Stained Glass Panels For Windows

There are many stained glass panels shown below, and all of them present different themes and come in different colours. Thanks to this site, everyone who is interested in such stained glass panels, will have a rare opportunity to pick something suitable for themselves. What do you think about all this?

Aloma Garcia Interior Design Expert
Stained glass panels for windows
Butler Victoria

If you think your window is boring, you can always use those colorful birds to decorate it. Each bird is different, and created of stained glass, sitting on a black branch that can be easily attached to the window.

Stained glass panels for windows

This Meramid glass panel is a very attractive window decoration with different colors. It looks very original among different elements of equipment or decor. This glass construction is also long-lasting.

Stained glass transom patterns
Amanda Edwa

If you trying to find the perfect panel for windows, you have to choose this one. It so beautiful, made of stained glass with colorful finish and iron gate. Everyone will tell you how fab it looks in your home.

Stained glass mermaid patterns
Mary Pow

Decor your windows or walls with the panel, which is made of stained glass from wine bottles. It features the many shades of green, with black frame and white details. The sophisticated addition to any home.

Stained glass panels for windows 1
Baker Rebecca

Thanks to those colorful window blinds, you privacy will be properly secured. The 17x37 blinds are designed of stained glass in the shape of a gorgeous peacock that is sitting on a blooming tree branch.

Stained glass quilt patterns dragonfly
Amber Rodriguez

If you want to embellish your window with something truly amazing and colorful, you may want to check this stained glass panel. Designed in slightest details, this decoration is embedded in the steel black frame, and can be easily hanged using a convenient chain attached to the upper part.

Stained glass hanging panels for windows
Alexis Hallify

Add beauty and style to your home and decor your wall with glass wall art in wooden distressed white finish. They are excellent as a gift for birthday and other special occasions.

Stained glass patterns for bathroom windows
Tara Gosselin

This glass window is a decorative element suitable for an outdoor use. It includes a durable wooden frame finished in white color. All glass elements are colorful and they include stylish floral patterns.

Stained glass window above door

A colorful decoration for doors or larger windows, which you can hang in a blink of an eye. The entire piece is made of stained glass that forms a spectacular effect of blooming flowers. All pieces of glass are embedded in a metal frame.

Transom stained glass patterns
Kristina Lon

This glass window panel is durable and attractive. It includes a multi-color pattern that shows flowers, plants and butterflies. The frame of this window panel is very solid and resistant to many factors.

Stained glass waves
Roberts Isabelle

I don't have an outdoor space and garden with flowers or trees, so I've got the bright floral mosaic, which looks so adorable on my wall. My guests are always delighted how beautiful this product is.

Colored window panes
Mackenzie Milani

This product is a very solid item used with windows. It features a decorative character thanks to its blue and other colors. Its sea and mountains stylization looks very good anywhere. Glass construction of this decoration is also aesthetic and durable.

Rainbow stained glass patterns
Jenna Daviesful

This kitchen interior design is very attractive and inspired by cottage stylizations. Solid cabinets, durable wooden top and white sink are the main elements of this decor. The upper area includes a decorative window with an old, white wooden frame.

Birds On A Wire Stained Glass Window Panel

Birds On A Wire Stained Glass Window Panel
Beautiful stained glass panel featuring gorgeous avian inspired motif depicting various birds sporting vividly colored feathers while sitting on a bar. This decorative item comes with iron chain to enable easier set-up.

Stained glass window hanging
Michele Turn

When you take care about the details, you should think over putting it into your front door. Looks lovely, deliver enough light, but protect you also against the nosy neirbourghs, because it is not fully transparent.

Unique stained glass patterns
Bianca Noorda

Decorative and practical suncatcher. This window panel is made of stained glass finished in different colors. It decorates different types of windows. It is also resistant to excessive wear and different forms of damage.

Stained glass valances
Thomas Christina

Unique design for a decorative piece for a bathroom – a stained glass panel made of colorful and vibrant pieces. The glass panel is made to resemble two mermaids in water with reflecting scales on their tails.

