Silver Mantel Clock

There are many customers who like such clocks and what about you? In case you would like to have one of these at home, you have come to the right place. That is because all of these silver mantel clocks are interesting visually and quite useful. Are you ready to choose something?

Silver mantel clock 2

Gorgeous, antique silver mantle clock with a unique design that would perfectly fit a vintage, old-fashioned home library or a traditional study room. The silver coat of paint gives it an unusual finish.

Silver mantel clock

Antique silver clocks

This lovely aluminum rectangular clock constitutes a stylish and elegant option for all, who love luxury and prestige. Its classical character is enhanced by the Roman numerics. Has the size of 46 x 18 x 45cm.

Silver mantel clocks

Two vintage table clocks in different sizes. Both clocks have classic clock faces with Roman numerals, case is made of solid metal and covered with silver. This type of clock will be very stylish and useful decoration in every interior.

Silver mantel clock 1

Modern mantle clock

Silver mantel clock 36

Silver mantel clock 3

Antique take on a desk clock, made out of galvanized steel with engravings depicting birds and flowers, which gives it a fresh, cozy look. Would nicely fit a vintage home library or an old-fashioned living room or office.

Silver mantel clock 5

Silver mantel clock 11

Tasteful clock in the French style. Silver finish frame is decorated with sophisticated pattern. Elegant decoration for living room, bedroom and others interior according to taste. Excellent gift idea.

Silver mantel clock 26

Steampunk silver chiming mantel clock metal by mixedmanicandmore

Silver mantel clock 25

Silver mantel clock 32

Silver mantel clock 35

Silver mantel clock 27

Large silver mantel clock

Table clock in vintage style. Frame is made of silver finish. It is fitted with Roman numeral and quartz movement. Elegant accent for the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

Silver mantel clock 18

Silver mantel clock 6

Silver clocks mantel

Silver mantel clock 4

Silver mantel clock 24

Silver mantel clock 12

Silver mantel clock 1

Silver mantel clock 9

Silver mantel clock 29

Antique silver mantel clock 1

Stunning Metal Table Clock

Stunning Metal Table Clock
If you're a big fan of extraordinary stylish and modern solutions, this amazing and elegant table clock is gonna be a perfect option for you. Check it out and enjoy an incredible design and the highest quality!

Give your home a modern accent with this stylish table clock crafted out of metal and crystal. It features brushed and polished aluminum semi-circle base, 3 polished silver-tone buttons and white dial with black Roman numerals and square hour markers.

Silver mantel clock 8

Modern silver chrome multi pendulum rhythm mantel quartz clock

Silver mantel clock 16

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Silver mantel clock 21

Silver mantel clock 23

Edwardian silver plated timepiece mantel clock england and france c

Silver mantel clock 28

London clock company black silver rotating pendulum mantel clock

Mantle clock scottish silver 8 day mantel clock sorley gasgow

Silver mantel clock 30

Silver mantel clock 31

Click image for full details silver flat top mantel clock

Pine bracket mantel clock german silver striking 8 day mantle

London clock company silver finish chiming carriage clock 031748

Silver mantel clock 33

Silver plated mantel clock england

Tall silver mantel clock with 229 p jpg

Silver plated mantel clock

Silver mantel clock 2