Silver Sunburst Mirrors

A sunburst mirror is a great decoration feature in the interior. It adds an eye-catching element to bathrooms, halls or even the living-room. The designs vary in size and finishes so there's a lot to browse through before you find the perfect one. Browse below and check out my collection of silver sunburst mirrors.

Diy starburst mirror 2

Tasteful mirror with sunburst theme. Frame is made of metal. Designed for mounting on the wall. Sophisticated decoration for the living room, bedroom, dining room and others interior according to taste.

Silver starburst mirror

Silver sunburst mirrors 1

This glamorous looking silver grey and off-white dining room is a statement of elegance and class. Matching perfectly with the dark wood floors and a mirrored wall, altogether it creates a sophisticated appeal.

Silver sunburst mirrors

Sunburst mirror is an all-time popular design. You can purchase it or implement a DIY project. Straight branches have to be attached to a small round mirror with hot glue. Spray paint provides the desired finish, e.g. silver or gold.

Silver sunburst mirrors 5

Silver chest of drawers

An eye-catching glamorous drawer chest featuring a rectilinear body with mirrored all panels. Each of 4 same drawers has 2 small black knobs. A round wall mirror features a sunburst-style silvery frame composed of numerous length-varied rods.

Silver sunburst mirrors 2

A great example of how to refer to the symbol of the sun can be found in ordinary home arrangements. This time, gold-plated rays were replaced with silver rays surrounding a large round mirror, creating silver sunburst mirror.

Silver starburst mirror 1

Silver sunburst mirrors 10

Silver sunburst mirrors

Contemporary bedroom with a leather-upholstered bed frame with a white leather, tufted headboard and a minimalistic set of gray and white bedding. The sunburst mirror above the bed gives the room a unique detail.

Silver sun mirror

Silver chest of drawers 1

The renovated apothecary chest in the modern stylization. The drawer's fronts have been covered with the mirror plain. It has been composed with a really nice little mirror with the fanciful metal frame.

Silver sunburst

Damask blue bedding

Elegant design for a classy master bedroom with a full sized, king bed with a stylish set of beddings in black and white colours. The green, pastel colour of the bed and its high, tufted headboard nicely match the sunburst mirror above the bed.

Silver sunburst mirrors 14

Silver sunburst mirrors 15

Silver sunburst mirrors

Black white and silver living room ideas

Silver sunburst mirrors 9

Large Modern Silver Sunburst Starburst Wall Mirror XL

Demilune cabinets

This wonderful cabinet will be a highlight of your bedroom or entryway. It's in a charming demilune shape and it features elegant, silver details. It perfectly matches a posh, starburst mirror and candle holders in natural tones.

Diy mirrors

An elegant trendy contemporary round wall mirror having a frame with a silvery finish. The frame features lots of small rectangular mirrored frames fixed to it. The whole resembles a sun with short beams.

Large silver sunburst mirror

Sunburst mirrors always bring in a warm, sunny atmosphere to the house. This collection of bronze mirrors features handmade products, which will fit into both contemporary and traditional interiors.

Silver starburst mirror 5

Silver Starburst Mirror
This kind of product is very useful and durable. It is a mirror that features many decorative elements. It is made of glass and metal with a sliver finish. It measures 45 inches in diameter x 2 inches deep.

Sunburst mirror wood 6

Inexpensive DIY round sunburst mirror in warm coloured wood shim frame. The "rays" elements have been hot glued all together and painted with metallic rust-oleum gold tone spray paint for a desired style.

Sunburst mirror wood 8

Durable mirror with a sunburst theme. It features a round mirror area with a decorative and durable frame. It is suitable for wall mounting indoors and outdoors. This practical and durable element also plays a decorative role.

Sunburst mirror wood

Very original and artistic circle mirror. It is very simple, but has decorative frame made of worn-out piece of wood covered with white paint. This decor's element will be fit to room which connected modernity with vintage style.

Silver pendulum wall clock

If you have no idea what to do with the old cutlery, the silverware starburst mirror is a good choice. Using the silverware for decoration looks great in a modern kitchen, where such an eclectic addition is more visible and stand out the simplicity.

