Sliding Hanging Room Dividers

Sometimes the living space needs to be divided and particular zones marked out. With a sliding room dividers you'll easily accomplish the task. Check the designs below to choose dividers which will add some character to the interior.

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Sliding hanging room dividers
Vanessa Jac

My friend has a small apartment with one big space. We was thinking how separate rooms, so he decide to try the classic sliding doors with wooden construction. It's an easy and cheap manner to create fantastic home.

Room dividers floor to ceiling
Peyton Marthy

Large sliding doors blend with the wall and create large planar surface; wide doorway maintains the feel of spaciousness, though the doors can be closed at any time to divide the apartment. Worthy solution for small apartments.

Sliding hanging room dividers

If you need something a little more original and still extremely functional then this sliding door will be perfect, since it provides an easy addition of privacy to any space without you having to built another wall.

Ikea room dividers
Bush Eliza

Thanks to these sliding doors you'll be able to successfully separate your master bedroom from your bathroom. The doors are constructed of wood and painted in white, equipped with cut out holes instead of traditional handles.

Sliding hanging room dividers 1

Sliding doors for dividing living room, kitchen, dining room and others interiors as needed. It is made of glass and fitted with metal handle. Modern design for each home.

Room dividers ceiling to floor
Denise Brya

Astound your guests with those breathtaking, sliding, hanging room dividers! They are very easy to use, provide a proper level of privacy and convenience, and make a perfect solution for separating your bathroom from your bedroom.

Room dividers ikea
Julia Lambertify

A functional and decorative room divider with solid wooden frame in a walnut finish. This durable and attractive construction also includes aluminum and frosted glass. Thanks to these materials, this divider is solid and decorative.

Sliding panels room dividers

This stylish room divider is an excellent way to place your intimate space inside the small apartments. Simple design is elegant, does not take up a lot of space, and additionally introduces a cozy atmosphere for the decor.

Sliding room dividers
Patterson Gracie

This construction is a functional and original element for room dividing into smaller spaces. It features three sliding panels with durable and decorative wooden frames. Brown and white colors of this divider look good in many rooms.

Ikea sliding doors room divider

Ikea Sliding Doors Room Divider

Floor to ceiling room divider

Pretty-looking contemporary room divider with sliding panels on a frame. Panel curtains are made of polyester fabric in beiges, browns and blues with solid or delicate floral patterns. Curtains are machine washable and can be ironed.

Hanging room divider
Price Dominique

If your house is big enough, with enough space to divide, you can try this heavy, sliding door. The door is designed in an industrial style, using distressed sheet metal. It looks quite impressive, and thanks to it, your privacy will be more than guaranteed.

Ikea room divider
Amber Gre

This big room divider is ideal for large spaces. Its neutral white color and durable wooden construction are its very important advantages. It features a stylization of sliding doors and it includes shelves for books and other items.

Room divider ikea
Lisa Anderson

I've never seen a similar room divider before - instead of standard standing panel, a window has been affixed to the door frame on hinges. It defines the space but retains its brightness and open design.

Wall dividers ikea
Campbell Veronica

Cozy and creative setup for a traditional living room with a unique, handmade custom sliding room divider on a rail, made out of white-painted oak wood with the rail above made out of black-painted metal.

Room divider doors
Karen Per

At the moment when they moved to a huge raw loft - we need to separate the bedrooms from the rest in a wise way. A sliding hanging room divider in a form of the wooden door, with a mahogany frame and frosted glass inside, comes to help.

Sliding room dividers elegant room divider ceiling room dividers
Julie Stew

... Sliding Room Dividers elegant room divider. ceiling room dividers

Ikea sliding panels
Diana Col

Room divider mounted on sliding panel. It is made of thick fabric and decorated with sophisticated pattern. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Door dividers

Cozy setup for a modern bedroom with a queen-sized bed with a wooden headboard, made out of light birch wood. The bedroom is fitted with a pocket door divider, creating a nice and stylish connection between the bedroom and a bathroom.

Sliding door room dividers
Rachel Massonable

This sliding hanging room divider is a modern proposition for contemporary apartments. It will look good i.e. in lofts. Long, dense curtain can i.e. separate the living room from the dining one or the bedroom.

Wall divider ikea
Stacey Mor

Sliding room divider in oriental style. It consists of 3 panels decorated with floral theme. Adds freshness and elegance to all kinds of interiors.

Sliding room dividers hanging wall divider sliding room dividers

sliding room dividers hanging wall divider Sliding Room Dividers ...

Room partition ikea
Mitchell Stacey

Beautiful rustic style sliding hanging room dividers. Rectangular panels are made of clear glass embedded in black frames with vertical bar handles. Panels are adorned with intricate charming white lace patterns.

87" x 40" Sotto Rings Mirror Hanging Room Divider
Mitchell Jaclyn

87" x 40" Sotto Rings Mirror Hanging Room Divider
This mirror hanging room divider is a great solution for your interior decoration. Beautiful rings give the whole a remarkable nature by which it is impossible to resist his charms. Based on a solid metal structure.

Hanging room dividers ikea

Similar to your layout with a barn door for the MB. Look at how they picked up the natural wood onthe front of the tub and back wall.

