Slag Glass Lamp Shade

Even if you are not a fan of such style, you have to admit that these designs, shapes and colours are interesting. Not only that, they are functional as well. Check all the possibilities that are presented below and decide if such solutions would fit well into your house. What do you think?

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Rare antique stained slag glass lamp shade 8

Rare Antique Stained Slag Glass Lamp Shade 8
A fabulous table lamp with a stylish shade in shape of a blooming floral cup. It's made of stained slag glass, embedded in a beautifully shaped metal frame, enchanting interiors with warm light and graceful appearance.

Slag glass lamp shade 18

Having an eye-catching shape of a blooming floral cup, this slag glass lamp shade is designed to intrigue. Made of stained slag glass, embedded in a beautifully shaped metal frame, it will add a romantic glow to any kind of space.

Slag glass lamp shade 4

A chic antique table lamp with a base of brass. It has a round grooved foot and a stem with collars, neckings, grooves, widenings and a crown-like finial. A lampshade of slag glass has an umbrella-like brass frame with decorative scrolls and tooling.

Slag glass lamp shade 8

Made of stained glass mixed with metal structure, this Miller Caramel slag glass lamp shade will help you create a magical ambiance. Ideal proposition for an empire or glamour interior.

Slag glass lamp shade 20

This antique lamp doesn't fit to every interior - it will play its role only in sophisticated room. It has brass, sculptural kickstand. Lampshade is made of beautiful, bronze frame and green stained glass work.

Rare antique stained slag glass lamp shade 9

Rare Antique Stained Slag Glass Lamp Shade 9
The delightful form of this slag glass lamp shade resembling the bud of flower delights. The beautiful glass stained glass is delicate, but at the same time phenomenal and perfectly presented in every interior design.

Slag glass lamp

Beautiful lamp shade made of stained glass combined with metal structure impresses and brings to the room a unique atmosphere. Beautiful slag glass shade lamp captivates and makes the decor takes on the character.

Our advice Buying Guide

A slag glass lamp shade is a unique piece of decor mainly because of the rich history that is attached to it. Of course, it's still a lamp that provides a vital purpose of providing you or the room some lighting. The said lamp comes with a bit of enigma because of its primary material, which is the glass slag. As a means of clearing a bit of the confusion, this article is going to be a buyer's guide for slag glass lamp shades.

Demystifying the Glass Slag

The term "glass slag" denotes a special kind of glass. It's a type of glass that was very popular during the 1890's. At the time, blacksmiths knew about this glass-like byproduct when processing iron ore. This glass-like product was known as slag. Hence, the name glass slag, which also goes by other names such as malachite glass and marble glass.

The easy way of identifying slag glass is by recognizing the colors. It usually comes with creamy or white color with a swirling of a different color.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the more white or cream color it has, the more it will seem older. Also, the swirl colors will indicate different eras. For example, dark brown, green, blue and purple are the earliest, while orange and red are more recent. It's a thing to remember if you want to pick a slag glass lamp with the goal of portraying a certain era.

Lighting Type

There are two major categories of lighting design. First is the ambient lighting, and the second is the task lighting.

Ambient lighting is for general illumination, while task lighting is for additional lighting to help with writing, reading or other tasks.

Here's an important thing you need to know about a slag glass lamp shade: because of the opaqueness of a slag lamp, it limits the light from going out the sides. Hence, it's a lamp that is better suited for task lighting.

If the purpose of the lamp is for ambient lighting, it's a bit difficult to find the slag glass lamp shade (but not impossible) that will work for your needs.


For most shoppers, buying a lamp will also mean a getting a certain type of decor that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room further. Hence, knowing a bit more about the style of the slag glass lamp is essential.

The slag glass is a product that is popular in the old world. Hence, a slag glass lamp is a room decor that is often used in traditional settings like European or Victorian styles.

This also means that if the room has a modern, minimalist or another newer form of interior design, you'll be hard pressed to find a slag glass lamp that will fit into the picture.

A slag glass lamp comes with a unique look, and that also means that it has a style niche. Knowing when and how to use it is the first step to making a smart purchasing decision. Hopefully, this article has helped in such area.


Slag glass lamp shade 1

Beautiful when it comes to the detailing and truly eye-catching - this arts and crafts lamp for your desk or table will complete the antique look and appeal of your household, while the brass and slag structure allows for plenty of quality.

