Southwestern Wall Clocks

Southwestern wall clocks spice up any blank wall with warm colours and lots of character. They are a nice alternative for everyone who finds digital clocks a bit dull. Check my selection below.

Rachel Craven Interior Design Expert
Oversized outdoor clocks
Alexis Milani

Play it rustic in a different way: shabby look appears less serious when it utilizes many colors. This multicolor wall clock is definitely hard to pass up. Made of MDF and metal, it displays time with spade hans that point big Roman numerals.

Southwestern wall clocks
Bianca Weberable

Southwestern Wall Clocks

Southwest wall clocks
Caitlin Tor

This beautiful antique wall clock is a wonderful combination of solid construction, rustic design, and functionality. The elegant Arabic numerals on the round dial of the watch and subtle decorations create a harmonious whole.

Southwestern clocks

If you want a real beauty to hang on your wall, you should take a look at this Southwestern wall clock. Its design is really cute, with a round dial with gorgeous patterns, Arabic numerals (3, 6, 9, 12) and metal hands along with a second hand.

Southwestern wall clocks 4
Rivera Heather

Featuring an intricately laser-cut southwest desert scene complete with cactus and the moon or sun, this Desert Moon and Cactus wall clock is perfect for the Southwestern themed home and is a true work of art!

Southwestern wall clocks
Meghan Bell

This southwestern-style wall clock is an original and highly effective interior design element. The bright clock face, expressive Arabic numerals and beautiful ornamental details captivate and form a unique whole.

Southwest clock

Travel to unexplored deserts with this beautiful 11'' wall clock with a 3D accents of green cactuses, desert housing, majestic mountains and scorching sun. The center is occupied by a round dial with metal black hands and Arabic numerals.

Southwest clocks
Cintia Kowalski

An amazing Petroglyph Wall Clock, individually hand-crafted from premium quality steel, straight from Tucson, Arizona. Its oval shape features a black dial with Arabic numerals (3, 6 , 9, 12), white metal hands and a black metal second hand.

Southwestern wall clocks 1

A YeiBiChi 'Yei' Navajo southwestern wall clock is made of solid steel and is available in three sizes to choose: 12, 18 and 24 inches. The details and large numerals are cut by the laser.

Southwestern wall clocks 6

Choose a fun alternative for a clock with this amazing kokopelli piece that sports the design from the southwestern tradition. It combines pure beauty of tradition with a bit of fun and a fresh look.

Southwestern wall clock
Craven Zoe

Go for a wall clock that is just a bit more original and choose this amazing pottery themed piece. It offers the beige and orange finish and the one-of-a-kind look that will easily and instantly compliment any modern styled home.

Southwestern wall clocks
Chloe Hughesful

The colorful modern wall clock with the very elegant frill on the edges. All the colors are in the warm shades, so it will fit perfect to the fair living rooms' stylizations. I would like to buy it to my living room.

Southwestern clock
Liliana Gadjus

Anyone who loves beautiful design will love this impressive wall clock with southwestern styling. Simple design with a bright clock face with Arabic numerals creates a unique interior design with a colorful frame.

Southwestern wall clocks 2
Carmen Milani

A cool modern 1AA battery-powered wall clock of acrylic. Its round face features 2 colourful profiles of people dancing and playing the wind instruments. Black Arabic numerals and hands are against a background in greys with a wavy pattern.

Southwestern wall clocks 13
Elizabeth Coupe

Embodying the hot, Mexican style, this Southwestern wall clock will be an ideal gift for all muchachos and amigos. If you are a fan of westerns, it shall appear in your bedroom.

Southwestern wall clock 1

Create the extraordinary and unique wall in your home with this Southwestern wall clock. It is made of leather, suede, cotton and wood. Get it for yourself, or buy it as a gift!

Western wall clocks
April Bar

A perfect wall clock for kids’ room. Multiple colours provide a fun vibe, while the interesting layout of decoration makes it unique and one-of-a-kind. Big letters and arms make it easy to use, so it’s equally good for elder people.

Southwest wall decor
Kelly Morgan

A pretty contemporary wall clock with a square black frame of metal. Its dial features Native American pottery motifs in prevalent browns with blue accents against a white background. Hands and stylised Arabic numerals are black.

Western clock

Richly decorated wall clock for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Square shield is made of wood and decorated with interesting pattern. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Western clocks
Coleman Natasha

Round wall clock in southwestern style. Round shield is made of wood and finished with star theme. It is powered by batteries and fitted with quartz movement.

