Slim Pantry Cabinet

To use the itty-bitty space in the kitchen, choose a slim pantry cabinet. It's a smart idea to store jars and pack plenty of canned food. Be space-savvy and browse below to find the best solution for your kitchen.
Style: Contemporary, Eclectic, Modern, Rustic, Traditional, Vintage
Color: Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Red

Caroline Stone Interior Design Expert
Slim pantry cabinet
Brittany Gonzales

The pull-out storage cabinet, that is hidden in the kitchen. Great for cans of food or kitchen accessories. It's a smart space saver for narrow space. The simple white design is suitable with any other.

Slim pantry cabinet 1

High cupboard for storing cleaning accessories. Includes 2 cabinets stacked vertically. Construction is made of wood. It has hooks for broom and mop. Slim form provides saving space.

Slim cupboard
Monica Perr

For everyone who is searching for space-saving kitchen solutions, this pantry shelf will be a great choice. The piece is consisted of 8 open shelves, where you can place your groceries. You can easily hide it behind your fridge or kitchen furniture, and just as easy pull it out thanks to its useful handle.

Narrow cabinet for kitchen
Thomas Patricia

This handy portable cabinet is an excellent piece of furniture for any kitchen. The large cabinets contain various trinkets, so it is perfect for storage. Wheels make it easy to move, and the simplicity of the design fits perfectly into the interior.

Slim kitchen cabinet

Smart storage ideas never go out of fashion. Check out this great pantry cabinet – all the unused space gone, replaced by an ergonomic, nice cabinet. The white colour fits all designs. It's a great way to gain some free space.

Slim pull out rack showplace cabinets traditional kitchen cabinets
Thomson Marisa

... Slim Pull-out Rack - Showplace Cabinets traditional-kitchen-cabinets

Slim cabinet
Reed Rebecca

This compact-size pantry is a great solution for smaller kitchens. You can slide it behind your fridge, or in the gap between the wall and the kitchen furniture. It has 14 open shelves, giving you a relatively large space for storage.

Skinny kitchen cabinet

A simple, small, but functional utility cabinet for brooms and other items for cleaning indoors, etc. It includes solid wooden doors with two leaves. White color of these doors perfectly suits many indoors.

Wooden cabinet slim white storage bathroom kitchen pantry organizer
Mitchell Stacey

Wooden Cabinet Slim White Storage Bathroom Kitchen Pantry Organizer ...

Fridge pantry cabinet

Every kitchen has a nook that can be used for a narrow pantry: thanks to rolling casters, the piece is easy to reach and move. One can store seasonings, cereals and other dry products there. Inventive!

Venture Horizon Venture Horizon Thin Man Pantry Cabinet

A thin pantry cabinet that features 6 roomy shelves with raised panels. Despite its size, it can be filled with an incredibly huge amount of food. The manufacturer wanted it to look good amongst white furniture in a white-painted kitchen. Its price is not high so it's totally worth buying.

Freestanding pantry cabinet ikea
Hilton Emily

Simplicity, functionality and solidity are the most important advantages of this cabinet. Its neutral white color looks very interesting in different interior stylizations. It includes storage cabinets and a small open shelf.

Slim storage cabinet
Wilson Gabrielle

Cool practical movable pantry ideal for small kitchens. Its frame is of durable white plastic and is so narrow that it can be placed e.g. between a fridge and a cabinet. The pantry has 3 shelves and small black non-marking casters.

Short pantry cabinet
Kristin Park

This functional pantry is entirely made of wood and bathed in a white finish. It can be mounted in narrow spaces, and it consists of a pullout cabinet with shelves for storing foods and drinks. It functions like a vertical drawer.

Narrow kitchen cabinet
Dana Perez

A decorative, solid and functional rolling pantry. It includes functional wheels and solid metal shelves for food products. This durable metal construction is finished in attractive red color, so this product is functional and attractive.

