Short Wood Stool

What do you think about such short wood stools? Actually, there are hardly any better collections to choose from than this one so why not pick something out of here? Even the most demanding customers have managed to make their choices here and so can you, after considering all the options.

Short wood stool

Rustic set of wooden, hand-carved stools with a different take on each one – some are made out of unpolished, bare logs, while some of them have a slicker, smoother design, and one is made in a wicker style.

Short wooden stool

Simple yet just incredibly appealing visually - this short wood stool will work for both your interior and outdoor setting, letting you decorate your home and ensure that your guests have the comfortable seating option at all times.

Wood step stool alder stained dark

Wood Step Stool Alder Stained Dark
This substantial short wood stepstool is completely different from chippy plastic step stools - far more durable, and looks better IMO! Its dark stained finish blends perfectly with any walnut furniture.

Antique foot stool rush foot rest

Antique Foot Stool Rush Foot Rest
Classic stool in neutral form. Base is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Suitable as footstool or extra seating in any interior. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Short wood stool 38

Short wood stool 3

Short stool

Short wood stool 8

A handcrafted roughly cut short square teak stool with polished finish. The unfinished, primitive design of the stool gives it a unique, austere look, perfect for an avant-garde studio to give it an unusual look.

Short wood stool 1

Short wood stool 22

Short wood stool 2

Chinese stool

Short wood stool 14

Short wood stool 2

18in wood stool 18in wood stool 18in forest stool made

Short wood stool 1

Unfinished Wood 18" Bar Stool

Unfinished Wood 18" Bar Stool
It is an unfinished bar stool that has got a solid wood construction and it fits to any style and décor. It is an attractive addition to your dining room, kitchen and bar. It is a very good choice.

Short wood stool 7

Short wood stool 5

Short wood stool 34

Short wood stool 18

Stool 495 00 short or tall your choice claro walnut

Short wood stool 29

See larger image 24

Short wood stool 10

Short wood stool 20

Short wood stool 4

Short wood stool 15

Short wood stool 9

Short wood stool 11

Short block stool

Short wood stool 13

This designer set of seats combines wood cast in aluminum. It includes 3 elements - a bench, a bar stool and a high table, all using the same stylish pattern. Crafted by an Israeli designer, it shows how greatly you can combine two contrasting materials.

International Concepts 1S-518 18-Inch Round Top Stool, Unfinished

Welcome stylish simplicity to your space with this 18-inch round top stool. It is crafted of sturdy, unfinished wood that will look good anywhere in the house. Uncomplicated yet completely substantial design.

Unfinished Wood 30" Bar Stool

Unfinished Wood 30" Bar Stool
This bar stool is a very simple product that saves plenty of space in a home bar. It is made of unfinished wood, so it provides a natural look. The whole construction is made of wood with horizontal supports. The seat has got a round shape.

Whartons spiral library ladder its an abstract of a dancer

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Whitney Brothers Birch Laminate Step Up, Low Stairs

Ambience store suar wood ball stool

Royola pacific designs small decorative wood stool nordstrom

Linon bentwood short stacking counter bar stool in natural set

Short wood stool 32

Short wood stool 33

Chateau linen small stool int 2395 460x275

Wooden otis step stool jesse wood stool wood chunker small

Short stool made by sticks

Small wooden stool 2

Short wood stool 35

Short wood stool 36

Brown Faux LEATHER WOOD FOOTSTOOL foot stool rest hassock decor

If you're dreaming of some intriguing design and an unusual comfort in your house, this amazing and stylish footstool might be an interesting option for you! Check it out now and enjoy an extraordinary design and functionality.

Short wood stool 37