Southwestern wall clocks 10
Emily Watson

This southwestern wall clock enchants with its cartoon finish, constituting a lovely children's bedroom addition. Vibrant blue framing and a lovely pale blue chickling with a sombrero refer to the Mexican culture.

Western style wall clocks
Kristen Howa

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Southwest motif wallclocks

Southwest Motif Wallclocks

Kokopelli in desert rustic southwestern steel wall clock 3 sizes
Sara Haye

Kokopelli in Desert Rustic Southwestern Steel Wall Clock 3 Sizes

Southwestern wall clocks 3

Show off your love for Southwestern Indian art. The round, or rather square, southwestern wall clock on the wall has intense colors and references to shamans, with images of turtles. Made of acrylic. Size 10.75 "x 10.75".

Western clocks wall decor

A quality wall clock made from cast iron. We're sure it's quite heavy, just from the look of it – and heavy equals quality, usually. That's why it's a perfect, interesting addition for any house, especially ones that are to be cosy and rustic.

Southwest clock
Cintia Brook

- Southwestern Chili Peppers 6" Silent Wall Clock (Includes Desk/Table Stand) - Southwestern Decor

Western clocks wall
Jenna Edward

Intriguing wall clock made in the Southwestern style. The combination of colours, as well as a complicated pattern, are what makes this clock so interesting and able to enhance every interior.

Chili pepper clock
Brittany Scott

Southwestern Pattern Fun Wall clock

Southwestern wall clocks 9
Martinez Marisa

kokopelli clock | Kokopelli Southwestern Clock

Southwestern wall clocks 7

Southwestern Pattern Fun Wall clock

Southwestern clocks 14
Henderson Gina

Southwestern Clocks

Collections Etc - Southwest Scene Hanging Wall Clock
Jenna Daviesful

Decorous wall clock with unique bezel: it features a sculpted, 3-dimensional Southwest scene, with cactuses, howling coyote, and mountains! It is made from sustainable resin, with bright, colourful finish.

Desert treasures square metal wall clock from our southwestern clocks
Jennifer Nels

Desert Treasures Square Metal Wall Clock - From our Southwestern Clocks category, this clock is inspired by the rock formations and cacti found in the Southwestern desert. In the foreground are blooming cactus, Native American pottery and baskets. $50.00

Southwestern wall clock stone turquoise by izzysvintagegarden 34
Christina Ross

Southwestern Wall Clock Stone & Turquoise by izzysvintagegarden, $34 ...

Wall Clock
Kimberly Hugh

Wall Clock
This fantastically designed wall clock uses interlocking leaf-shaped shafts pattern to produce a gorgeous frame and durable clock face with roman numerals. Utilizes accurate clock movement running on one AA battery.

Cantina chili peppers 12 inch decorative wood wall clock by
Gonzales Colleen

Cantina Chili Peppers 12-inch Decorative Wood Wall Clock by Highland Graphics


native_american_dreamcatcher_wall_clock ...

Wall Clock
Thomson Marisa

Wall Clock
Modern watch in streamlined design and sophisticated form. Pad consists of decoratively curved strip made of glass. It is dedicated for wall mounting. It provides a mechanism for one AA battery.

Southwestern motif
Roberts Isabelle

Clock Wall clock Southwestern Clock

Kokopelli in desert rustic southwestern steel wall clock 3 sizes
Brooks Melissa

Kokopelli in Desert Rustic Southwestern Steel Wall Clock 3 Sizes

Southwestern wall clocks 14
Sarah Ashleyist

New Mexico Zia (sun) Clock

Southwestern wall clocks 2

Southwest Scene Hanging Wall Clock

Southwestern pattern fun wall clock 7
Kimberly Lew

Southwestern pattern fun wall clock

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Mega Leahbrown

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Kokopelli southwestern wall clock design 2

Kokopelli Southwestern Wall Clock Design

Kokopelli light wall clock
Liliana Gadjus

Kokopelli Light Wall Clock

Western wall clock
Crystal Camp

sold 1 Stunning Southwestern Sunset Grand Canyon wall clock, choose your shape & size

Best price red rock round acrylic wall clock by ibis
Tiffany Jame

Best Price Red Rock Round Acrylic Wall Clock by Ibis Art

Desert moon cactus rustic southwestern steel wall clock 3 sizes

Desert Moon & Cactus Rustic Southwestern Steel Wall Clock 3 Sizes