Slag glass lamp shade

A fantastic lamp shade, designed of stained glass, embedded in a black-finished frame with exquisite metalwork. The shade fits most table lamps, and it can be a great way to bring some vintage appeal to your home decor.

Vintage stanford copper amp white slag glass lamp shade pink

Vintage Stanford Copper Amp White Slag Glass Lamp Shade Pink Blue Flowers Exc Cond
Vintage bowl shaped lamp shade made of white slag glass incorporated into a copper carcase resembling a spider's web. Falls on the side of Americana antique lamps. Unique antique piece, not to easy to bag these days

Slag glass lamp shades

Beautiful vintage lamp with slag glass shade in cream tone with caramel streaks, framed by antique looking bronze colored metal. I guess this is exactly what I need to inject a dose of Victorian style to my interior.

1920 039 s mission arts crafts nouveau slag glass lamp

1920 039 S Mission Arts Crafts Nouveau Slag Glass Lamp Shade Turned Walnut Wood Base
Representing the vintage style of the 1920's, this slag glass lamp shade standing on a walnut base will add a rustic or retro character to any interior. It stands about 5.5 feet tall and features a huge 27" palm tree shaped shade.

Vintage white slag glass lamp shade swag arts crafts craftsman

Vintage White Slag Glass Lamp Shade Swag Arts Crafts Craftsman Hanging
This helmet style swag lamp will add a cool vintage appeal to your living room or bedroom. It has the following dimensions: 9.25" diameter, 8" tall not including finial, 58" long chain; weighs about 3 pounds.

Slag glass lamp shade antique art deco 1920s amber and

Slag Glass Lamp Shade Antique Art Deco 1920s Amber And Beige
Designed of slag glass embedded in a durable metal frame, this 1920's lamp shade emanates with amber and beige composition. Shaped like a blooming flower, it will be easily decorating your home, even when the light is off.

Signed handel slag glass lamp shade in green and red

Signed Handel slag glass lamp shade in green and red shades. Bronze overlay with palm tree scenes. 7.5" tall, 20" diameter.

Vintage multi colored slag glass lamp shade tulips amp swans

Vintage Multi Colored Slag Glass Lamp Shade Tulips Amp Swans Some Cracks
In twenty years Tiffany created about five thousand colors of glasses, which he used to make his stained glass. Thanks to this, today we can see these shimmering slides in the form of an Art Nouveau slag glass lampshade with floristic motifs.

Art nouveau slag glass lamp shade w repousse bronze on

ART NOUVEAU Slag Glass Lamp Shade w/Repousse Bronze on Brass Flower Motifs

Slag glass lamp shade

Tall traditional floor lamp with caramel shade sporting classic slag glass design, complemented with a subtle fringe of beads. Base of lamp boasts a unique reticulated peacock feather foot. Early 19th century.

Antique slag glass lamp

This is an exotic looking stylish caramel slag glass lamp shade that would attract a lot of attention and create unique character into your interior. Its monochromatic color set would suit well especially delicate design room.

Slag glass lamp shade 5

Stunning empire lamp crafted out of intricately detailed, brass overlayed metal framework and beautiful slag glass in caramel and pale green, creating sectional panels. Works as table lamp shade or ceiling fixture shade.

Slag glass lamps slag glass lamp shade brass table lamp

slag glass lamps | ... slag glass lamp shade brass table lamp vandm com bent slag glass lamp

Slag glass lamp shade 23

Slag glass lamp shade, with oriental theme metal frame : Lot 40

1915 1923 arts crafts empire lamp co slag glass lamp

1915 1923 Arts Crafts Empire Lamp Co Slag Glass Lamp Shade Ceiling Light
Pendant lamp with metal frame finished with openwork pattern. Lampshade is covered with glass. It is mounted on adjustable chain. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Leaded stained slag glass lamp shade

Leaded Stained Slag Glass Lamp Shade
This amazing glass lamp shade offers the stained glass structure and will make for the perfect choice for when you want to brighten up your space and would love for the light to diffuse beautifully.

Pool table lamp shades 7

Unique table lamp for the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste. Base in streamlined shape is made of high quality plastic. Fabric lampshade is decorated with interesting pattern and finished with fringes.

Billiards 25" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Billiards 25" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade
This table lamp is a perfect choice for your game room, living room, play room and family room. It has got a bowl shade with billiards accent. It adds style to any room in your home.

