Silver Candle Sconce

What is your opinion about such candle sconces? Maybe you have been looking for such solutions so why not take a closer look at them? There are really a lot of decorative elements available on this site, all of which have already inspired many customers. You can also become one of them now.

Circle wall candle holder

Leaf is a symbol of a new life and freedom - it can just symbolize that when it takes its place as a silver candle sconce on your wall. Modern wall-mounted candle holder, has a base enough for a large candle.

Silver candle sconce 1

Candle holder in the shape of shell. It is made of metal with silver finish. Designed for mounting on the wall. Elegant design for any interior. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Silver candle sconce 4

A silver candle sconce with a handy glass bowl to keep it safe from wind and keep the candle lit for a long time. The antique design of the frame is sure to give an unusual, old-fashioned vibe to your outdoor area.

Silver sconces for candles

Wall sconce in the form of lantern. Frame is made of metal and finished with openwork pattern. Elegant accessory for any interior according to taste.

Silver candle sconce 19

Silver candle sconce

Silver candle sconce 12

Silver candle sconce 2

Elements Diamond Plastic Sconces, 16-Inch, Silver, Set of 2

Silver candle sconce 1

Silver candle sconce

Silver candle sconce 14

Silver candle sconce 18

Pewter candle wall sconces

A pair of candle sconces that you can mount to the wall. They are simple round structures with small spots for candles. Made of bronze with a silver and golden finish, they look just stunning when they reflect light.

Silver candle sconce 7

Silver candle sconces 1

Colored glass candlesticks

Silver candle sconce 5

Currey and Company 5022 Venus 2-Light Wall Sconce, Contemporary Silver Leaf Finish

Silver candle sconce 29

Silver candle sconce 31

Silver candle sconce 6

Silver candle sconce 9

Silver candle sconce 25

Silver candle sconce 23

Pewter wall sconces for candles

Primitive colonial style pewter wwing candlestick. It looks like from the middle ages. Beautiful design that goes along with its multi usage purpose. It can be either put on a table in your dining room or hang on the wall.

Silver candle sconce 11

Shabby chic 1971 upcycled purple wall

Shabby Chic 1971 Upcycled Purple Wall
The reuse of old wall sconces is not always a success. It looks really kitschy when you decide to paint the beautiful original made of silver on the princess violet. I definitely found the first version better.

Contemporary Wall Sconce Candle Holder (Set of 2)

Contemporary Wall Sconce Candle Holder (Set of 2)
A sconce candle holder that comes in a set of two. It is designed in a contemporary style. It features geometric decorative elements in earthy hues. The metal frame supports tall and slender clear glass shades.

Iron Wall Sconce Candle Holder

Iron Wall Sconce Candle Holder
A candle holder with stunning, decorative curves of the frame - this piece will make a statement in your household and become a focal point of the interior with the scrolled iron between two wide candle trays.

Silver vanity chair

Silver candle sconce 24

Silver plated scallop candle sconce

Elegant spring mantel decor

Silver candle sconce 26

Silver candle sconce 27

Set of 2 star on star wall candle holder sconces

Silver candle sconces

Wall sconce silver wavy wall sconce candle holder

19 silver mirror sconce on

Silver candle sconce 28

Silver candle sconce 30

Vintage candle holder feather design sconce silver by lillysshoppe

Silver candle sconce 32

Candle holder tablescape this holiday add a branch to your

Mercury candle holders

Silver candle sconce 33

Mariano Metal Decor WA-11002-1-CAN-SIL Platinum Silver 12 Candle Sconce/Metal Wall Decor Art

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Silver candle sconce 34