Solar Address Light

Solar address lights are a great idea. They are economic, eco-friendly and make finding the house in the dark a breeze. Browse the designs below and find a light which will add character to your driveway.

Yulia Thompson Interior Design Expert
Solar powered address sign
Martinez Marisa

An interesting, personalized house number that is readable from large distances. It features a transparent frame and green numbers. This construction also includes a solar light, so the number is readable at night.

Solar house numbers
Gina Rivera

Trying to find the high quality and nicely finished mailbox? We've got the excellent mailbox post with solar address light. It adds style to any outdoor space.

Solar address sign
Tara Gosselin

If you trying to find the perfect solar address light, you have to choose this one. It features the solar LED address plaque, which is powered by the sun. It works without any batteries!

Address light

Everyone will find your home in the dark, because you will have the easy-to-install solar light house number. It works without any batteries and as got a large size.

Solar address light 1
Anderson Marisa

This solar powered LED number is going to keep your guests from wandering about. Constructed of quality aluminum and painted in black, the decoration has a large, cut out number, behind which is hidden a lighting system.

Solar house marker

Luxurious house number. Decorative bronze finish underlines the design of your house, while the illumination system makes sure everyone is able to find your place. It's charged by solar energy, so don't worry about batteries.

Solar lighted house numbers

This small element is decorative and functional outdoors. It includes an address light that illuminates the street number at night. This solar product is a very functional, economic and ecologic solution.

Solar powered house numbers
Alexis Hallify

Are you looking for nicely finished, high quality and stylish solar numbers for your house? This one is functional, looks-great and you don't need batteries!

Solar address light
Julie Fos

With this solar address marker stake, no one will pass your house, anymore. Designed of quality metal and covered in a black finish, the stake is resistant to weather conditions, and glows after dark, vividly displaying the number of your house.

Solar address
Julie Lon

A very functional address number that is large and readable even from large distances. This solar number uses LED technology to shine at night, so it is readable in darkness. The whole technology of this item is reliable.

Led address lights
Alexis Milani

An original and interesting address light powered by solar technologies. This solid construction is wear-resistant and it is readable at night thanks to its solar powered light. This idea is very functional.

Solar address light 5
Christina Allen

A functional element that also decorates garden areas. This address lantern includes a solar light that makes a street number visible at night, so this solution is not only decorative, but also very practical.

Custom Address Wall Mount Solar Light

Custom Address Wall Mount Solar Light

Lighted house number sign solar
Elizabeth Russell

This type of post is an item that provides some space for a mailbox. It also includes a light and a plate with street number. This high-quality, nicely finished element adds style to any outdoor space.

Mailbox post with solar light
Alexander Jennifer

If you need bright illumination in your garden and you want to have visible address sign, you should insert this element in your garden. It connects elegant, vintage street lamp with fancy board with your house number.

Solar address rock
Sarah Ashleyist

Solar house number with black Arabic numbers and black rectangular frame. These numbers are located on white background with a light. Thanks to this solution, the number is readable at night and it also plays a decorative role.

Solar house number sign
Adriana Andersson

Rustic and industrial design for a handy and easy way to decorate the front of your house with. This house number plaque made out of wrought iron with a backlight behind it makes sure the number stays visible even during the night.

Solar address numbers

A very useful item that provides aesthetics and readability of house numbers. This solar light includes solar batteries that charge it even under cloudy conditions and at night. This lamp automaticly turns on at night and turns off at day.

Solar address light
Rivera Tiffany

Modernity even enters the sector of the house number plates. This is a colored indicator of the address number. The solar address light can even indicate geographical directions. Solar power adds longevity to bright LEDs.

One of my favorite discoveries at christmastreeshops com solar light
Sanchez Monica

One of my favorite discoveries at Solar Light Address Marker

Matterinc solar led numbers
Craven Zoe

Outdoor solar light with house numbers. It is mounted on metal base. Designed for each freestanding house.

