Skull Lamp

Skull motifs have been a lasting trend in jewelry and fashion, but it seems they’re gaining ground in home décor as well. And it’s not just for the Halloween. Take skull lamp for instance. Some of the designs are pretty spooky, but then there are some I wouldn’t mind seeing in my traditional living room. A good option if you want to make your space a little less mundane with an easy fix.

Marisa Martinez Interior Design Expert
Skull light
Olivia Smithist

Nickel Plated Bronze Skull Lamp

Skeleton lamp
Tara Zucker

Does it not look like made by the Hobbit heroes?The mysterious lamp of the dwarf's house has an orange lampshade with few stylized holes. The leitmotif is the skull, hence the lamp stand holds the hand of a skeleton. For people with strong nerves.

Skull lamp 4
Weber Lily

Now you can transform your room into a terrifying chamber of doom with this fantabulous table lamp. It has a glowing skull body resting on a metal base in shape of two books, holding a steampunk bell shade.

Skull lamp 3
Martinez Shannon

Atrocity Skull Lamp Light Nemesis Now Gothic Decor Gift - Crazy Auctions

Skull lamp 5
Jasmine Russ

The dark and very attractive lamp with the skull motif is a unique element of the decor. The whole is original and will appeal to fans of horror and horror stories. Beautiful details and black lampshades blend perfectly.

Deer skull lamp
Cintia Brook

Here's something interesting for home library or teenage room: the brass skull lamp for desk, nightstand, end table or side table. This is a perfect idea gift for every fan of Gothic.

Crystal head vodka lamp
Isabella Martinable

Incorporate some spooky, mysterious atmosphere to your interiors with this inimitable skull lamp, resembling the ones you heard about in some tropical islands' myths. But don't be afraid, may the light be with you!

Skull lamps 1
Monica Sanders

If you like unique vibe to your steampunk inspired interior, this skull lamp is the right pick. Best of all, it might be easily made of a vodka bottle sporting appropriate shape. Bronze bracket mounting gives it appropriate style.

Skull lamp

Ready for a dash of horror gothic style indoors? I'm dying for this skull lamp! Adjustable arm ends with a shade that gives me the chills - a glossy black skull with (somehow adorable) gold colored teeth. Halloween decoration idea!

Skull lamp shades

Whoa, now THAT’S what I call a proper lightbulb! If you want your interior to be a bit more… interesting than usual, then such a lightbulb is just what you need. It might also be a great idea for a gift!

Skull lamp 16
Coleman Allison

Quirky look for an unusual, Gothic-inspired ceiling chandelier, made to resemble three skulls. The chandelier is made out of stained ceramic in black and white and has artificial candles hidden inside of the skulls.

Skeleton lamp 1
Wesson Jessica

Attractive and functional crystal skull lamp. This element is a creative idea for providing some style into a bedroom or living room. Its attractive head features a very unique appearance. The lamp is perfect for desks or tables.

Crystal skull lamp
Torres Veronica

Nowadays, it is difficult to surprise anyone - but it happened to the author of this lamp. The Bubbleskull Lamp has a form of a skull, made of soft and hard rubber. Legs were made with rubber,flexible wire.Also-this art lamp deals with vanity and energy waste.

Skull lamp 13
Liliana Gadjus

Get an old lamp for the secondhand store and you've got a great lamp for the holiday!

Skull lamp 9

Upcycled Crystal Head Vodka Glass Skull Lamp by AfterGlowsByStacey, £43.00

Skull light shade
Jaclyn Morris

Crystal Glass Skull Lamp Light PINK LEDs, £45.00

Skull lamp 18
Jacqueline Cart

Skull Wall Sconce Pre Order

Skull wall sconce
Isabella Martinable

Interesting stained glass lamp. If it was done up in Day of the Dead Colors that would be awesome.

Vodka lamp
Alexis Lope

Skull lamp made with empty bottle of Crystal Head vodka. Instructions on Luxiare

Skull lamp 2

Spooky Skull Lamp

Skull sconce
Leah Grif

A truly terrifying masterpiece that is going to haunt your room for many centuries. This extravagant skull lamp is made of clear glass, and it holds a hat in shape of an imperial shade made from off-white material.

