Space Saver Table

In case you want to save some space in your house, it might be worth to look at the designs, shapes, sizes and colours of the space saver tables that you can see in the collection below. Even if you haven’t been considering the purchase of one of these, you can get inspired by these arrangements.

Layla Robinson Interior Design Expert
Ikea folding tables

Combine functionalities and try the white table with three drawers. It can be used as a nightstand, working table, cabinet and much much more! It's not only very useful but it brings the simplicity to your home.

Space saver study table
Karen Nelson

A great combination of window sill and convenient kitchen table, which is going to check perfectly in smaller interiors. Crafted of wood and splashed in white, the tabletop hangs on 3 metal hinges and can be easily folded down if not in use.

Space saver table 2
Jessica Mit

The beautifully made space saver table a perfect solution for small interiors. The foldable design allows you to create a functional working space and, when not needed, it hides in the wall cabinet.

Round table for kids
Jenna Edward

Dining table for kids and for small indoors. It features a durable wooden construction and round top. It is available with four nesting chairs that allow for space-saving storage when not in use. These chairs are finished in white color.

Space saver table 9
Stacey Gray

This simple desk is a clever solution for small spaces. The table is just a counter, which is fixed to the wall in such a way that you can quickly fold it when you don't need it. This way, you can create an office space even in a very small room.

Stackable patio chairs
Margaret Jac

Not much room in your living room? Buy stackable furniture! It constitutes a fantastic gadget for all, who have to cope with tiny spaces. This extremely practical set can be use both in an outdoor patio and in cozy living rooms.

Space saver table 1

An excellent addition for modern and contemporary interiors. This tip over table is featured by a quite unique design, involving a foldable wood frame that allows you to also use the piece as a stylish rectangle mirror.

Space saver table 27
Weber Lily

Yes! A folding table- out of way and in sight! Adore the way the legs fold onto the frame.

Space saver table 29

space saving | ... piece of sculpture. We love this look, and it's space-saving to boot

Space saver table 8
Powell Danielle

A black locker with the hidden small desk is a big surprise when you open it the first time. It is a very functional way to spare some place in a little apartment or have rarely used furniture simply hidden.

Tip over table
Lily Cravenable

Original and very practical table that features a space saving construction. It includes a working top and some storage shelves. This table folds into a wall-mounted cabinet when not in use. White color is neutral and looks good in any house.

Space saver table 10
Zernike Laetitia

Lehajtható asztalka- space saver table

Space saver dining table
Jenna Delicata

space saver dining table

Computer work table
Price Dominique

take one table, cut in half, attach to bookcase ~ great for 2 kids to do homework without bugging each other

Space saver table 33

Fold Down Table Design, Pictures- frame becomes the legs- It looks like a picture when closed., Remodel, Decor and Ideas

Study desks for kids
Joanna Pete


Space saver table

The space-saving console table is a great solution for small and functional interiors. A simple wooden table top that is fixed to the wall is versatile and works great as a desk or folding shelf. This is a very modern solution.

Bathroom Space Saver
Andrea Powell

Bathroom Space Saver
This perfect space saver is not only very functional, but also super stylish! Check it out and enjoy the refreshed design in your bathroom together with endless comfort that it can provide in your house.

Tip over table 1
Danielle Campbell

Ingenious space-saving functional folding tables and benches. A white fibreboard table when it's collapsed looks like a wall-mounted cabinet (there are shelves and a corkboard inside). A table and benches of natural stained wood resemble a barn gate.

Space saver table 16

Space Saver: 22 Wall-Mounted Desks to Buy or DIY via Brit + Co.

Portable tables
Tara Gosselin

A cool modern portable laptop table and printer cabinet in one. It has a rectilinear frame with a rectangular lifted up top and a flip down door. It's manufactured of wooden materials finished in light browns.

