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Maybe one of such soccer lamps would be a good option for you. If you think so, there couldn’t have been a better collection to choose from. Even the most demanding customers have managed to make their choices here and what do you think? Just see all these photos and decide.

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Soccer ball lamps

Why not choose a fun and charming addition to your kids room and a stunning lighting fixture at the same time by opting for this soccer lamp that sports the 3D design and along with the crack sticker makes it look like you have kicked it right into your wall.

Youth Soccer 15.75" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Youth Soccer 15.75" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
This unique and stylish table lamp is gonna totally amaze every real fan of football! Check it out and enjoy an awesome and intriguing design in your house together with the highest functionality and the best quality.

Rotating soccer ball lamp
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A funny eye-catching contemporary LED wall sconce in the form of a half of a football driven into a fissured wall. It's manufactured of white synthetic materials with black accents. It requires 3AA batteries.

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Soccer ball table lamp
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Soccer club table lamp
Soccer 20" Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Soccer 20" Table Lamp with Empire Shade
Are you a real fan of football? Then, you're gonna fall in love with this unique and stylish table lamp! It's gonna bring you not only an original and intriguing design, but also an extraordinary functionality.

Soccer shade
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The eyes of all football fans will be directed at this soccer lamp. Especially if there are AC Milan fans. The trunk of this table lamp is a black and red t-shirt, and the composition of football accessories on the green grass.

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An inimitable proposition for those, who want to distinguish their spaces. Well-resembled geometrical shapes, as well as high-quality stained glass make these football lamps an option not only for the football lovers.

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3d soccer ball lamp for excitement
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New kick me soccer ball ceramic table lamp sports fan
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Brilliant energy generating soccer ball finally on sale
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