Simple Platform Beds

If a simple design is what you like, a platform bed can be just right for your bedroom. They have a bit rugged look and make an ideal choice for industrial interiors. Check out the inspiration board below.

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Simple platform beds
Alyssa Wilsonify

This beautiful and stylish Japanese style bed frame is flat and easy to assemble. Beautiful finish in the honeymoon of the oak beautifies and perfectly decorate the interior. The whole is stable and durable.

Boho bed frame

The bohemian platform bed is for every fan of classic style with glamour touch. It fits perfectly to beige color palette in the interior or to other Bohemian furniture. You will be delighted!

Simple platform beds

This simple platform bed enchants with its bright wood construction, constituting a propositon for those, who enjoy i.e. the cool and clean, Scandinavian interiors. Made from solid, natural wood, it will fit into contemporary apartments.

Simple platform beds
Wilson Gabrielle

A durable platform bed with a headboard, made of sturdy fir wood planks. It's suitable to accommodate most types of mattress, and large enough to place in your master bedroom.

Bohemian platform bed
Stacey Davi

A platform bed is a wonderful solution for the creative interior designers. The moving platform made by wood gives a possibility to rearrange the bedroom depends on your humours and ideas. The stability of bed allows the exchange of the mattress for this type such you need.

Bohemian bed frame
Kelly Denise

This low-profiled platform bed is stable and built to last, characterized by hardwood construction and a stylish headboard. You can easily fit any type of mattress and sleep safe and sound through the entire night.

Simple platform bed
Latoya Wal

An elegant though simple platform bed. Its large frame is made of sturdy wooden planks and slats finished in warm browns. A bed features full side panels and accommodates most large mattresses. A headboard is narrower than the bed.

Simple wood platform bed

Thanks to this low-profile platform bed, you are getting a large place for your comfy mattress. Crafted of wood and covered in a natural finish, the bed looks like it's floating above the floor, offering a lighted headboard and short, stable feet.

How to build a simple platform bed frame
Wright Stacy

The platform bed is a beautiful stylistic and functional accent in the bedroom. A slightly oriental form allows for creating a unique atmosphere in the interior, and by the way, it is sturdy and durable thanks to the construction of wood.

Easy diy platform bed
Danielle Robi

Simple platform beds are great for minimalistic, modern designs. Just look at this platform bed here – it would be perfect for any Scandinavian house. Just make sure to keep the design cohesive and don't add too many decorations.

Simple platform beds 1

Some wood boards and a few simple tools (nail gun, drill) and a simple platform bad is within a couple hours of focused work. This platform bed is kept simplistic and modern, and its integrity relies on inner wood frame.

Easy to make platform bed
Jenna Daviesful

Simplicity and harmony Zen for many people evokes a more elementary and natural climate for sleeping - this can be obtained in a simple way, thanks to the simple bed platform. The low profile made of maple wood is also a modern symbol.

Simple platform beds 1
Samantha Perez

This high-quality platform bed embodies maximum comfort in a minimalistic form. SImplistic, Japanese design means hundreds of years in perfecting the sleeping conditions.

Simple platform bed frames
Mega Leahbrown

Create a simple and pure environment in your bedroom with this stunning platform bed. It comes with the strong, durable wooden structure and will ensure comfortable sleep through the night.

Cinder block bed frame ideas
Courtney Ross

This simple platform bed is an impressive modern concept with drawers for sheets and bedding sets, and shelves for books and accent pieces. The natural finish looks great with beige arranging.

How to build a simple platform bed

With the simple, wood structure with the distressed feel to it and the clean look this platform bed is a sure choice for both the master suite or the guest bedroom, letting you enjoy the rustic touch to your setting and the comfort it provides.

Simple platform beds 1
Natasha Pete

The elegant bedroom stylization. The unusual platform bed basing on the concrete cantilevers create the interesting construction. The depth of wall's color with the white granite decorative plates make the incredible whole.

Simple platform bed plans

Thanks to this low-profile platform bed you will be sleeping like a little baby. Crafted of sturdy wood, the bed accommodates almost any type of mattress and has a simplistic design with short, thick legs for stability.

Simple platform beds 5

A simple but large and sturdy platform bed. It's hand-crafted of quite thick wooden planks with tongue and groove joints and fixed to low full length supports. Planks are finished in browns. A bed accommodates most large mattresses.

How to build a platform bed with legs
Christine Hal

This can be a great solution for students or people who often change their living places, as well as those, who deal with lack of storage spaces. A DiY platform bed with a small, clever bookcase underneath.

Japanese platform bed plans

With its minimalistic design and high-quality finish, this platform bed shall be a good proposition for contemporary bedrooms. Densely grained wood emphasizes the natural character.

Simple platform bed frame
Wilson Gabrielle

This simple frame made of solid wood-based construction is a perfect combination for any bedroom. Simple design on low legs is ideal for any interior design and can be freely adapted to individual tastes.

Simple platform beds 2
Stone Caroline

Platform bed comes to us from Asia and we can be grateful for such a minimalist and neat design in accordance with the principles of Zen. Beautiful wenge wood was used to create this low simple platform bed.

How to build a platform bed frame with legs
Kathleen Gray

Although the simple platform beds usually associate with the minimalism of Japanese interiors, they also take rustic forms just like this wooden copy, whose palette of brown colors is impressive. It also combines shades of gray pine wood.

Simple platform beds 6
Andrea Hill
Simple platform beds 7
Concrete bed frame
Hernandez Kelly

If you looking for a functional and stylish platform bed, you have to choose this one. The brown, black and grey color in this room, are suitable with the simplicity of wooden bed.

Simple platform bed frame plans
Karen Gonz
Daybed with storage baskets
Magical thinking bed
Sara Cole
10 platform beds a modern and flexible solution in the
Lindsay Rob
Diy wood platform bed
Isabella Martinable

A simple but large and comfy contemporary platform bed of wood with a natural finish. It has a low-profiled base with full sides and a full bottom. Four tall straight angular posts with stretchers at the top serve for a canopy or a mosquito net.

Simple bed platform
Mendes Natasha

A low-profile platform bed for teenagers that already grow out of their spiderman shhets. The bed emanates with modern elegance, standing on wood construction in a black finish, along with a matching headboard.

Simple platform beds 3
Sara Ross
Diy low platform bed

Achieve zen aura in your minimalist contemporary bedroom at last with a platform bed that you can construct all by yourself with a little help of this simple DIY instruction. The bed has side shelves built in.

Elizabeth Coupe

Simple diy platform bed
Bed on brown floor design from simple to stylish modern
Lindsay Rob
Concrete block bed frame
Scandinavian contemporary small apartment 13
Wesson Jessica
Low profile wood bed frame
Yulia Thompson

If you enjoy the low platform bed, so popular in the Asian countries, this proposition shall definitely attract you. It comes with a mini wooden shelf that serves as a nightstand on each of the sides.

Yamaguchi platform bed frame honey oak the yamaguchi platform bed
Craven Rachel
Pictures of simple platform bed plans
Simple platform
Campbell Monica

The beautifully made bed platforms are stylish wood construction, ideal for many types of décor. The small legs together with the simple construction of the bed perfect. The perfect solution for a spacious bedroom.

Simple platform bed design
Mackenzie Poly
Simple platform bed plans plans plywood furniture plans
Jasmine Clar
Diy simple platform bed plans pdf plans download
Yulia Thompson
How to build a platform bed in 3 steps no
Simple platform beds
Astrid simple platform bed queen size