Solar House Address Plaque
Alexandra Wood

Solar House Address Plaque
Practical LED solar lamp for a house number outdoor illumination. Made of stainless steel with a black-finished border of a rectangular panel. It has 2 stakes and 2 sets of black adhesive house numbers. One charging holds out 8-hour burning.

House numbers solar powered
Yulia Thompson

Unique an unusual decorative piece for the front entrance of the house, consisting of a classy, old-fashioned house number with a solar light above, which illuminates automatically at dusk and shuts off at dawn.

House number yard stake

Cleverly designed, this solar address plaques glows at night, helping your guests easily find your house after dark. Apart from it, it is also a stylish accent, which will distinguish your house a bit.

Whitehall Products, Illuminator Solar Address Standard Wall Lamp 14247, 2 inches wide by 6.875 inches high, black
Elizabeth Perry

A eco-friendly way to equip your house with beautiful address signs that glow in the dark. Each of these address signs is has a solar panel that absorbs sunlight during day to recharge itself for effortless usage.

Solar address light 2
Melanie Ste

Solar Address Light

Solar house numbers
Sarah Ashleyist

A very functional, state of the art technology. This element includes a house number that is readable. These are solar numbers so they get energy from the sunlight and they are able to shine at night for a better readability.

Collections Etc - Solar Lighted Color Changing Address Marker Garden Stake

Collections Etc - Solar Lighted Color Changing Address Marker Garden Stake

Way solar lighted home address sign address marker
Karen Hay

Way Solar Lighted Home Address Sign Address Marker

Solar address plaque

How to make this garden lamp out of pallet wood and a mason jar. Bollard style lamp posts are easy to make and costs pennies!

Modern Acrylic Address Plaque
Tiffany Stew

An excellent decoration for modern homes, this transparent address plaque can be a nice invitation for all your guests. Made of durable acrylic, the plaque includes black numbers printed on the inside, along with different themes that make the whole piece even more appealing.

Solar led custom address wall mount light
Tara Zucker

Solar LED Custom Address Wall Mount Light

Address sign post ideas

Solar Light Address Marker

Solar powered street numbers
Washington Crystal

Simple Life of a Fire Wife: House Number Post I would not do jacket...numbers on 2 light on top

Solar led house numbers
Adriana Andersson

Pine Top Solar Address Light - Solar Post Lights at Hayneedle

Solar street number signs
Peyton Donaldson

Zoomed-in Version of this image for Solar Address Light E7136

Solar lighted color changing address marker garden stake
Carmen Kowalski

Solar Lighted Color Changing Address Marker Garden Stake

Solar 5 digit address lights

Solar 5-digit Address Lights

Gama Sonic Solar Illuminated Address Sign, Amber LED #GS-80-A
Craven Zoe

Gama Sonic Solar Illuminated Address Sign, Amber LED #GS-80-A

Address lights
Simmons Cynthia

Garden Solar Address Light

House number solar light
Bianca Weberable

Always wanted a house # sign like this. Maybe even with a light!

Address plaque light
Emily Ross

A stylish address plaque for outdoors, with a rectangle frame crafted of sturdy Barn wood, white metal numbers and contrasting black background. It has a lovely lantern mounted on the left side, with a powder-coated steel frame that holds a clear glass hurricane.

Beautiful first impressions laser cut solar address lights
Alyssa Wilsonify

Beautiful First Impressions: Laser Cut Solar Address Lights

Solar lamp post with address marker
Peyton Marthy

Solar Lamp Post with Address Marker

Solar house number
Cintia Brook

Number sign with built in planter (and solar light) for the end of the driveway. I love this.. now I need a bigger yard.

Solar address light 10

Solar Address Light

Address solar light
Kristina Dia

Address Solar Light

Black Series Solar-Powered Lighted Address Plaque

Black Series Solar-Powered Lighted Address Plaque

The solar illuminated address mailbox cool glowing illuminate made

The Solar Illuminated Address Mailbox cool, glowing, illuminate, made ...

Blinking dragonflies solar powered led light with battery
Emily Rivera

Blinking Dragonflies Solar Powered LED Light with Battery ›