Sisal Cat Tree

Your pet cat gives the furniture a hard time? A sisal tree should be enough to keep it busy and entertained. Check the designs and make sure which of them would be perfect for scratching, climbing and daily claw sharpening.

Emily Hilton Interior Design Expert
Sisal cat tree
Patricia Cook

If your cat is bored out of its mind, this tree house is going to make its lazy fur to move out of the couch. This cat tree offers many different attractions that will make your cat a devoted dweller of this fun house.

Sisal cat tree
Amanda Price

If you want for your cat to be mobile and in shape, then, we recommend to check this unique structure. It's basically made of durable wood and screwed together, and then covered with a rough fabric, to prevent your cat from falling.

Cat tree sisal
Tara Zucker

A very attractive and practical product for owners of cats. This door-mouted cat tree provides a space for climbing and scratching. Its solid wooden construction also includes a sisal rope that is resistant to damage.

Sisal rope for cat tree

The hicat climbing system with a cat tree is a brilliant space saving idea in indoor area. your cats gets so much fun and attractions! Everyone will tell you how cool this product is.

Cat climbing pole floor to ceiling
Tara Gosselin

This original, decorative and functional design is a cat tree that includes different platforms for cats. Its columns are made of cardboard wrapped in sisal rope. They are ideal for scratching and they provide plenty of fun for cats.

Sisal cat tree
Monica Edwa

Add some fun for your cats and choose the sisal cat tree. Your cats will be impressed how cool and nicely finished this product is. It offers many different attractions for them.

Sisal rope cat tree
Lisa Anderson

A very high post wrapped with rope that provides plenty of climbing space for cats. This durable construction is resistant to scratching and it is very safe for animals. It provides space for many cats.

Sisal cat tree 6
Danielle Lee

Mash-have in every cat lover's home. Compact design for smaller spaces, it doesn't need a lot of space. It is seven feet tall with a flower top for the cat to sleep in. The trunk is solid wood for great strength.

Cat tree sisal rope
Hughes Dana

Are you searching for the sisal cat tree with many attractions, high quality and solid construction? We have got exactly what you need! Trust me, your cats will be delighted.

Sisal cat tree 3

Cat tree with a central post that is solid and supportive. It is covered with sisal rope suitable for scratching. This tree includes four platforms for cats. It is attractive, comfortable and safe for animals.

Sisal cat tower
Laetitia Anderson

Interesting DIY project or a creative way to provide entertainment for your cats. The main beam of the house has been covered in rope, which gives the cats a cool way to play and allows them to scratch and climb it.

Sisal cat post

A very practical and interesting use of an industrial pipe. This pipe is a base for a cat tree. It is wrapped with a special rope that is resistant to wear and allows for scratching. The product provides fun to young and adult cats.

Concrete form tube cat tree

Give your cats the comfort and fun with Sycamore cat pet tree house, which is hand crafted and has a dragonwood tree construction and silk synthetic leaves. The platforms and scratching branches are nicely finished.

Hollow cat tree
Jasmine Mit

At first glance, you realize that it will not work with you at home. But the first question arises - what will work with such a number of cats! The assembled seats, made of plastic in different colors, form a scythe sisal cat tree of the hierarchy.

Sisal cat tree 5

Cat tree for small and medium sized pets. It is made of wood and covered with thick rope. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Sisal cat tree 2
Abbey Kowalski

Industrial look for a unique, handmade DIY cat tree made in an unusual shape. The cat tree is made out of old water pipes that have been covered with rope to create a scratch-safe and entertaining area for cats.

Cat playground diy

This functional and solid element is a cat tree based on wood and sisal rope. It is perfect for cats and provides a place for scratching, so other elements of furniture are protected from damage caused by cats.

Sisal cat tree
Alyssa Wilsonify

Original cat tree in modern style. Frame is made of wood and covered with thick fabric. Designed for small and medium sized pets. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

8 foot cat tree
Esther Walker

This ladder is a functional and attractive product for cats. It offers some platforms and a sisal rope construction, so it is resistant to wear and damage caused by cats and their sharp claws. The whole construction is solid and stable.

Sisal cat furniture

If you like practical solutions, this play place for cats made from an old bar stool and sisal rope is a very good idea. A stable base of wood and tacky string material will give a lot of fun to your pet.

Sisal cat tree 15
Griffin Megan

This smart, multi level cat tree is a great handmade item for all cat owners. Its sisal construction will let your cats release their natural instincts, while you will feel safe about your furniture.

Sisal cat tree 3

Cat tree for small and medium sized pets. Frame is made of wood and covered with thick rope. Neutral and functional addition for any interior as needed.

