Silk Floor Plants

Plants can be nice even when they are artificial. Those that you can have a look at below, differ when it comes to their sizes, colours and different features so take all the time you need to pick something for yourself. There are many options to choose from and you can check it.

Silk floor plants 28

Turquoise flower centerpieces

Thanks to this lovely floral centerpiece, you are getting a gorgeous decoration for any decor. The faux silk flower composition sits tightly in a tapered floor vase, making the whole well-balanced and properly emphasized.

Silk floor plants 9

Silk floor plants

Tall floor plants

Artificial plants for floor placement. This original stylization includes faux grass in white planters that are high and feature round bases for additional stability and support. Green and white colors look very nice together.

Silk floor plants 4

Tall wooden vase with faux onion grass. This durable and decorative stylization is suitable for people who prefer flowers that do not require watering. It not only looks attractive, but is also resistant to wear.

Decorative floor plants

If my friend left the flowers in such beautiful pots,I would gladly water them under his absence.Fortunately, no need to water this silk floor plant,because it is made of polymer. Artificial flower, with a very natural and realistic dimension-was hand-painted.

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Silk floor plants 15

Silk floor plants 20

Silk floor plants 8

Artificial fern floor plant in pot

Artificial Fern Floor Plant In Pot
Plant stand made of metal and finished with decorative curves. Designed for indoor use. Suitable for small and medium sized plants. Adds freshness and elegance to each room.

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Silk floor plants 16

Silk floor plants 24

Large floor plants

Silk floor plants

Floor plant

Silk floor plants 6

Silk floor plants 7

Silk floor plants 29

Silk floor plants 27

Whether you’re looking for something matching your modern, contemporary living room or just like nice looking, elegant plant containers, take a look at these silver beauties with a polished finish!

Papyrus Silk Floor Plant in Pot

Papyrus Silk Floor Plant in Pot
Charming papyrus in pot as decoration for any interior. It has a plastic base. It is made of combining silk and polyester. Suitable for residential and commercial use. It has much the highest ratings from customers.

Silk floor plants

Silk floor plants

Dracaena Silk Floor Plant in Pot

Dracaena Silk Floor Plant in Pot
Floor plant in a realistic form. Dracaena in pot has a lot of leaves ending in a shiny effect. It is dedicated to indoor use. Tropical accent to any interior.

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Silk floor plants 13

Silk floor plants 14

Silk floor plants 1

Laura Ashley Grass Floor Plant in Contemporary Stand, 7-Feet Tall

Tall High End Giant Aloe Floor Plant in Planter

Vickerman 4 ft. Capensia Bush

Silk floor plants 19

Laura ashley r 60 silk grass floor plant in contemporary

Brown Cedar Spiral Topiary in Pot

Brown Cedar Spiral Topiary in Pot
This plant is a very attractive faux topiary that has got an interesting spiral shape. It doesn't require watering and it can be used as indoor or outdoor decoration. It requires simple assembly and it is very solid.

Silk floor plants 2

Rosemary Spiral Round Tapered Topiary in Pot

Rosemary Spiral Round Tapered Topiary in Pot

Silk floor plants 21

Home golden dieffenbachia silk plant

Silk floor plants 22

Mixed silver queen plastic grass floor plant artificial 24 w

Silk floor plants 23

I had this its real form and a hanging plant

Silk floor plants 4

Silk floor plants 25

Thought this would be good for the wine bar counter

This site seems to have good fake plants silk dracaena

Silk floor plants 26

Tea Leaf Round Topiary in Planter

Tea Leaf Round Topiary in Planter