Small Wall Curio Cabinet

Curio cabinets are a great idea to display a collection of figurines, shells, toy cars or other bits and pieces. They help to organize the collection but also work as a decoration feature on the wall. Check the selection below of small wall curio cabinets.

Liliana Gadjus Interior Design Expert
Small wall cabinet
Morgan Anna

Enhance you living room with this stunning curio cabinet that you can mount on your wall. Constructed of wood and bathed in an off-white finish, the cabinet features sides with glass panels, 1 glass panels door with a decorative pull-knob, and 2 wooden shelves.

Vancouver II Wall Curio Cabinet
Lily Cravenable

Vancouver II Wall Curio Cabinet
It is a very nice, elegant and very practical cabinet on the wall. It is made of a wooden frame. The door and are glazed, which means that its content can be nicely expose. Cabinet ideally suited to the elegant lounge or dining room.

Small wall curio cabinet
Natasha Pete

This beautiful wooden shelf is an excellent way to decorate the interior, store trinkets and express yourself. All natural wood pieces combine with every interior design, and the personalization feature allows you to customize them according to your needs.

Small curio cabinets
Cintia Kowalski

Curio cabinet made of wood with antique finish. Front is covered with glass. It includes 3 shelves for display decoration. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Figurine display case
Jessica Zernike

A solid, functional and attractive construction in the house. This wall cabinet features many shelves and glass doors. It is perfect for the storage and display of different items and collections. The size of this cabinet is 20"H X 19 3/4"W X 3 5/8"D.

Small wall cabinets
Margaret Diaz

Mount this stylish curio cabinet on your wall and display your collectibles in all their glory. Crafted of wood and veneers, the cabinet includes a glass paneled front, and a beautifully designed door with a decorative pull-knob. The inside holds 2 wooden shelves.

Small curio cabinet
Lopez Christine

A very original and functional stylization. This glass cabinet perfectly displays different decorations and useful items. Its solid brass frame assures support and it also looks very attractive in different kinds of interior design.

Small glass curio cabinet display case

Thanks to this splendid piece of glass and metal, your precious collectibles will be displayed with class, and dust-free. The cabinet is cut of clear glass, embedded in a brass frame with sphere-like legs. The whole offers 5 display areas and a mirrored back.

Mini curio cabinet
Rachel Massonable

An adorable decoration for contemporary homes, this curio cabinet can be mounted on a wall, so you could properly display all your collectibles. Made of wood in a white finish, the cabinet features a clear glass paneled front, a curvy glass door, and 3 compartments for your decorations.

Hanging wall curio cabinet 1

This hanging wall curio cabinet will fit ideally into traditional or classic interiors. Beautifully-lacquered wooden construction features 4 storage tiers, creating a considerable space to display your belongings.

Wall curio cabinet
Mega Leahbrown

Introduce some cottage chic and display knicknacks at once right away. For farmhouse accent and distressed decor element, try a light blue painted curio cabinet with glass door and bun feet. The finial draws glances here.

Wall curio cabinet white
Wilson Gabrielle

This curio cabinet is just the most wonderful way of arranging your decorative objects in your household. It offers the display case and is ideal for the figurine display, fitting smoothly in any decor.

Small curios
Brittany Walk

This small wall curio cabinet is surely the most fitting solution for all those spaces that need the convenient and functional place to display the various collections that you might have or simply to put some of the decorative items proudly on display.

Vintage wall cupboards

Old-fashioned cabinet intended to storage perfumes, which will play its role the best in dressing room. It is made of cherry wood and decorated with sculptural, floral pattern. Doors are glazed and handle is made of brass.

Hanging curio cabinet

A great choice for not too large interiors that are in the need of spicing them up with some eye-catchy collectibles. Thanks to this curio cabinet with clear glass panels, you will have enough space for displaying your precious treasures.

Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet / Decorative Shadow Box Display Case with glass door, Solid wood, CD05C-OA

If you are short on floor surface, still a curio cabinet can be set in your apartment - just use the vertical space and fix a cabinet to a wall. This curio cabinet offers a classic style with solid wood frame and glass door.

Curio wall cabinet

The distressed finish on this white wooden cabinet is adorable. The storage inside is perfect for your jewelry, lingerie or cosmetics. The county cottage shabby chic style adds a beauty into any home.