City kitty climber
Cintia Kowalski

A hip novelty cat tree of wooden materials finished in green, brown, white, orange and blue with pink accents and a sisal rope. It's composed a.o. of cute condos with doors, windows and fences, upright posts, shelves, cylindrical lounges, ladders.

Sisal cat
Holly Kelly

This item was created for cat lovers. It is a scratching post with ramp. It is made of materials that are resistant to scratching and other forms of damage. Its non skid bottom is safe for different types of floor.

Sisal cat tree 8

The project is easy enough - just take one basic MDF or pine bookcase, use a jigsaw to cut holes in each platform, and add carpet. One thing we would add? Some sisal or carpet on the side for your cat's scratching delight. -

Sisal cat tree 12

A new level of caring for entertainment and the claws of our cat predator at home. Instead of a makeshift tall tree cat, on a wooden house column, connected to the vault - a jute string was tied to create a challenge sisal cat tree.

Diy beautiful cat tree that blends in with an even
Heather Lee

DIY beautiful cat tree that blends in with an even more beautiful design via In Pursuit of Martha Points (Great blog)

Sisal cat tree 4
Jenna Baker

Kitten Cat Tree Scratcher Scratching Post Sisal Climbing Toy Activity ...

Extra large 73 to 96 lifelike mature large cat tree
Zernike Laetitia

... Extra Large - 73" to 96+" » Lifelike Mature Large Cat Tree Houses

Molly and Friends "Whisker's Way" Premium Handmade 4-Tier Cat Tree with Sisal, Model 2832, Beige
Bush Eliza

Molly and Friends "Whisker's Way" Premium Handmade 4-Tier Cat Tree with Sisal, Model 2832, Beige

68" Classic Cat Tree
Jacqueline Riv

68" Classic Cat Tree

Sisal cat tree 1
Cooper Courtney

Natural Wood 72 Inch Four Level Cat Tree with by MountainCatTrees, $439.99

Sisal cat tree 1

I should stack some things and make a place for the kitty in my studio. So he will stay off the table.

Cat tree house with sisal scratching post
Margaret John

Cat Tree House with Sisal Scratching Post

Sisal cat tree 14
Jenna Daviesful

NEAS Community Cat Room Detail - I love the spiral staircase sisal scratching post!

Sisal cat tree 1
Alexander Jennifer

Beautiful Cat Condo. Not exactly for me, but the cat should have a place too.

Sisal furniture
Sarah Ashleyist

The 20 Best Cat Towers - Wow. Would love the tree house. Someone needs to start inventing cat furniture that goes with the human furniture in a space, though.

Sisal cat tree 9
Miller Cynthia

Tall cat tree - Mountain Cat Trees on etsy

Doable like how this looks more than the traditional cat

Doable! Like how this looks more than the traditional cat tree. IKEA Hackers| Clever ideas and hacks for your IKEA

Armarkat Cat Tree Model A6501, Beige
Carmen Kowalski

Armarkat Cat Tree Model A6501, Beige

Center cat furniture pinnacle cat tree with sisal scratching post
Price Courtney

center cat furniture pinnacle cat tree with sisal scratching post

Sisal cat tree
Alexis Millerism

Large Cat Tree. This cat tree looks nicely balanced and very solid. It looks like it would be quite difficult to tip over. Sturdiness is the most important consideration when making cat trees.

Large cat trees 10
Abigail Wrightful

Since wild cats have been domesticated and taken away from them the opportunity to frolic in the jungle - we can provide them with climbing the artificial large cat sisal tree, branches that emerge from large green leaves.

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post
Natasha Rob

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

Floor to ceiling cat scratching post
Wright Stacy

21 Free Cat Furniture Plans: Free Plans for Cat Trees, Condos, Scratching Posts and MORE |

Molly and Friends "Feline Recliner" Premium Handmade One Tier Sisal Cat Scratching Post Furniture with Bed, Model Scr/b, Beige

Molly and Friends "Feline Recliner" Premium Handmade One Tier Sisal Cat Scratching Post Furniture with Bed, Model Scr/b, Beige

29" Premier Cat Tree
Liliana Gadjus

29" Premier Cat Tree
If you are looking for an interesting proposal to play for your cat, this is made on the basis of wood and cardboard cat tree is a great solution. Soft carpet finish provides comfort fun.

Sisal cat tree
Monica Perr

Cat Shelves -Think I want some of these in my seeing room when we get our house!

Diy cat playground
Crystal Roberts

This useful element is a special cat tree made of materials that allow for scratching. It is suitable for cats and it also looks very natural, so it plays the role of a very interesting home decoration.

Replacement cat tree sisal posts replacement cat tree sisal posts

replacement cat tree sisal posts replacement cat tree sisal posts