Hattingen, Germany into a stained glass lighthouse. The urban art installation used Acrylglas (plexiglass) rather than traditional stained glass for safety reasons.

Eureka Sonara Victorian Window Panel

Eureka Sonara Victorian Window Panel

Coloured glass wall
Evans Liliana

Love it! Notice the subtle use of the silver ball chain to create definition and texture. Fantastic!

Beautiful stained glass some day ill make one like this

Beautiful stained glass! Some day I'll make one like this....

Stained glass pieces 13
Wesson Jessica

I just love Jenny's tutorials! The Stained Glass Quilt Tutorial

Variety Colors Mix Value Pack - Stained Glass / Mosaics (3 Pounds)
Kristen Sand

Variety Colors Mix Value Pack - Stained Glass / Mosaics (3 Pounds)