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This soft-sided storage bin constitutes a great option to store toys or laundry. Warm and positive, celadon colour will create a cosy accent wherever appearing. Ideal proposition for child's bedrooms.

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Baskerville floor bin aqua

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Premium 2 Handle Storage Bin

Premium 2 Handle Storage Bin
Foldable storage bin with two convenient handles that make it easy to take out from a storage rack. It is sewn of brown fabric, but one may choose from other color options. Makes organization smoother.

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Crochet rag basket soft side storage bin 4

Crochet Rag Basket Soft Side Storage Bin
Beautiful design for a crochet basket storage bin made out of an arrangement of different fabrics in a variety of vibrant colors, making it a perfect addition to any kitchen to act as a cute and stylish fruit bowl replacement.

Soft storage boxes

Aesthetic and practical soft storage bins manufactured of stain resistant woven cotton with geometric patterns in white, black or blue. They have square cuboidal bodies and inner lining of soft cotton.

Folding Toy Storage Bin (Set of 2)

Folding Toy Storage Bin (Set of 2)
This Set of 2 Toy Storage Bins in Green Finish can be a great choice to store not only toys but also blankets, or magazines. Each bin is non-toxic, also featuring non-woven polypropylene and paperboard construction, and cut-out handles.

Extra deep red hanging bin holiday decor

Extra Deep Red Hanging Bin Holiday Decor
Attractive storage bin suitable for hanging on door knobs. This soft bin provides space for sweets and other items. It is suitable especially for Christmas. Handmade item of this type is a very original, practical and decorative element of home decor.

Crochet rag basket soft side storage bin

Crochet Rag Basket Soft Side Storage Bin
Stylish basket woven with high quality cotton. Handy gadget for each home. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed. Received many very good recommendations from customers.

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Soft sided storage bins

Wall mount changing table

Attractive and very practical dresser with durable wooden construction in old-styled white finish. This element of furniture features two large and two small drawers for clothes and other items or accessories.

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Soft bathtub 1

A uniquely made soft bathtub with a handmade, DIY design. The base of the bathtub is created out of cellular concrete blocks with roughly shaped oval sides out of concrete, creating an industrial-looking piece.

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Soft bathtub 16

Often we struggle to fit everything in the bathroom and still maintain space. Gray, delicate tiles optically enlarge even a small bathroom and complete a white soft bathtub built into the corner.A high bathtub in a compact shape.

Soft bathtub 15

An aesthetic traditional bathtub of white acrylic. It's oval and has raised stepped edges. It's equipped with tap holes, a drain hole and an overflow. Its rectilinear enclosure is of white plastic panels featuring a vertically slatted pattern.

Soft bathtub

An ordinary traditional bathtub (however, with slightly unusual contents...). It has a rectangular body (with rather narrow gently rounded edges) and an elongated ovalish basin with an overflow and a drain hole.

Soft bathtub 3

Freestanding bathtub in elegant form. It's made of high quality acrylic with gloss finish. Stylish accent for each bathroom according to taste.

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Melissa 65" x 31.25" Soaking Bathtub

Melissa 65" x 31.25" Soaking Bathtub
A contemporary, white bathtub which is made from high-quality materials only. It features acrylic and metal elements. It has an adjustable base for accurate leveling and stability. Its capacity is estimated at 48.5 gallons of water.

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Melissa 71" x 33" Soaking Bathtub

Melissa 71" x 33" Soaking Bathtub
A beautiful, white soaking bathtub made from acrylic with no hard edges or stark contrasts. It is freestanding and its capacity is estimated at 53 gallons of water. Tub only comes with the tube and the drain

Puj Snug - Ultra Soft Spout Cover

A nice attraction for kids, this Ultra Soft Spout Cover in Aqua Finish ensures proper protection during bath time. The spout cover is flexible, mildew resistant, non-absorbent, and fits almost any faucet.

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Designer Courtney 60" x 48" Whirlpool Bathtub

Designer Courtney 60" x 48" Whirlpool Bathtub
A huge whirlpool bathtub which is made of lucite cast acrylic. Its capacity is estimated at 60 gallons of water. It features a 2.25 HP single speed pump and 6 fully directional adjustable PVC jets.

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Folding Storage Bin II

Folding Storage Bin II
Folding storage bin with white 'GAMES' sign lets you organize the content of your closet. The box folds flat, being especially easy to store when not used. Its has cutout handles and fabric body in blue.

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Folding Storage Bin

Folding Storage Bin
Folded box dedicated for kid's room. It has a "TOY" inscription on the front. It is equipped with side handles for easy carrying. It helps in maintaining order in the kid's room.

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