Sofa Table Wine Rack

This will be something for all those who like wine. Get to know all these models and tell us which one appeals to you most. Of course, there is no need to rush with anything while browsing through these designs so check out all of them before making the final decision.

Sofa table wine rack 3

Small sofa table with a durable iron frame that can be used as a wine rack. This solid and practical construction is finished in universal black color. Rectangular glass top provides additional space for decorations or accessories.

Wine rack table sofa table console table

Wine Rack Table Sofa Table Console Table
Console table that can be used as a sofa table. It features a narrow rectangular top with simple, straight lines without unnecessary decorations. Lower parts include a small shelf and a rack for bottles of wine.

Wine case coffee table

A cool rustic vintage sofa table of wooden planks with a worn finish in light browns. It has a rectilinear body, a frame of black coated angle metals adorned with rivets, a front and back open shelf, an open front rack for 12 bottles in 3 tiers.

Sofa table wine rack 1

Antique design for a rustic console sofa table combined with a handy and functional wine rack on one of the bottom shelves. The console is made out of reclaimed wood with a dark, rough top and a white, painted frame

Belmont buffet

Belmont Buffet
Useful sofa table that plays the role of a practical buffet. It includes small shelves for wine bottles. This buffet also includes two large storage drawers for different accessories, items and products.

Sofa table wine rack 6

Sofa table wine rack 45

Sofa table wine rack 11

Sofa table wine rack 37

Sofa table wine rack 22

Sofa table wine rack 30

Sofa table wine rack 15

Sofa table wine rack 14

Sofa table wine rack 4

Sofa table wine rack 33

Sofa table wine rack 5

Bamboo 12 Bottle Tabletop Wine Rack

Bamboo 12 Bottle Tabletop Wine Rack

24 Bottle Table Top Wine Rack

24 Bottle Table Top Wine Rack

Sofa table wine rack 7

Wine rack buffet table

This kitchen table features a solid wooden table with wine racks and open shelves. It also offers some storage space in its compartments and drawers. Drawers and compartments include durable metal handles.

Sofa table wine rack 8

Holman entertaining shelves 1

Holman Entertaining Shelves
For all gourmets of wine - it's a good place for wine to get old. The main point is quality, not only of wine.
This wine buffet has wood glides that allow glasses to slip in and out smoothly. Extremely functional are handles for glasses.

Sofa table wine rack 10

Sofa table wine rack 12

Wine rack buffet table

A practical solution for gardens, and backyards. Characterized by Barn wood construction in natural finish, the console table with-built-in ice chest with a brass faucet, also offers 1 bottom shelf, 1 storage compartment, and metal racks and handles.

Sofa table wine rack 13

Wine buffet table

Are you trying to find the nicely finished and stylish wine rack? We have got something for you! This one has got the wooden rustic structure, two drawers and shelved underneath. The long top is a fantastic base for vases of flowers and bottles of wine.

Norfolk buffet 1

Norfolk Buffet
A very interesting, functional and decorative piece of furniture. This buffet is ideal for use in the kitchen or dining room. It features a spacious top, two storage drawers and 20 shelves for wine bottles.

Sofa table wine rack 16

Modular bar buffet with 2 wine bases 2 cabinets 3

Modular Bar Buffet With 2 Wine Bases 2 Cabinets
The stylish combination of solid wood construction with functionality in this beautiful wine rack buffet table makes the decor a unique atmosphere. The whole has a lot of storage space and is elegantly presented in every living room or dining room.

Sofa table wine rack 17

World market buffet table

An elegant sideboard for contemporary kitchens, that boasts of durable wood construction and a dark cherry finish. It offers 4 storage drawers, and 2 two-door cabinets - all equipped with brushed metal pulls.

Sofa table wine rack 18

Sofa table wine rack 19

Wine buffet table 3

If you are looking for some romantic, rustic furniture, check out this outdoor wine buffet table. Creatively designed, using old barrels and some solid desks, ideal to host outdoor parties.

Wine buffet table 32

Buffet table that provides space for cheese, fruits and other snacks. It is a very practical wine buffet stylization. This table looks very simple and provides a practical top for many types of snacks.

Wine buffet table 5

Original cheese table with a solid rectangular construction finished in blue color. It is resistant to weather damage, so it is suitable for outdoor use. It provides space for cheese, snacks, sweets and wine.

Wine buffet table 44

This wine buffet table will become a fine addition for every party or family gathering, ensuring ultimate durability and being able to carry great weight, ensuring years of convenience and problem-free use.

Wine buffet table 35

Original stand in natural style. It is made of lacquered piece of tree's trunk. It will be very useful during party or just in your dining room to expose food (especially hot dishes). It will be good candle holder too.

Wine buffet table 38

Not only for the wine-lovers,the décor of this unique buffet can be used for family celebrations. The main thing is a wooden wine table top with 2 old wooden barrels. Together with the metal elements and various colors of wood create an interesting atmosphere.

Sofa table wine rack 26

Norfolk buffet 3

Norfolk Buffet
Wine rack buffet table that’s perfect for a traditional house. The white colour of this wine rack provides elegant and subtle appeal. It’s very capacious, as it comes with two large drawers. And let’s not forget about the workspace on top of it!

Toscana extending dining table 7

Toscana Extending Dining Table
This kind of product is a high quality piece of equipment that enhances a storage space of a dining room or kitchen. It features two drawers and a storage compartment with a wine rack. The whole construction of this piece of furniture is based on a durable wooden frame.

Sofa table wine rack 29

Rustic wood ledge

Rustic Wood Ledge
This kind of product is a wooden ledge that provides style and a little storage space. It represents a rustic style and saves plenty of space. This wall-mounted product is very durable and represents a natural look.

Sofa table wine rack 31

Wine rack tables

This kind of product features a very original and unique style. This wine rack is able to hold up to 6 bottles. It is made of solid materials that are durable and provide stability. It is a product ideal for use on a table top.

Inroom designs buffet server wine rack 5

Inroom Designs Buffet Server Wine Rack
This type of product is a high quality buffet server with wine rack. It offers plenty of storage space and it has got a solid wooden construction in a neutral black color. This server looks very stylish in any decor.

Sofa table wine rack 32

J.K. Adams 36-Inch-by-10-Inch Hickory Wood Cricket Table Riser

Crafted from sturdy Hickory wood, this Cricket Table Riser in Natural Finish is durable and stylish, suitable for almost any décor. This low stool is also easy to clean – all you need is warm soapy water.