Sliding hanging room divider 1
Krystle Perry

sliding hanging room divider

Hanging room dividers

Put a little bit of creativity into your home, while using those distressed sliding doors. They look like a pair of heavy curtains, smoothly gliding on the top rail, which can be a nice change from the traditional entry.

Studio apartment dividers

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Sliding hanging room divider screen design ideas pictures remodel and
Natasha Bak

Sliding Hanging Room Divider Screen Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor - page 13

Sliding panels room divider
Turner Veronica

Would make a great way to hide the mess in my daughter's room! Please slide those doors in front of the messy area. ;)

Sliding room dividers ikea
Alexis Milani

What about a modified/simplified version of this for the door to the "movie vault"?? Just an idea we had.....Barn doors divide sitting and dining rooms

Room partitions ikea
Kristen Mill

vintagehomeca: “(via Pin by Judith Peacock on simply beautiful interiors | Pinterest) ”

Ikea dividers

Barn doors for room separation. Anybody have a link to this?

Sliding doors room dividers
Adriana Andersson

These old windows/doors would make amazing room dividers

Room separators ikea
Julia Brow

Rustic bedroom bathroom

Sliding room dividers ikea

Sliding Room Dividers Ikea

72.25" x 98" Bamboo Tree Tall Wave Room Divider

72.25" x 98" Bamboo Tree Tall Wave Room Divider
This is a solid, tall room divider in a wave shape and made of durable yet lightweight bamboo in natural finish. It is a very practical piece of furniture, which can be easy move and set wherever needs.

Ikea barn door
Angela Dia

interior barn doors....would like to use in a downstairs bar/entertainment area and incorporate some of my family farm's barn siding and special memorbilia with it....thinking our old cow kickers hanging on barn siding with various pictures of the farm i

Wood sliding hanging room dividers

Wood sliding hanging room dividers

Ikea divider
Michele Cox

Image detail for -barn doors, vaulted ceilings, repurposed pallet shelving |

Room divider with door

Room dividers are very popular in most homes today. They come in all sizes and shapes and serve a wide variety of purposes. They are also made from different materials. Originally, they were used simply to split a big room into two spaces like a studio ap

Glass room dividers
Perry Lauren

Create a separate living room and bedroom by installing a ceiling track system with panels and curtains to make a "wall" divider (IKEA KVARTAL system)

Room dividers ikea with door
Michele Col

Room Dividers Ikea With Door

Sliding panels as a room divider
Lindsay Rob

sliding panels as a room divider

70" x 68" 4 Panel Room Divider
Robinson Layla

70" x 68" 4 Panel Room Divider
Room divider consisting of four panels, where each panel includes beautiful floral theme. Additionally, frames of the panels and hinges are made of high quality materials, which makes it a long lasting construction.

10 astounding sliding room dividers photo ideas

10 Astounding Sliding Room Dividers Photo Ideas

Hanging room divider panels ikea 5
Liliana Gadjus

hanging room divider panels ikea

Sliding door room divider
Alexis Millerism

Sliding Curtain Room Dividers. I have to find a cheap way to do this for our room, it's perfect!

Room divider screens ikea

Industrial and rustic living space || Liking the sliding barn like bedroom door

Ikea sliding doors room divider 1
Henderson Natasha

ikea sliding doors room divider

What is the purpose of sliding hanging room dividers?
To divide the space and to look good while doing so. A room divider can hide an area which you’d like to keep private, direct foot traffic, provide a decorative background or define a space… or everything at once!

What are the most common rooms in which dividers are used?
Bedrooms, lofts, large multi-purpose spaces, studios… we can’t think of a room that couldn’t use sliding hanging room dividers, as long as they are chosen appropriately.

Are room dividers expensive?
Actually, they may be the cheapest solution for dividing your space without hurting the aesthetics. Just think about it – no need to install doors or build walls! Of course, the final price depends on the materials – mahogany room dividers will be more expensive than those made from rice paper.

Are hanging room dividers hard to install?
Not at all, and you can find plenty of guides online. However, if you are a total stranger to installing furniture on your own, it may be a safer bet to look for a professional in your local area. Installation of dividers shouldn’t cost too much, and you’ll be sure it gets done right!

How to choose the colour and design of my sliding hanging room divider?
It’s good to keep the sliding room dividers cohesive with the rest of décor. After all, that’s why you choose dividers instead of heavy doors – you want them to be subtle, to blend with your design and be unnoticeable yet effective! Pick colours and patterns which fit the surroundings, and you can’t go wrong.

What about the materials. Is there a lot to choose from?
Yes, they come in many different shapes and forms. First, decide whether you want the etheral rice paper divider, or one made from solid panels. These can be made from wood, woven fibre, canvas, lacquer or faux leather. Your choice should be dictated by the character of your interiors – for example, a Scandinavian house could use wood more than leather. Then, think what’s more important – decorations (printed canvas, dyed faux leather, Chinese lacquer) or functionality (plain white canvas, shoji, wood & fabric).

Do sliding hanging room dividers come in various sizes?
Of course. Depending on the height of your ceiling, you can get dividers which are 3, 4, 5, 6 or even 7 feet high. Same goes for width – dividers are usually made from between 3 to 6 panels, depending on the width of space.