Skateboard Lamp

Would you like to have such a skateboard lamp? Even if you haven’t thought about purchase of one of these, there is a chance that these designs, sizes and colours will make you intrigued. So what will you decide to pick, in the end? Try to find the best model for yourself.

Eliza Bush Interior Design Expert
Skateboard lamp

Your boys will just love this stunning idea for a lighting fixture. Simple light bulbs are attached to two old skateboards with funny images of cartoon characters. You can simply rest the skateboards on the wall.

Skate board lamp sk8 lamp skateboard lamp 1
Skateboard lamp

OK, this is creative! An old skateboard was transformed to a wall- or ceiling-mounted lighting fixture. A handmade lamp that probably would be highly welcome in a teenager's room. The colorful skateboard pattern makes the thing even more attractive.

Skateboard bedroom

Very unique, industrial handmade DIY project. A refurbished skateboard made to function as a wall light! Such a creative way to utilize your old skateboard. Looks great and gives off a very one-of-a-kind vibe.

Skateboard bedroom decor

A cool DIY project, which will distinguish your interior, bringing some fresh, cool, urban style. A marvelous proposition for a teenager, an artist or a subculture member.

Skateboard room decor

This fantastic skateboard lamp is a proposition not only for the enthusiasts of this culture. It's a funky, original way to embellish your teenager's bedroom in general. If you're looking for some modern accents, this one shall appeal to you.

Skateboard lamp 17

A cool industrial style wall sconce (for 1 bulb) with a rotary cord switch. It has a backplate of an old useless ... skateboard. An articulated arm with a bulb socket are chromed. A lampshade has the form of an ovalish cage of nickel-plated wires.

Skateboard lamp 47
Skateboard lamp 25
Skateboard lamp 46
Skateboard lamp 18

Set of two modern lamps. They are made of old patterned skateboads attached to the wall. Bulbs fastened to the board have very bright light, because they haven't any lampshade. It is ideal for every skateboard lover's bedroom.

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Skateboard light 1

Modern table lamp with skateboard base. Drum lampshade is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light. Great as night lamp in teenager's room.

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Skateboard lamp 23
Picture of finishing touch
Skateboard lamp diy cool for a teen or pre teen
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Hanging skateboard lamp
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Skateboard lamp 2

An extraordinary table lamp in a unique shape of a skateboard ramp. The piece doesn't feature any shade, just a light bulb, which will emit strong and bright light, perfect for reading. The ramp comes in a funky blend of vivid colors.

Skateboard lamp 4
Recycled skateboard lamp wall sconce industrial cage lighting red on
Skate board lamp sk8 lamp skateboard lamp
Skateboard lamp 36
Recycled skateboard lamp wall sconce industrial by wearemfeo 95 00
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Skate lamp bad guy labs
Toy machine skateboard lamp 1
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Skateboard lampe deck lampe von hand und holz casaschudo de
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