Spiral Chandelier

There are quite a lot of impressive chandeliers on this site. In case you want to buy one of them, make sure to think your final decision over since this compilation is really rich. Of course, you don’t have to rush with anything while getting to know all these models.

Spiral chandelier 18

Fabulous spiral chandelier with dazzling crystals all over it. Oh my, this light fixture is bound to bring lots more than a single sparkle indoors! What's more, the chandelier is gold plated. 100% glamour

Spiral chandelier 14

Unique chandelier mounted on metal frame with spiral theme. Includes 8 lights. Suitable as main or additional source of light. Sophisticated addition for each room.

Spiral chandelier 13

Thanks to its spiral shape and the use of 18-lightings, this fabulous chandelier will create a magical glittering experience. Ideal option when you want to add your interiors a refined character.

Spiral chandelier

Metal chandelier with a nice spiral frame that assures good interior decoration. This black chandelier includes many electric candles and it also features a chain that assures perfect and safe ceiling mounting.

Spiral chandelier 51

Take a look at these rooms, each with a chandelier that really seems to pull the whole design theme together. This lamp connect modern design with classic chandelier stylised on old-fashioned candle holder.

Spiral chandelier 33

Spiral chandelier 14

Spiral chandelier 10

Chandeliers sculptural steel lighting by jessica kay bodner

Spirale 16 Light Crafted Chandelier

Spirale 16 Light Crafted Chandelier

Exceptional venini spiral chandelier 12 long crystals

Exceptional Venini Spiral Chandelier 12 Long Crystals
This spiral chandelier brings to mind a waterfall made of glass - frozen in time, with a golden glow. Designed in Italy, it consists of 12-millimeter triangular glass rods, arranged in a wavy multi-layered unity.

Spiral chandelier 47

Spiral chandelier 2

River rain mason jar chandelier hanging 1

River Rain Mason Jar Chandelier Hanging

Spiral chandelier 50

Spiral chandelier 28

Spiral chandelier 26

Spiral chandelier 42

Spiral chandelier 25

Modern, decorative and practical design in the house. This chandelier is a high quality product that features a solid metal frame. Its spiral theme looks very interesting in many stylizations. It also assures good illumination of indoors.

Spiral chandelier 11

This is surely one of the best chandeliers ever created with the sublime and immensely unique shape and structure that will make it into an eye-turner for each guest visiting your home. It sports the spiral shape and the strong, iron construction.

Spiral chandelier 32

Spiral chandelier 21

Spiral 10 Light Chandelier

Spiral 10 Light Chandelier
Are you dreaming of an incredible design in your living room or bedroom? Then, you're gonna fall in love with this amazing and stylish light chandelier! Check it out and bring a unique style to your house.

Spiral chandeliers 2

Spiral chandelier 20

Spiral chandelier 19

Anywhere Spiral Shimmer Chandelier

Anywhere Spiral Shimmer Chandelier
Glamorous chandelier embellished with a spiral cascade of black dangling acrylic beads. Thanks to battery powering, this chandelier may be used just anywhere. See how beautiful it looks when the sunlight shines through it!

Spiral chandelier 1

Spiral chandelier 43

Spiral chandelier 44

Spiral chandelier 45

Ethereal sculptural lights by sharon marston

Spiral 24 Light Chandelier

Spiral 24 Light Chandelier

Spiral chandelier 46

LampFair Antique Edison Light Bulb 110V 40W Vintage E26 Clear Glass Base Tungsten Tube Incandescent Bulbs

Lighting ceiling lights chandeliers 1801sr spiral crystal chandelier

Spiral chandelier 48

Spiral chandelier 31

Sarah catherine studio of design symphony guild showcase 2010 living

Quilted diamonds canning jar waterfall chandelier spiral mason jar chandelier

Spiral chandelier 49

1 unicorn with gold hair beaded dangle chandelier earrings tags

Spiral chandelier

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White lacquered table eames chairs crystal spiral twist chandelier

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Spiral chandelier 52

Spiral chandelier 53