Snail Lamp

Lamps are very important and all of us know that. This collection will provide you with a rare chance to get to know a wide variety of snail lamps, all of which have their own charm. Check out all these shapes, colours and ideas, first of all, and make your choice afterwards.

Snail lamp 48

Snail lamp 8

An unusual vintage electric table lamp in the form of a ... snail. It has a base made of durable glossy black coated material. A snail shell-like lampshade is of glass in white, bluish and greenish tones.

Snail lamp 20

Truly a unique, one-of-a-kind design. A beautiful little table lamp made to resemble a snail with a modern, square shade. Great addition for a living room or dining room, bound to spice up your home.

Snail lamp translucent art glass with

Snail Lamp Translucent Art Glass With
This snail lamp offers a blue, aqua and copper finish of the glass, swirled into the shell and would look terrific anywhere, from a desk to nestled among the potted plants, adding a splash of vintage appeal.

Snail art glass night light lamp with bronze base

Snail 5" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Snail 5" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
This large table lamp is the coolest lamp you have ever seen. It has got a snail shape and shade. It is awesome. Everyone will be impressed how amazing and beautiful this lamp is.

Snail lamp 14

Small and charming, this vintage mosaic lamp offers a snail design and brings the great amount of color and elegance since it is based on a Tiffany style, which is just timeless and extremely breathtaking.

Snail lamp 15

Snail lamp 40

Solar lighted mosaic garden snail lamp along top of front

Snail lamp 36

Snail lamp 4

Snail lamp 12

This wonderful snail lamp enchants with the beautiful combination of white and gold. Marvelously glittering, it will take you into an enchanting journey to the world of dreams and fairytales.

Snail lamp 23

Snail lamp 47

Snail lamp by sergio camilli for bieffeplast from a unique

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Snail lamp 18

Snail lamp 1

Natural accents in the house. This table lamp features a neutral colored base that looks like a large snail. Upper area includes a drum shade in white color with small multi-color stripes for enhanced aesthetics.

Snail lamp 28

Snail lamp 25

Snail lamp

Snail lamp 30

Tiffany inspired accent snail lamp showcasing a beautiful composition of colorful stained glass pieces that comprise the snail shell. A bit extravagant, but cute interior accent that provides atmospheric lighting.

Snail lamp 17

Secret Garden Resin Frog on Snail 14.75" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade (Set of 2)

Secret Garden Resin Frog on Snail 14.75" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade (Set of 2)
Gorgeous garden theme table lamp. Resin base is sculpted as a frog sitting on bigger snail. Unique narrow and rectangular shade is made of white fabric. Great lamp for a gardener or as a gift for a special person.

Snail lamp 31

Snail lamp 33

Snail lamp 15

Snail lamp 22

Snail lamp at have you met miss jones

Snail Shell 35.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Snail Shell 35.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
This 35.5-inch height table lamp is characterized by a handcrafted, porcelain body, finished in bronze. The lamp includes a taupe cotton empire shade, 3-way rotary socket switch, and accommodates 150W incandescent bulbs.

3300315306_057aff0498_z jpg

Decorative snail lamp

Snail lamp 43

Snail lamp wright

Snail table lamp 20th century furniture

Of the wild porcelain snail lamp unique design after traveling

Snail lamp 44

Snail lamp 26

Bronze art nouveau snail millefiori art glass body stunning

Tiffany stained glass snail lamp 1

Snail lamp 45

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Earring bronze and onyx sconce by achille salvagni image 2

Snail lamp 46

Snail lamp 27

Home lighting lamps table lamps ta10897 snail accent lamp

Whimsy vintage snail lamp

Snail lamp 49

Snail lamp 50