Wall curio cabinets
Alicia Ram

A splendid gift for girls, who love to display their precious treasures, using for it adorable pieces of furniture. This curio cabinet boasts of vintage accents, along with its open shelves, a glass door with 3 compartments behind it, and decorative finials on top.

Wall curio
Allison Howard

A small traditional hanging kitchen cabinet. Its simple wooden frame has a bit distressed white finish, including a back. Both a top and a base are moulding. The cabinet has clear glass hinged door with a small round brownish knob and 2 shelves.

Small corner curio cabinet
Jaclyn Smith

This curio cabinet is a great addition to any cosy, warm interior. Reach ornamentation makes it a real eye-candy, and the glass door will add depth to your interior. Let's not forget about five handy shelves for enhanced ergonomy!

Jenlea Wall Curio Cabinet - Cherry Finish
Tara Zucker

Enchanting with its cherry finish, this Jenlea wall curio cabinet constitutes a perfect display case for one's interior. Its 4-tiered construction will provide a considerable storage space for your belongings.

Curio shelves wall

This small wall curio cabinet constitutes a great proposition for one's dining room, providing plenty of storage for small items, such as crafts supplies. Finished in bright wood, it enchants with its natural, dense graining.

Knick knack wall shelf

The living room small wall curio cabinets is high furniture resembling bookshelves. However, they have to display family porcelain thanks to a spacious transparent window and often glass shelves. In this case, topped with a wooden frame made of cherry wood.

Small display case
Smith Courtney

This gorgeous curio cabinet can be a nice addition to your hallway, living room, den, or game room. It has a front glass door, a mirrored back, and 5 removable glass shelves for different size collectibles. The frame is crafted of sturdy wood, and covered with a cherry finish.

Small curio cabinets cheap 1
Adriana Andersson
Small wall curio cabinet

Curio cabinet designed for mounting on the wall. Frame is made of wood and fitted with glass doors. Great for storing tableware, display decoration and more. Stylish addition to the kitchen, dining room and more.

Rosedale hardwood wall curio cabinet 1
Alyssa Wilsonify
Small wall curio cabinet

This incredibly original bookshelf is a great piece of interior design. The beautiful frame of the shelves adds a whole refined style, and at the same time presents itself exceptionally. Practical shelves are perfect for storing books and other trinkets.

Small curio cabinet
Amanda Bell
Shadow box with shelves and glass door
Olivia Smithist
Small wall cabinets with doors
Hilton Emily
Wooden knick knack shelves
Vintage wall curio cabinets
Katherine Jone
Apothecary wall cabinet
Kristina Robinson
Collectible Display Case Wall Curio Cabinet Shadow Box, with glass door, CDSC03-CH
Campbell Veronica
Small wall display case
Small curio cabinets cheap
Craven Zoe
Small vintage cabinet
Theresa How
Small wall curio cabinet
Evans Liliana
Hanging wall curio cabinet
Washington Lisa
Vintage wall cabinets
Mendes Natasha

Now, you can display your precious collectibles just as they should be. This wall-mounting curio cabinet includes a wood farme with a glass panel door, offering 4 shelves in a light oak finish and matching backing.

How to make a curio cabinet
Lily Cravenable
More options finish
Thomas Christina
Wall mounted curio cabinet with glass doors

Small square shelves, we love them because they give us a great chance to expose and storage our little decorative items,some souvenirs from the best trips. Wall mount curio cabinet is full of them,made of wood, in white close them with double glass doors.

Collector figurine display case small wall curio cabinet shadow box
Yulia Thompson
Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet / Sports Shot Glass Display Case, Solid Wood, Glass Door, SC04B-MAH
Aloma Garcia

If you want to embellish your collectibles room, then you are here for a real treat. This Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet is characterized by a handmade design, consisted of solid Beechwood frame, felt interior background, and elegant glass door for easy access.

(CC-136) Solid Wood Recessed in the wall Curio Cabinet, 36"H, multiple colors
Zernike Laetitia
Shabby cottage small wall storage display by olliesfinethings 45 00
Aloma Garcia
Small Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet Shadow Box, Glass Door, Mirror Background, Solid Wood - Oak Finish (CD06-OA)
Laetitia Anderson

Simple style wall cabinet with traditional influences. It is equipped with glass door to display all items organized inside. Its frame is constructed of solid wood with oak finish. The interior shelves are made of glass.

Order the distressed white arch wall cabinet today and save
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