Spectrum black glass space saver dining table 4 leather chairs
Roberts Isabelle

Spectrum Black Glass Space Saver Dining Table + 4 Leather Chairs

Space saver table 11

Not technically a drawer but... | 82 Gratuitous Photos Of Drawer Porn

Writing computer desk

love my crate & barrel ladder shelf and desk - could use a bit of sprucing up, but they are great space savers in small spaces

Space saver table 18
Katherine Kin

DIY Ironing Station. Great idea for craft/sewing room.

Space saver table 6
Evans Liliana

Mizerak Savoy Space-Saver 79” Billiard Table

Table and chairs space saver round dining table and chairs
Holly Cox

... table and chairs space saver Round Dining Table And Chairs Space Saver

Space saver table 14
Carmen Milani

such a good idea! Would it look silly if I did this and put a basket for books underneath?

Space saver table 3
Wesson Jessica

Desk designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood and fitted with wide shelf for storing needed stuff. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Modern solution for work organization at home.

Nightstand dog bed

If you want for your dog to have its own place right by your bed, you may want to check this nightstand dog crate. It has wood construction that includes sides with cutout holes for ventilation, 2 square doors with pull knobs that conceal the whole lair, and 1 well-polished top.

Space saver table 17
Rachel Massonable

An interesting piece of furniture that matches any decor of a home office. This desk is made of birch veneer and MDF, so it is very solid and durable. It has got two adjustable shelves and one fixed shelf.

Spacesaver table

The solid construction of this space saver table captivates the details and beautifully presents itself in every decor. The whole of the beautiful color is performed in every interior design. Practical tabletop easily adapted to your needs.

Space saver table 4
Jessica Pet

Living on a small surface is a big challenge for bachelor apartment resident. A roll-away bed, which could be easily change into a functional desk is a practical way to avoid the mess and have all you need in only one room.

Space saver table 5

Great solution for small rooms! This stylish, wooden table will storage every necessary objects in one place. Spacious drawers, pipes between table's legs keep everything in order and the tabletop gives enough space to work.

Small table with stools
Olivia Smithist

This convenient idea will totally transform a little and tight kitchen corner into a comfortable dining "room". Two comfortable green chairs and wooden black table give this nook a drop of nature look.

Picture frame to table clever design for small spaces
Hilton Emily

Picture frame to table! Clever design for small spaces.

Dynasty Space Saver 6.5' Pool Table & Accessories
Holly Perez

Dynasty Space Saver 6.5' Pool Table & Accessories

Ellisport Space Saver Recliner

Ellisport Space Saver Recliner
This is a large and very comfortable armchair, which has several important advantages. It is made of a soft and very pleasant to the touch material. The material is smooth and gentle. The seat is comfortable and allows for full rest. It also allows you to relax the legs through the possibility of raising the bottom part.

Space saver table 24
Tiffany Hay

A folding changing baby table could save you just the right amount of room

Amber Gray

Wenge lawson space saver table chair set
Robinson Layla

Wenge Lawson Space Saver Table & Chair Set

Space saver table 7
Lindsey Tay

_space_saver_rollaway_22_table_tennis_table_butterfly_space_saver ...

Next space saver round dining table

Next Space saver round dining table

Space saver table 8
Meghan Rodriguez

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Linon space saver table chairs 5 pc set natural finish
Carmen Milani

Linon Space Saver Table & Chairs 5 Pc Set Natural Finish

Table over the toilet why didnt i think of this

Table over the toilet...why didn't I think of this? Looks so much better then those ugly looking 'space saver' things that go over the toilet. Much rather have this!

Space saver table 9
Anna Flo

... / Manicure Tables / "Tazo" Portable Space Saver Manicure Table

Hygena wooden space saver table and 4 chocolate chairs
Courtney John

Hygena Wooden Space Saver Table and 4 Chocolate Chairs.

A dressing table and a desk with cool hinged drawers
Liliana Gadjus

A Dressing Table And A Desk With Cool Hinged Drawers | DigsDigs

Bath Space Saver Shelves
Sarah Ashleyist

Bath Space Saver Shelves