VHZ Storage 56" Kitchen Pantry
Wesson Jessica

VHZ Storage 56" Kitchen Pantry
This handy kitchen pantry cabinet is a great way to store all the necessary products that can easily and nicely kept in the kitchen or pantry. Practical wheels make the whole mobile computing.

Narrow pantry cabinet
Stephanie Ward

This hidden pantry is entirely made of wood and bathed in a white finish. It can be mounted in narrow spaces, and it consists of 2 pullout cabinets with shelves for storing foods and drinks.

Lisa 42" Kitchen Pantry
Thompson Alyssa

Lisa 42" Kitchen Pantry
It is a 42 inches kitchen pantry that is perfect for storing your food, kitchen accessories, small things and more. It fits to small spaces and it is perfect for many rooms. You will be impressed how functional and great this pantry is.

Slim rolling pantry
Ashley Pete

Original slim pantry cabinet intended to the kitchen. It is very capacious and has special compartments for every tool. It is intended to storage tableware and cookware. It can be used in professional, restaurant's kitchen too.

Ikea broom closet

This pullout cupboard fits perfectly in narrow spaces, and its entirely constructed from wood covered with a white finish. Inside you will find 3 open shelves for food, and 1 small shelf for storing eggs.

Broom storage ideas
Adriana Andersson

Warm- and light-colored kitchen with light wooden panels floor and cream walls. Behind the fridge there's a tall pull-out pantry to store seasonings and other kitchen essentials. Note also the wall-mounted wooden cutting board.

Slim jim 6 shelf rolling pantry

Slim-Jim 6-shelf Rolling Pantry

Stand alone pantry ikea
Phillips Esther

Slim kitchen cabinet suitable for spices and other small products. It features a durable wooden construction with a front wall in neutral gray color. Wooden shelves are also durable, spacious and practical.

Shallow pantry cabinet
Tara Gosselin

Handy and space-efficient project for a DIY, handmade bookcase in a corner made to act as an impromptu wine rack with glasses storage, made out of white-painted wooden shelf next to a wall.

Narrow wall cabinet
Anna Rive

Hidden shelves: Build shallow shelves to fit behind the door in your laundry room, utility room or pantry.

Narrow black cabinet
Abbey Kowalski

A stylish, yet exquisitely tall and narrow cabinet, which will be an adorable accent in almost any room. It can serve as a tower for linen, a pantry or a dinnerware cabinet, always providing a refined appeal with its glossy, dark wood.

Mini pantry
Melanie San

Organize: Traditional closet by Nicholson Builders

Baldwin 80" Recessed Kitchen Pantry

Baldwin 80" Recessed Kitchen Pantry

So simple from boligmagasinet shot by morten holtum via emmas
Jenna Delicata

so simple. from boligmagasinet, shot by morten holtum via emmas designblogg

Slim storage
Nicole Bryant

There will be one of these on either side of the range. Oh, joy, getting all that stuff off the counter but right at hand,

Skinny wall cabinet
Alexis Hallify

Credit:_Venegas and Co

Slim can and spice racks
Griffin Megan

A diy pot lid holder on a door in the kitchen

Nantucket 72" Kitchen Pantry

Nantucket 72" Kitchen Pantry
Lovely traditional pantry of wooden materials with a distressed white finish. Its full top and base are same. Recessed panels feature a slatted up design. Each cabinet has 2 adjustable shelves and 2 doors with nickel knobs. A drawer has 2 cup pulls.

Shallow kitchen pantry
Abbey Kowalski

Efficiëntie indeling van een kast

Kitchen Pantry
Joanna Griffin

Kitchen Pantry
A kitchen pantry that will bring you the utmost convenience with the ample storage compartments, making sure you fit all of your belongings neatly. The white finish is amazingly neutral and versatile, fitting any setting beautifully.

28" Kitchen Pantry
Cintia Brook

28" Kitchen Pantry
Stylish 28-Inch Kitchen Pantry in White Finish is going to embellish any kitchen décor in a blink of an eye. Designed of PVC, the pantry offers a sleek and slim design for space-saving benefits. Shelves are 5-inch wide, and the pantry itself is lightweight, thus also easy to move.