Slag glass lamp shade 6


Pool table lamp shades 1

An eye-catching contemporary pool table lamp featuring an entirely silvery finish. It has a candlestick-like base with a round foot, ornate bulges and collars. A cylindrical tapered upwards lampshade is of silvery finished glass.

Pool table lamp shades

The industrial past has merged with the present moment in a form of 2 lampshades triangle made of translucent glass with ribbed embossing. Two pool table lampshades are hung on a brown, cast-iron frame, connected to rotatable wheels.

This is a beautiful lamp shade with a strong blue

this is a beautiful lamp shade with a strong blue color. it measures 6 3/4 wide and 5 high. the lamp shade hole is 3/8.

Pool table lamp shades 2

An industrial approach to a decorative pendant ceiling lighting, made out of a large wire basket with three lights mounted on a metal bar. The metal bar is held in place by thick metal chains hanging from the ceiling.

Six panel slag glass table lamp c 1920s original colored

Six-panel slag glass table lamp, c. 1920s. Original colored accents on ...

Lamp shade shapes 3

If you like DIY design, these pendant lamps shall appeal to you. Stylishly finished, with string covered fabrics, distinguish themselves with geometrical shapes. A pretty cheap and easy to assembly decor, which does not require hardcore power tools.

Lamp shade shapes

Pendant lamp as the main or additional source of light. Lampshade is covered with fabric and finished with butterfly theme. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Ebay glass lamp shades

Gilt Metal & Slag Glass Lamp Shade circa 1920's Gorgeous Ornate

Slag glass lamp shade 12

Art Nouveau Arts Crafts Handel"Hollyhock" Leaded Stained Slag Glass Lamp Shade | eBay

Diy lampshade 4

Diy Lampshade
DIY nursery room project: a super cute powder pink ceiling fixture with drum shade and butterflies detailing. Stencil butterflies in different shades of pink dangle on invisible strings. Cutout butterfly detailing embellishes the shade itself.

Lamp shade shapes 1

Flowers embellish our lives. Roses are associated with delicacy and love. They are very girly especially in the shades of pink. Hand-made single rose flowers were densely attached, one by one - and created a fantastic floral lampshade.

Miller slag glass lamp

Antique Art Deco Slag Glass Lamp Shade Blue Green Yellow & White Metal Frame #Unknown

Lamp shade shapes 18

Adorable take on a spherical lamp shade, made out of beige material with nature decorations around. The flowers and butterflies on the shade itself are made out of colorful, cutout paper, giving it a unique look.

Lamp shade shapes 6

Until recently, this lamp was very dull. Of course, it has fancy shape, but it is white and monotonous. Now it is decorated of little, colorful cloth's pieces. This type of decoration is inspired of patchwork bedcover.

Lot of 2 vintage highly detailed hanging slag glass lamp

Lot of 2 Vintage Highly Detailed Hanging Slag Glass Lamp Shades (G89)

Antiques 30

With this sublime glass lamp shade with the design straight from the 1920s your interior will surely gain plenty on visual appeal, while the green finish combined with the ornate frame makes for just the most lovely decor choice.

Slag glass

Elaborate, arftul and filigree iron work isn't the only decorous quality of this sumptuous Victorian chandelier. Exquisite yellow slag glass shade brings warmth and immediately creates intimate ambiance.

Slag glass lamp shade 19

Pair Mission Slag Glass Lamp Shades 3 1/2" Fitter Lantern Arts&Crafts Gas Light

Antique slag glass lamps

Here we have egyptian, but also art-deco inspirations. This is an interesting mix, a combination of heavy bronze with light shaded pink slag glass.The colors resemble the setting sun, and it will bring a lot of life to the pallid interior.

Vintage handel bronze slag glass lamp shade photo

Vintage Handel Bronze Slag Glass Lamp Shade photo

Antique vtg cast iron slag glass lamp shade double bulb

Antique Vtg Cast Iron Slag Glass Lamp Shade Double Bulb Pull Chain Miller Scenic
This element of equipment is a durable lamp with decorative frame and base finished in white color. It includes a stylish glass shade finished in different colors. It shows an attractive pattern, so the lamp illuminates indoors and provides aesthetics.

Antique glass lamp shades ebay


Caramel slag glass

A masterpiece amongst table lamps, that will enhance your den with early 20th century elegance. The lamp is made of green slag glass that is embedded in a metal frame, decorated with hand-crafted swags and griffins. Measurements: 23 3/4" H x 20" W/