Stained glass wave

Stained-glass windows are associated with the Art Nouveau style. Most often seen in churches or Tiffany lamps-they have a different purpose. Purely decorative as longitudinal narrow works of art, which based on a window sill obtain an extraordinary appearance.

Transom window stained glass patterns

Stained glass panel with wave theme. Frame is made of metal and covered with colorful glass. Stylish addition for any interior according to taste.

Unique stained glass

If you’re looking for a unique and classy decoration to your home, take a look at this one. This wall-hanging wooden frame with a stained glass decal resembling dead trees provides an unusual touch to any room.

Stained glass window quilt pattern
Angela Bak

If you want to create a unique space divider, this stained glass composition for interior door shall play this role perfectly. It depicts a rose, rustling as the wind blows.

Stained glass panels for windows
Lambert Abbey

This project embodies what's best in modern design. Ideal for people, who like to distinguish their houses. Stained glass window using Pantone palette adds unique brightness and colorfulness.

Celtic stained glass panels

Stained glass panel designed for window. It is mounted on metal frame and covered with colorful glass. Adds freshness and elegance to each place.

Daffodil stained glass pattern
Aloma Garcia

A charming traditional window panel hand-crafted of stained glass tiles. It has an outer rectangular frame of black-coated metal and inner contour frames of solder. It's showing charming colourful flowers against a background in greens and blues.

Stained glass above door
Martin Ashley

This picture shows solid wooden doors finished in white color. They include functional and decorative glass panels with colorful patterns. They decorate indoors and they also hide the room hidden behind doors.

Custom made stained glass window panel contemporary bubble sidelight
Irish stained glass patterns

Elegant stained glass window panel finished with sophisticated ornamentation. It is mounted on copper frame and covered with glass. Received many positive recommendations from satisfied clients.

Shamrock stained glass pattern
Jacqueline Murphy
Stained glass panels for windows 1
Murphy Julie
Leadlight glass panels
Crystal San
Cardinal stained glass pattern
Diana Col
Glass window panel
Gina Morris
Beautiful stained glass patterns
Wright Stacy
Bottle bottom glass window
Stained glass mermaids
Peyton Donaldson

Are you a fan of stylish Tiffany window panels? We've got something special for you. this window panel is made of colorful stained glass, and it measures 11 by 14 inches.

Stained glass plates
Chloe Hughesful

A decorative element for aesthetic stylizations of old homes. These glass panels are good for openings above doors. Their multicolor circles with black lines look very nice in any house. This decoration is also durable.

DuoFire Decorative Repositionable Non-adhesive Privacy Glass Window Film DP005-1 (24x80inch)
Laetitia Anderson
Irish shamrock stained glass window pinned from pinto for ipad
Bush Eliza
Imitation stained glass panels
Lauren Martinezify
Stained glass kitchen windows
Stacy Washington

Handmade with attention to every detail, this "Tree of Life" panel boats of bold appearance and beautiful colors. It contains over 175 glass nuggets in 5 different shades of green, embedded in a solid oak frame.

Cool stained glass patterns
Alison Walker
Panel is a 9 x 21 stained glass panel that
Stained glass panels for windows 2
Custom made traditional stained glass window panel 2
Buy stained glass panels 1
Patterson Gracie

This beautiful stained glass window is a masterpiece, which shall be appreciated not only by the fans of nautical art. It shall bring energy and vividness wherever it will be used. It's made of acrylic glass with the size of 14 long x 11 wide.

10 Inch Tall Leaded Stained Glass Birds On Wire Window Panel
Carmen Milani
Art glass window panel 1
Beveled sampler large stained glass window panel nr 1940 now
Lauren Martinezify
Floral Parker Poppy Stained Glass Window
Dana Hernandez

Floral Parker Poppy Stained Glass Window

Peacock's Sunset Stained Glass Window
Anderson Marisa

Peacock's Sunset Stained Glass Window