Robert 72" Kitchen Pantry
Robinson Layla

Robert 72" Kitchen Pantry
If you're looking for practical and stylish solutions for your kitchen, this amazing pantry is gonna be a perfect match for you. Check it out now and enjoy its highest functionality and a unique design!

Freestanding pantry ikea
Kelly Will

Oh I LOVE it! Great idea for storing those infamous pot lids! Will complete project ASAP!

Narrow broom cupboard
Crystal Ste

organisation. Live lusciously with LUSCIOUS:

Thin cabinet

Just the pic :( have no idea where it's from, but it's genius.

Shallow depth storage cabinets
Holly Wat

Why not choosing some of those stunning storage cabinets that come with the tall and slim design to fit neatly in your interior and will prove to be real space-savers. They add plenty of storage to your home and can fit in any room.

Narrow kitchen cabinets

Corner cabinet ideas - better use of space for the pull out "susans"

Pine cabinets 3
Isabella Martinable

SOLD - Tall Skinny Pine Cabinet - $120

Fiesta 62" Kitchen Pantry
Patricia Simmons

Fiesta 62" Kitchen Pantry
This Elegant & Tall 62-Inch Kitchen Pantry in White Finish is consisted of 4 smoothly-operating doors that conceal spacious storage compartments. The whole is designed of eco-friendly EPP-compliant laminated particle board material.

Rev a shelf slim line pull out tall pantry unit
Kathleen Wal

Rev-A-Shelf Slim Line Pull-Out Tall Pantry Unit

Slim wall cabinet
Lewis Alexandra

Yellow + white kitchen

Slim wooden storage cabinet shelf shelving furniture accent pantry
Jessica Zernike

Slim Wooden Storage Cabinet Shelf Shelving Furniture Accent Pantry ...

Stylish narrow storage cupboard 19mm scratch stain
Martinez Marisa

Stylish narrow storage cupboard. 19mm scratch, stain

Thin Pull-Out Pantry/Laundry Cabinet [Kitchen] # 4036-11WH

Thin Pull-Out Pantry/Laundry Cabinet [Kitchen] # 4036-11WH

Thin wall cabinet
Mitchell Stacey

Double wall oven, cooktop, small island with sink, classy style - so much to love in this small kitchen.

I never had a pantry cabinet before… is it worth it?
Certainly! Pantry cabinets are true lifesavers, especially for the owners of small kitchens. That’s because of the sizes in which our utensils and kitchen ingredients usually come – bottles, jars and cans are similar in shape, and cabinet pantries are designed to store them in the most efficient way.

What are the main differences between walk-in pantries and cabinet pantries?
While walk-in pantries are bigger and more spacious, they are not always better. Cabinet pantries are more centralized, provide very accessible storage which is always within the reach of your hand and they don’t take up much space at all.

What is the usual size of a pantry cabinet?
Cabinet pantries usually measure between 12 and 36 inches width, between 84 and 96 inches height and between 12 and 24 depth, which makes them an excellent storage solution for small and medium-size kitchens. Larger kitchens would probably be better off with a walk-in pantry.

Still can’t decide how big my cabinet pantry should be…
Generally, 96 inches high pantry cabinets touch the ceiling, while 84 inches tall cabinets should give you about one foot of free space above. When it comes to depth, 12 inches is used for those without the pull-out function, and 24 inches for pull-out pantries. Finally, 12 inches of width is pretty standard, while 24 inches can be called spacious. 36 inches wide pantry cabinets are the big, heavy-duty ones.

Does a pantry cabinet stand out from the rest of the design?
Not at all! A cabinet pantry can have exactly the same type of front as the rest of your cabinets. However, if you would like to make it stand out on purpose, as a design statement, that’s possible – some of them even have chalkboards instead of fronts!