Shower Curtain Rod Brackets

I am a total control freak for detail, and even something apparently as nonsignificant as shower curtain rod brackets can make me spend hours browsing the web for inspiration. Here are some examples of luxury shower curtain rods with stylish wall brackets, as well as some other useful info on hanging all sorts of curtains.

Clear shower curtain rod

Shower curtain rod brackets 2

Those durable rod brackets will be effectively holding your curtains in place, while offering a stylish accessory to the whole window appearance. They are made of transparent acrylic, and can also be used for shower rods.

Shower curtain rod brackets

Simple and very functional shower curtain rod brackets make the suspension of the curtain easy and pleasant. The whole made of stainless steel hardware is durable and beautifully presented in every interior design.

Shower Curtain Rod and Mounting Bracket

Shower Curtain Rod and Mounting Bracket
If you decide to choose this bathroom accessory, you are bound to be satisfied for a long time. This shower curtain rod and mounting bracket is created of metal (solid brass) and is available in a plethora of finishes.

Ceiling mounted curtain pole brackets

Clearer than glass and more durable, this unique acrylic curtain rod bracket will serve its role for years. It resists chipping and has UV protection built in. It won't yellow, delighting with the original appeal.

Clear shower rod

These shower curtain rod brackets you see on the photo - are constructed of brass ensuring durability and dependability. Finished in silver color ill resist rust and corrosion through everyday use. A functional bathroom accessory.

Shower curtain rod ceiling support

Die cast zinc shower curtain rod bracket with silver nickel finish, pair packed, essential when original shower curtain rods happen to break... Good to keep a package of spare shower curtain rod brackets at home, just in case...

Pivoting shower curtain rod bracket

Prime-Line Products M 6066 Shower Curtain Rod End Brackets, Plastic

End brackets for shower curtain rod, sporting contemporary chrome finish. No tools or screws are required to install the brackets, they simply 'stick' to a wall with a single twisting movement, with pressure that applies thereafter.

Adding a contemporary sign curved oval rod the rod itself

Shower curtain rod support

Shower curtain suspension can give us the possibility of agile interior decoration. When we use such a solid construction with shower rod brackets that has a chrome finish and a stable form, with a very elegant size.

Shower curtain rod brackets steel pair packed

Curtain pipe bracket

With this stunning satin nickel shower curtain rod bracket your interior will gain plenty when it comes to visual appeal, helping you create an elegant and truly stylish setting in your master bathroom.

Shower curtain rod holders

L shaped shower curtain designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of metal. It is compatible with standard shower curtain. Application in each bathroom as needed.

Shower curtain rods that screw into the wall

From the detail to the general one creates a coherent interior arrangement - especially as small as the bathroom. Rod brackets for hanging the shower curtain can have an ornate function composed of metal, chromed beads.

Home bathroom extra heavy corner shower curtain rod 1

Tension rod bracket

How often we forget about such small details that they can create so much! The peg, metal hangers - rod brackets for shower curtains do not have to be boring, they can be decorated with dark brown beads.

Acrylic shower curtain rod

If you need solid and durable rods to your window curtain or shower curtain, which will be looks stylish, you should buy this rod! It is made of nickel and due to its simplicity it will be fit to every type of interior.

Shower curtain rod parts

This old-fashioned mountain shower curtain rod with brackets and hooks is must-have in every bathroom to hang shower curtain (but of course, you can use it to your window!). It is stylish and very durable.

Removable curtain rod

If you want decorate your simple windows by elegant curtain, you should by these umbra ceiling-mount bracket for drapery rod. They have cast-metal, nickel construction and in spite of its simplicity they looks good. These brackets are very durable.

Curtain rod fittings

This polished nickel shower curtain rod brackets, created in an elegant way, to keep the taste of the shower curtain. The devil is in the details. From Manhattan colection offers transitional style and quality.

Allied brass 1099 skyline shower curtain rod bracket

Half oval shower curtain rod

It is time to say goodbye for unstable towed shower curtain. The traversing system for ceiling mounting is practical but very stylish. With the right base like this metal one, shower curtain can be a strong part of the bathroom.

Shower curtain rod brackets

In ABC bathroom, there will be a shower curtain rod brackets in the lead. Great if it is made of strong metal like this one and combines oval or round aesthetic rings and rings.This can be expansion shower bars mounted between two walls.

Shower curtain rod brackets 1

Now you can have more privacy in you bathroom and, at the same time, a fashionable decoration. This floor to ceiling shower curtain uses a ceiling track, sliding sideways without effort. Its quality material allows you to throw it into your washing machine, as well.

Ceiling mount curtain brackets

Shower rod holders

An element of bathroom equipment and design. This shower curtain rod is made of durable metal that is resistant to rust and other negative effects of high moisture and large amounts of water. Solid construction assures good support for curtains.

52 to100 inches indoor outdoor curtain rod

52 To100 Inches Indoor Outdoor Curtain Rod
A pretty sturdy contemporary ceiling-mounted rod for shower curtains. It's made of stainless steel with a finish in bronze shades. A set consists of 2 round flat backplates with vertically fixed hooks and a round rod with mushroom cap-like finials.

Debbie travis curtains

Shower curtain wall mounts

LASCO 03-5055 Adjustable Shower Curtain Rod Holders, Polished Brass, 2-Pack

Shower curtain rod mounting brackets

A simple but sturdy industrial style rod for shower curtains. It's built of a plumbing pipe, 2 round flanges (as backplates) and 2 service tees. They are manufactured of cast iron with a dark grey metallic shade.

Double curtain rod set ikea

End Cap Single Curtain Rod & Hardware Set

End Cap Single Curtain Rod & Hardware Set
Pretty contemporary set including a round curtain rod with cap tips and mounting hardware. They're manufactured of quality metal with a brown finish. Hardware consists of an oval screwed mount and a hook-like holder.

Shower curtain rod holder

Shower curtain rod brackets stainless steel pair packed

Shower Curtain Rod

Shower Curtain Rod
A very solid and useful item designed for bathroom indoors. It is a curtain rod made of stainless steel that is durable and resistant to moisture. The size of this durable rod is 2'' H x 36'' W x 3'' D.

Shower curtain brackets

Jumbo Rectangular Shower Rod Flange / Bracket, Chrome, 2 Pack

Shower rod brackets

Hmm, so many ruffles here, a Victorian inspiration? I'm not really sure if it's a good idea for a bathroom equipment. Is it a shower curtain at all? I like though the cream color gradient. It matches the rest of the decor.

Ona deco socket wrought iron curtain rod bracket

58 72 adjustable curved shower curtain rod satin nickel satin

Sku 913110

Shower curtain rod hooks

Bracket hung curtains shabby chic

Shower curtain rod flanges

Shower curtain rods 1

60" x 26" Chrome L Corner Shower Rod includes Ceiling Support and Wall Mounts

Want it 2

Socket brackets and shower curtain rods wrought iron curtain