Sunburst mirror wood 2

Round mirror with sunburst frame made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Adds freshness and elegance to any interior.

Sunburst mirror wood 1

If you opt for this piece you will have the ultimate proof that sunburst mirrors don't all have to look the same and instead can give you interior a significant boost of style and glamour, since this wonder sports the detailed wood structure and original looks.

Axton Sunburst Mirror

Axton Sunburst Mirror
This beautiful wall decoration with mirror-like sun, it is an excellent idea to give the interior a unique character. Stylish finish with iron, wood and glass mirror is perfect. Reshape its interior in a simple way.

Sunburst mirror wood

An eye-catching traditional DIY-made round wall mirror. It has a thin circular black metal frame adorned with a large ring having a textured surface and indented edges. It's crafted of wood with a finish in browns.

Candace Wall Mirror

Candace Wall Mirror
This lovely mirror is a beautiful decoration of the interior. The wall becomes a beautiful character. Sun-like structure mirrors captivates details and beautiful composition. Perfect for the living room or bedroom or hallway.

Prescott Mirror

Prescott Mirror
Picture-postcard round traditional wall mirror. Its frame is made of iron finished in gold. Small size-varied rods give it a look of sun with radiating beams. This mirror can be hung in both directions.

Deco Radiance Wall Mirror

Deco Radiance Wall Mirror
With this Radiance Wall Mirror you will have the chance to bring your own sun into your home décor. The design includes protruding pieces from the centerpiece, which together form very robust and beautiful structure.

Delaney Wall Mirror

Delaney Wall Mirror
This exquisite Wall Mirror features aesthetic and sophisticated looks, while also providing 38-inch diameter. The beveled mirror is made of durable metal, with beautiful frame consisted of various length metal "rays" with mirrored accents.

Silver sunburst mirrors 1

Wall hanging mirror with round surface and durable metal frame in sunburst stylization. Gold finish of this frame plays aesthetic role in any interior design. This small mirror looks good on the wall with many other decorations.

Artemis antique silver wall mirror

Artemis Antique Silver Wall Mirror
This kind of product is a very useful and decorative piece of equipment. This wall-mounted mirror is made of solid glass and antique-styled silver. The whole construction looks stylish in different interior designs.

Sunburst metal wall art

Round mirror mounted on wooden frame. Designed for mounting on the wall. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior. Traditional form and contemporary design.

Round starburst mirror 3

Antique styled mirror with a round starburst frame. Its antique silver finish looks very attractive in any interior design. This mirror not only decorates indoors, but it is also very practical for its users.

Oberon Wall Mirror

Oberon Wall Mirror
This is an extremely decorative wall mirror. Successfully it can be said that its chief function is decorating. The mirror has a small reflective surface but very high and a spreading around decoration. The whole looks like a flower.

Handsome Mirror

Handsome Mirror
Sporting attractive design inspired from tropical findings and moods, this back-to-nature mirror will be a beautiful complement of any eco-friendly environment. Its round frame is made of steel and bamboo!

Tira Sun Mirror

Tira Sun Mirror
This Tira Sun Mirror is going to be one of the most decorative pieces in your home. Sun-shaped like design is very beautiful, consisted of identical rays that beam out of the round mirror. Such lovely piece cn be a marvelous addition for bathrooms, bedrooms, or offices.

Wood starburst

Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst Mirror
An excellent improvement for both homes and offices, this Sunburst Mirror in Antique Silver Finish is aesthetic and highly decorative. Designed of beveled glass tiles, the mirror offers a round shape and clear reflection.

Inca Sunburst Wall Mirror

Inca Sunburst Wall Mirror
Featuring unique frame comprised of geometric, woving lines, this sunburst style wall mirror is a nice accent on a wall. The frame is made of plastic; it has an antiquated gold finish, darker here and lighter there.

Small round metal nickel silver sunburst mirror 19

Silver sunburst mirrors 8

699 x 689 126 kb jpeg silver sunburst mirror

Silver sunburst mirrors 11