Desk Lamp with Life-size Skull and Antique shade
Shannon Pat

Desk Lamp with Life-size Skull and Antique shade

Crystal skull vodka light
Erika Moo

The Life Styled | Living Room Refresh

Skull lamp 17

Spine Lamp @Angela Weir -- If I had a chiropractic practice of my own -- or decorating privileges, this would be top on my list. haha

Sugar skull lamp
Perez Alexandra

An effective combination of wall sconce with a skull motif made of glass is a unique combination that delights. Unusual form and style will make both the living room and the hallway or bedroom a dark but fascinating look.

Hasta La Muerta Table Lamp by Spider
Wilson Gabrielle

Hasta La Muerta Table Lamp by Spider

Momento de mori table lamp

Momento De Mori Table Lamp

Light skull
Nelson Lindsay

Bright light, dark design. #etsyfinds #halloween

Crystal head vodka bottle ideas
Brittany Peterson

muriel brandolini « a thoughtful eye Divine lamp

Skull lamp shade
Rivera Tiffany

A great piece for game rooms, pubs, bachelor pads, and dorms. This unique lamp has a shade in shape of human skull attached to the industrial pipe frame with a water valve on top.

Plasma Skull 9.4" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
Laetitia Kloss

Plasma Skull 9.4" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
This 9.4-inch height table lamp features a black plastic body with a detailed glass skull sitting on top. The plasma lamp is touch activated, and provides moving light that follows your finger when placed on the globe. Wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

Skull floor lamp

The dark and stylish skull lamps are a sensational way to create an unusual, somewhat scary interior design. Pendant lights are incredibly intriguing in every interior. Will appeal to young people and children.

Skull lamp 14
Maria Per

Original and decorative lamp with a skull base. This handmade item features a durable construction based on metal. Its traditional shade is finished in neutral color. This beige shade matches any interior design.

Crystal skull recycled bottle lamp light biker home decor skull
Carmen Milani

Crystal Skull Recycled Bottle Lamp, Light, Biker, Home Decor, Skull ...

Skull lamp 8
Olivia Smithist

Lampshade 20cm Drum - 'Skulls & Roses' Need these for my wine bottle lamps

Skull wall light
Isabella Martinable

Are you looking for a product that will spruce up your ambiance? We have got something what you need. The table lamp with the skull on the base and cottage country design is an unique accent piece.

Skull lamp
Mackenzie Poly

Atrocity Skull Lamp

Sugar skull vodka
Victoria Nels

bone lamp: this will be a resource of inspiration for the vertebrae sculptural lamp I am in the process of making.

Desk Lamp with Life-size Skull and Bone Shade
Bianca Noorda

Desk Lamp with Life-size Skull and Bone Shade

Zia privens new philippe skeleton floor lamps have a look
Heather Long

Zia Priven's new Philippe skeleton floor lamps have a look you'll die for! These chilling, life size, creepy-cool lamps will get you into the Halloween spirit, but we love...

Chrome skull lamp

Chrome Skull Lamp

Spooky home madamecuratrix fantastic taxidermy raven
Tara Gosselin

Spooky Home, madamecuratrix: Fantastic taxidermy raven...

Giant black skull candelbra thanksgiving table by michele varian via
Isabella Martinable

Giant black SKULL CANDELBRA - Thanksgiving table by Michele Varian, via designsponge, $698.00

Great for halloween without being too tacky use a mr

Great for Halloween without being too tacky! Use a Mr. Beams Spotlight and it will go off when people walk by, for an extra fright ;)

Chrome Skull on Fire - Ceiling Fan Skin Kit fits most 42 inch fans (FAN and BLADES SOLD SEPARATELY)
Anderson Marisa

Chrome Skull on Fire - Ceiling Fan Skin Kit fits most 42 inch fans (FAN and BLADES SOLD SEPARATELY)

Tm skull white neon light
Michele Powell

☠☠☠™  skull white neon light

Christmas wishlist i am horrid at the wish lists for
Laura Tur

Christmas wishlist- I am horrid at the wish lists for Christmas and never know what to tell people to get me. this way i can just show them my board!

Skull and Crossbones Sculpture
Mendes Natasha

Skull and Crossbones Sculpture
This hilarious skull and crossbones neon lamp adds this unique thrilling accent that you'd love to have in your den or man's cave - it is also a great idea to enhance your ambiance with a distinct twist on Halloween!

Rachel if you see this i think i fund what

Rachel if you see this I think I fund what i want on my skin fucking way cool.

Skull lamp 6
Renee Griffin

skull lamp